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Online Intercal Compiler, Online Intercal Editor, Online Intercal IDE, Intercal Coding Online, Practice Intercal Online, Execute Intercal Online, Compile Intercal Online, Run Intercal Online, Online Intercal Interpreter, Compile and Execute INTERCAL Online (Intercal v0.30) Desktop. Preview Online Intercal Compiler - Online Intercal Editor - Online Intercal IDE - Intercal Coding Online - Online Intercal Runner - Share Save Intercal Program onlin INTERCAL, abgekürzt für Compiler Language With No Pronouncable Acronym (Compiler-Sprache ohne aussprechbares Akronym ), ist eine esoterische Programmiersprache, die am 26. Mai 1972 von Donald R. Woods und James M. Lyon entwickelt wurde The Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym (INTERCAL) is an esoteric programming language that was created as a parody by Don Woods and James M. Lyon, two Princeton University students, in 1972 Compile INTERCAL to C, but don't compile the resulting C. -d Print yacc debugging information (implies -c). -t Requires strict INTERCAL-72 compliance (rejecting COME FROM, the extensions for bases other than two, and other features not found in INTERCAL-72). -b Disables the INTERCAL-72 random-bug feature. -O Attempt to optimize expressions in the generated code. -C Clockface output (using IIII.

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INTERCAL, an abbreviation for Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym, was created in 1972, thus probably making it the first ever esoteric programming language. (See Prehistory of Esoteric Languages for an alternate view.) Donald R. Woods and James M. Lyon invented it with the goal of creating a language with no similarities whatsoever to. earliest, and still the canonical example of an esoteric language was INTERCAL designed in 1972 by Don Woods and James M. Lyon, with the stated intention were attending Princeton in 1972 to produce the unprecedented, excursive INTERCAL programming language. Later, he worked at the Stanford AI lab SAIL where politician James M. Lyon, American computer programmer, co - author of the INTERCAL. Almost all existing INTERCAL compilers are either interpreters or can only produce standalone executables. One of the major goals of this project was to make INTERCAL available in the world of components. Specifically: It is possible to compile standalone library and executable assemblies Whoa, Black Betty (bam-ba-lam) Whoa, Black Betty (bam-ba-lam) She really gets me high (bam-ba-lam) You know that's no lie (bam-ba-lam) She's so rock steady (bam-ba-lam) And she's always ready (bam-ba-lam) Whoa, Black Betty (bam-ba-lam) Whoa, Black Betty (bam-ba-lam) Get it

You might want to use the -b flag to get rid of an annoying compiler bug (that is mandated by the INTERCAL handbook). Optimizations are activated with -o (optimizes INTERCAL code, recommended) and -O (makes rustc optimize machine code, not recommended unless you have lots of time or the program is very small). There are a few interesting optimizations, such as folding the entire program to a print statement if it does not depend on any input INTERCAL. Designed very early one May morning in 1972 by two hackers who are still trying to live it down. Initially implemented on an IBM 360 running batch SPITBOL. Described by a manual that circulated for years after the short life of the first implementation, reducing strong men to tears (of laughter) A compiler for the INTERCAL language. INTERCAL is the original esoteric language, a farrago of features that will test the mettle of any programmer and bend the minds of most. Includesa compiler, debugger, and sample code. Read more master. Switch branch/tag. Find file Select Archive Format. Download source code . zip tar.gz tar.bz2 tar. Clone Clone with SSH Clone with HTTPS Open in your IDE.

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  1. Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym. everybody's favorite interpal. Posts. Ask. Submit a post. Archive. I could look it up but it's more fun asking friends gang. 91,364 notes. 91,364 notes
  2. Fuller documentation is available via the command info ick (for the ick command itself; even fuller documentation is available via info C-INTERCAL (which contains the documentation for both the compiler and the INTERCAL language)). ick takes INTERCAL programs and generates code from them (by running gcc). Note that the base in which a program is written is deduced from its extension; INTERCAL programs in base 2 must have the extension .i, INTERCAL programs in bases from 3 to 7 must have an.
  3. The newsgroup alt.lang.intercal is where INTERCAL compilers are announced, and INTERCAL itself is discussed; the website http://intercal.freeshell.org is where the most recent versions of C-INTERCAL (and also CLC-INTERCAL) are currently hosted. AUTHOR ick was originally written by Eric S. Raymond
  4. g languages. How to use Ideone.
  5. The C-INTERCAL Compiler. This section describes the use of ick, the C-INTERCAL compiler. Information specific to the other known INTERCAL compilers appears in the following sections. These sections are less useful, since the other compilers are no longer available, but they are retained to provide a sense of history, and because any information regarding INTERCAL is really too scarce to.

