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Yet Another Value Blog is written by Yet Another Value Blogger (aka Andrew Walker). I am a portfolio manager at Rangeley Capital and a co-host of the Rangeley Capital Podcast Yet Another Value Blog is written by Yet Another Value Blogger (aka Andrew Walker). I am a portfolio manager at Rangeley Capital and a co-host of the Rangeley Capital Podcast. You can follow me on Twitter here, or you can send me an email at the name of this blog @rangeleycapital.com. Why do I write Yet Another Value Blog applies a modern value investor's eye to quirky special situations and investing

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  1. Yet Another Value Podcast - Yet Another Value Blog The Yet Another Value Podcast A new podcast from yetanothervalueblog.com, Yet Another Value Podcast will dive deep into interesting investment ideas with savvy investors
  2. oe falls. Last week, basically every major media and telecom company was presenting at Moffettnathanson's conference
  3. g at this with a slight bias. Anyway, this morning I woke up and the first thing that popped up was news that AT&T and Discovery were in talks.
  4. Welcome to Yet Another Value Blog (substack). This site is the new home for the work I've been doing for years at yetanothervalueblog.com; I simply moved it over to substack because the I liked the platform more and it allowed me to spend more time on researching and writing and less time on technical headaches

Yet Another Value Blog. We migrated a popular stock analysis blog from Google Blogger to WordPress. We had to manually save the Blogger posts and import them the the new WordPress CMS. We designed the fronetend of the website to score highly on SEO tests and be simple to navigate. The site was created to showcase the content, collect emails and. Yet Another Value Blog. Subscribe. About; Archive; Help; Log in; Moving to substack. May 21: 7: Share . Let me just start with the bottom line: going forward, I'm moving the entire blog over to substack. If you want to keep getting new posts in your inbox/rss feed (or wherever you get it), please subscribe here (if you subscribe to the premium site, you shouldn't need to do anything; we.

Yet Another Value Blog This post is an update on last month's quick idea (and quick idea update) to buy Alaska Communications (ALSK) in anticipation of a bidding war. In general, I try not to post updates of ideas Yet Another Value Blog. Subscribe. About; Archive; Help; Log in; The 'Death of New York City' is Dead. May 24: 9: 1: Share . On March 3, 2020, New York City got the better of me. Let me explain. I moved to the city in 2011, so maybe after nine years I got too cocky. Much like investing, the minute you think you have this place figured out is the minute the city proves you wrong. I didn't.

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  1. By Yet Another Value Blogger. Astute readers might notice that I did not do an April Fools' joke this year. I considered doing one, but honestly I did not know how I could top the ongoing pranks that deSPAC'd companies are pulling on their shareholders. A quick background is important to understand what's happening. When a normal company goes through an IPO, they cannot provide projections on.
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  3. yet another value blog. subscribe. about; archive; help; log in; legal and disclaimer. may 1 share . the information contained on this website is not and should not be construed as investment advice, and does not purport to be and does not express any opinion as to the price at which the securities of any company may trade at any time. the information and opinions provided herein should not be.
  4. Some things and ideas: April 2021 - Yet Another Value Blog Some random thoughts on articles that caught my attention in the last month. Note that I try to write notes on articles immediately after reading them, s
  5. By Yet Another Value Blogger. I have spent a lot of my time this year looking and thinking about SPACs. I think there's clearly a SPAC bubble going on right now, and one of my predictions for 2021 is that the bubble will break towards the back half of the year as the pure number of SPACs outstanding overwhelms the speculative capital available and a couple of SPACs start to fail because they.
  6. Yet Another Data Blog This blog demonstrates how to acquire and assess data using data science methods. Exporting From Google Photos Without Losing Data A small tutorial of how to write a Python script to add missing information (date&time and geo location(GPS)) for JPGs from Google Photos Takeout. The script reads such available information from the exported .JSON files and writes them to the.

By the way, I've been following your blog since you listed UMG as No.3 target. Great articles. 9 bullet points you made are most accurate and yet simplest explanations of the deal I've ever read. Including the 28 pages report Bill Ackman tweeted worth a read. Thank you for your work Yet Another Value Blog. Subscribe. About; Archive; Help; Log in; Music execs on the music industry investment thesis. Jun 12: 9: Share . I've written a bunch on PSTH / UMG over the past few weeks (you can see my most recent thoughts here). I mentioned this on Twitter, but I'm planning one more post for next week to address some lingering questions, add some more thoughts on UMG, and. Auf Bavarian Value zeigen euch Andreas und Daniel den Bavarian Way of Value Investing. Wir versorgen euch auf unserem Blog mit ausführlichen Aktienanalysen und interessanten Artikeln zum Thema Value