A compiler for the INTERCAL language, which has a syntax and feature set differing considerably from all other programming languages. This is the C-INTERCAL compiler, which compiles INTERCAL to C, and then invokes cc as a backend, much like the f2c Fortran compiler. WWW 1.1 Obtaining C-INTERCAL distributions have been stored in many different places over time; it can sometimes be hard to make sure that you are finding the most recent version. In order to make sure that you have the most recent version, the easiest way is to look at the alt.lang.intercal newsgroup; all releases of the C-INTERCAL compiler ought to be announced there

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Not content with having the INTERCAL compiler available only on Unix, Karsten Sperling has written an implementation for the Java virtual machine. William Walter Patterson's INTERCAL Page William Walter Patterson did the strangely appropriate port of the C-INTERCAL 0.15 compiler to MS-DOS (endorsed by the author). From his page you can download the latest version. C-INTERCAL for OS/2 diff file. Ideone is an online compiler and debugging tool which allows you to compile source code and execute it online in more than 60 programming languages. How to use Ideone? Choose a programming language, enter the source code with optional input data... and you are ready to go Intercal is a rather interesting old C program that has a lot of interesting quirks, I have now reached the stage of using the Intel C++ Compiler to get the program running in a modern compiler. Your clue a few days ago allowed me to solve the challenging problem with the unions, thank you. Why would I do this - insanity. I have a little bit to go The INTERCAL compiler is called the Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym. Programs that open I files. Sort. Pricing Program Name Platform. Reset. X. Linux. C-INTERCAL. Java INTERCAL. Suggest an update. Updated May 25, 2007. Verified by FileInfo.com. The FileInfo.com team has independently researched all file formats and software programs listed on this page. Our goal is 100%. The INTERCAL compiler can recognize any extension of the form .Ni. Where N is from 2 to 7; Whitespace Whitespace. Only uses 3 characters: Space (ASCII 32) Tab (ASCII 9) Newline (ASCII 10) You can create a polyglot with whitespace; Proven to be Turing-complete ; This material is from here; Instruction type . The IMP specifies the instruction type. IMP stands for Instruction Modification.

The compiler in version 1.-94 of CLC-INTERCAL is actually implemented this way: a long list of CREATE statements is prefixed to the program being compiled, and the result is executed to see what happens. A special statement causes the termination of the compile-time execution while saving the state, which then becomes the fully compiled program. This special statement can only be used when. Descubre La Colección Más Grande De Kindle eBooks. Los Mejores Precios and is a port of the C-INTERCAL compiler written by Eric S Raymond. C-INTERCAL, as the name implies, compiles INTERCAL source code to C. This version uses the EMX/GCC C compiler to produce and OS/2 nativ Compiler for the INTERCAL language: Ubuntu Universe arm64 Official: clc-intercal_1.0~4pre1.-94.-2-5_all.deb: Compiler for the INTERCAL language: clc-intercal latest versions: 1.0. clc-intercal architectures: all. clc-intercal linux packages: deb ©2009-2021 - Packages Search for Linux and Unix. INTERCAL: The Compiler Language with no Pronounceable Acronym, or INTERCAL, is a programming language developed in the early 1970s by Princeton University students Don Woods and James Lyon. Unlike other computer languages of its time, this one is classified as a parody, with many unnecessary and confusing elements meant to poke fun at the.

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  1. Port details: intercal C-INTERCAL compiler, ick, and supporting libraries 0.31 lang =5 0.31 Version of this port present on the latest quarterly branch. There is no maintainer for this port. Any concerns regarding this port should be directed to the FreeBSD Ports mailing list via ports@FreeBSD.org Port Added: unknown Last Update: 2021-04-06 14:31:07 Commit Hash: 305f14
  2. CLC-INTERCAL was first released as an April fool joke on April 1st, 1999. The idea behind the release was to provide a new INTERCAL compiler which could be used as a test-bed for new language ideas, provided one could justify such ideas with the fundamental INTERCAL philosophy of doing things differently
  3. INTERCAL resources. Eric Raymond has, for unclear reasons, put a lot of effort into supporting INTERCAL. His INTERCAL compiler is available at The Retrocomputing Museum . Louis Howell had an impressive INTERCAL page that feature
  4. Ugh, this is going to be fairly confusing; CLC-INTERCAL renamed its compiler executable sicksic
  5. When will we have INTERCAL compiler written in in INTERCAL? Showing 1-4 of 4 messages. When will we have INTERCAL compiler written in in INTERCAL? spartan.the: 9/20/14 10:10 AM: As in most mature languages. Will it be 2050 or age XXII? Re: When will we have INTERCAL compiler written in in INTERCAL? Claudio Calvelli: 9/20/14 11:55 AM: On 2014-09-20, spartan.the <spart...@gmail.com> wrote: > As.


The Princeton Compiler. Tonsil A: The INTERCAL Character Set * Note: The above web pages contain all the information contained in the standard INTERCAL manual. However, I have rearranged and edited the contents in order to make full use of the medium. Any errors in this document are my responsibility. Brian Raiter breadbox [whirlpool] muppetlabs [spot] com * Since all other reference manuals. [said by the authors to stand for Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym] A computer language designed by Don Woods and James Lyons in 1972. INTERCAL is purposely different from all other computer languages in all ways but one; it is purely a written language, being totally unspeakable. An excerpt from the INTERCAL Reference Manual will make the style of the language clear: It is a. (1): Yes, the C-INTERCAL compiler always misspells the word RESUBMIT (2): You may receive a 'random compiler bug' that will appear at run-time. This seems to happen about 10% of the time. PS. A massive prize for the first person who leaves a comment explaining why this post was called 'Diving into INTERCAL - Part Isa

A compiler for the INTERCAL language: Classic x86_64 Official: intercal-.31-alt1.x86_64.rpm: A compiler for the INTERCAL language: ALT Linux P9. Classic aarch64 Official: intercal-.30-alt1.aarch64.rpm: A compiler for the INTERCAL language: Classic x86_64 Official: intercal-.30-alt1.x86_64.rpm: A compiler for the INTERCAL language : Debian Sid. Debian Main amd64 Official: intercal_0.30-3. INTERCAL. The Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym, abbreviated INTERCAL. Expressions that look like line noise. Control constructs that will make you gasp, make you laugh, and possibly.

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OS/2 port of C-INTERCAL compiler. (req. EMX, GCC) Upload Date: 1997-05-28 00:00:00: Download intercal.zip via HTTP: Go back. The INTERCAL programming language was designed to have nothing at all in common with any other major language. For the most part, INTERCAL has remained true to this goal, sharing only the basic elements such as variables, arrays, and the ability to do I/O, and eschewing all conventional operations other than the assignment statement (FORTRAN =). C-INTERCAL compiler is an implementation of. The CLC-INTERCAL compiler works by producing bytecode from the program source; this bytecode can be interpreted to execute the program immediately; alternatively, a backend can produce something else from the bytecode, for example C or Perl source code which can then be compiled to your computer's native object format. The compiler itself is just some more bytecode. Thus, to produce the. If all compilers translate from one language to another, then what makes something a transpiler?↩︎. Ick is the name of the INTERCAL compiler. Therefore Ickfile can be its Dockerfile equivalent.↩︎. If you want to learn more about optimizing compilers, Matt Godbolt's article on C++ Optimizations is a great place to star

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Port details: intercal C-INTERCAL compiler, ick, and supporting libraries 0.31 lang =5 0.31 Version of this port present on the latest quarterly branch. There is no maintainer for this port. Any concerns regarding this port should be directed to the FreeBSD Ports mailing list via ports@FreeBSD.org Port Added: unknown Last Update: 2021-01-25 16:59:24 SVN Revision: 56258 INTERCAL is by far the funniest and one of the most interesting languages I have used. Just have a glance at the below code : It is a perfectly sensible code for INTERCAL compiler! This language uses keywords like * PLEASE (Politeness is importa.. INTERCAL grinds a programmer into the dirt in a few creative ways. For example, a unique and undocumented feature of the compiler (the program that translates INTERCAL syntax into the machine code that the processor understands) was its requirements for politesse. This was represented through the PLEASE qualifier, an essential aspect of.

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INTERCAL (language, humour) /in't*r-kal/ (Said by the authors to stand for Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym). Possibly the most elaborate and long-lived joke in the history of programming languages. It was designed on 1972-05-26 by Don Woods and Jim Lyons at Princeton University. INTERCAL is purposely different from all other computer. JDoodle is a free Online Compiler, Editor, IDE for Java, C, C++, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby and many more. you can run your programs on the fly online and you can save and share them with others. Quick and Easy way to compile and run programs online INTERCAL was created in 1972, thus probably making it the first ever esoteric programming language. Donald R. Woods and James M. Lyon (pictured above) invented it, with the goal of creating a language with no similarities whatsoever to any existing programming languages. According to the original manual by the authors, The full name of the compiler is 'Compiler Language With No. Reported by: Dan Cecile <dancecile@gmail.com> Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2017 22:09:01 UTC. Severity: grave Tags: buster, sid. Found in version intercal/30:0.30-1. Fixed in. História. Jazyk Intercal bol navrhnutý skoro ráno 26. Mája 1972 Donald R. Woodsom a James M. Lyonom na Princetonskej univerzite. Približne osemnásť rokov neskôr Eric S. Raymond vytvoril implementáciu C-INTERCAL, ktorá je odvtedy udržiavaná komunitou masochistov.. Celé meno jazyka znie Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym (počítačový jazyk bez vysloviteľnej skratky)

Online interactive compiler with custom input support. Online interactive compiler supports below language with custom input suppor INTERCAL. INTERCAL, short for Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym, was created in 1972 as a parody to satirize aspects of the various programming languages at the time. LOLCODE. LOLCODE is designed to resemble the speech of lolcats. The following is the hello world example -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Format: 1.8 Date: Thu, 27 Aug 2015 17:29:10 +0100 Source: clc-intercal Binary: clc-intercal Architecture: source all Version: 1:1.0~4pre1.-94.-2-5 Distribution: unstable Urgency: low Maintainer: Mark Brown <broonie@debian.org> Changed-By: Mark Brown <broonie@debian.org> Description: clc-intercal - Compiler for the INTERCAL language Closes: 792375. Compiler. Genre : adventure, sci-fi, comedy, romance, ecchi, seinen, drama. Category : OVA. Episodes : 2 duration 30 min, (Compiler Festa) 50 min. #Compiler #Compiler Festa #Compiler 2 #anime #retro anime #anime ova #anime 90s #anime adventure #anime sci-fi #anime drama #anime comedy #anime romance #seinen. 9 notes. schwarzfee . Follow. #compiler #anime #animated gifs. 12 notes. schwarzfee. INTERCAL on Interstates and the entire INTERCAL environment clock in at under 3MB on a typical Linux system. This compactness is unmatched by any other commonly-available framework or language. Blazing speed. INTERCAL on Interstates is built upon C-INTERCAL, allowing it to compile to native machine code. The speed.

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  1. g language called INTERCAL which have keywords like IGNORE, PLEASE , FORGET. If you don't use PLEASE enough times while coding,Compiler rejects the code. Close. 8.5k. Posted by 5 years ago. Archived. TIL that there is a program
  2. g language created by Don Woods and James M. Lyon. At the same time, it mocks the aspects of various program
  3. g languages in the world
  4. g language to Low-level program
  5. Welcome to the Sphere Engine Compilers widget! Shortcuts. CTRL + Enter run code. Data streams. During the program's runtime, the data located in the so-called streams is being consumed and produced. The following streams can be identified: stdin It contains data that is forwarded to the program as input data. The user can specify the stream content before executing the program. Then, during.
  6. I had heard of online compilers but had never tried one. So, i set out search for for VC++ online compilers but didn't get any. Reason being that VC++ compiler is not free and Microsoft would sue the hosting site due to licensing issues. I was disappointed that there is no online VC++ online compiler available. But, wandering through the web i stumbled upon a few sites which provided online.
  7. In less than a second, you can start playing with a Python interpreter or compiling INTERCAL code. Miscellaneous. 36. Very simple self-contained javascript notebook. This is a very simple Javascript notebook in one completely self-contained HTML file. It was inspired by the concept of Jupyter notebooks. Vue.js. 2.4k. A Vue 3 Component Library. Fairly Complete. Customizable Themes. Uses.
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  1. g language may be used to instruct a computer to perform a task. Official website; See Also: Intercal on the HOPL; Listed below are all of the tasks on Rosetta Code which have been solved using Intercal. Your Help Needed If you know Intercal, please write code for some of the tasks not implemented in Intercal. The language designed to be Turing-complete but as.
  2. INTERCAL was developed in 1972, the same year as many other fine languages. INTERCAL's features are amazing, and it is still ahead of the times. I used the both the C-INTERCAL and J-INTERCAL compilers. (D. Woods & J. Lyon) Logo was developed in 1967 at MIT, and is used as an educational language that can instruct a turtle to draw graphics. The UCB Logo distribution was used here. Perl is a.
  3. g language into something that can be understood by a machine. The closer a program
  4. g language Simula. CLAIRE -- a functional and OO language with advanced.
  5. g language called The Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym, or INTERCAL for short
  6. g language to create a ((relatively) useful) compiler >for? > >Which of these do you like the most? Since you want simple, I assume you don't care about optimization, so most of the complexity of a production compiler is eli

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INTERCAL (Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym) IPL (Information Processing Language) Io; J J; J#; Java; JavaScript (LiveScript, ECMAScript) JCL (Job Control Language) JOVIAL (Jules Own Version of the International Algorithmic Language) Joy; Jython; K. K; Kid (Kernel language for Id) KRYPTON; Kylix; L. Lexico; LISP; LOGO; LotusScript; Lua; M. m4; MAD (Michigan Algorithm Decoder. Media in category INTERCAL The following 3 files are in this category, out of 3 total XL is a general purpose extensible programming language. The key word is extensible: XL can safely be extended through libraries and compiler plug-ins, in ways that are very difficult or limited with languages such as C++ or Java. This makes XL a good tool for concept programming.. XL borrowed ideas from quite a few languages: Ada, Basic, C, C++, C#, Eiffel, Erlang, Java, Intercal, Lisp. For instance, compiling and debugging functionality is already provided by plugins! We hope you enjoy using Code::Blocks! The Code::Blocks Team 141 Reviews. Downloads: 67,819 This Week Last Update: 2 days ago See Project. 3. Brackets. A modern, lightweight yet powerful text editor. Brackets is a free, modern open-source text editor made especially for Web Development. Written in HTML, CSS, and.

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Intercal 9 Related categories 3. Computers Programmin­g Languages Comparison and Review Humor . 4. Computers this compiler executable is only 1024 bytes, written in pure 68000 assembler. Malbolge: Programming from Hell. Specifically designed to be extremely difficult to program in. Orthogonal. A programming language in which program flow can go sideways. Closely related to Befunge. A Python binding to the Ideone (Online Compiler) API. Installation. The Ideone API can also be installed with pip from PyPI using pip install ideone.Alternately, you can clone the repository and use setup.py like s INTERCAL. Don Woods, 1972. A prehistoric esolang, Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym (INTERCAL) was also the first joke language. I didn't cover it because the gags aren't that interesting. FALSE. Wouter van Oortmerssen, 1993. Arguably the first true esoteric language. A language designed to 1) have the smallest possible compiler and 2) be really hard to understand.

I am trying to compile a hello world program in Qt Using Qt Creator. I am getting 'cl' is not recognized as an internal or external command. I am using Windows 7 and Both Vs 2008 and 2010 install.. INTERCAL. INTERCAL: translation. noun. a parody programming language. Wikipedia foundation. and; invasible; Look at other dictionaries: INTERCAL — INTERCAL, a programming language parody, is the canonical esoteric programming language. It was created by Don Woods and James M. Lyon, two Princeton University students, in 1972. It satirizes aspects of the various programming languages at th

What is the JVM Tool Interface? The JVM TM Tool Interface (JVM TI) is a programming interface used by development and monitoring tools. It provides both a way to inspect the state and to control the execution of applications running in the Java TM virtual machine (VM).. JVM TI is intended to provide a VM interface for the full breadth of tools that need access to VM state, including but not. Compiler authors have overcome this challenge by splitting compilation into phases. The traditional phases are the frontend, the backend, and the middle. The middle phase is sometimes called the optimizer, and it deals primarily with an internal representation (IR). This staged approach means you don't need a new compiler for each new machine architecture. Instead, you just need a new. Befunge is an esoteric and unusual programming language written in the 1990s. It is one of the languages of that time that plays around with the conventions of coding and syntax. Befunge is not a language that is easy for beginners to understand and use. It uses a two-dimensional grid of instructions and some rather unusual syntax to create.

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The way that Mann et al. and other members of the Hockey Team do confidence intercal estimations is to calculate the residuals in the calibration period, either assume them to be normal or, if you really want to look statistical e.g.. Tornetrask #4: Confidence Intervals « Climate Audit. I don't know what the spacetime intercal formula is.. Why 10 or 11 # Created by: Matthew Hunt PORTNAME= intercal PORTVERSION= 0.31 CATEGORIES= lang MASTER_SITES= http://www.catb.org/~esr/intercal/ MAINTAINER= ports@FreeBSD.org.

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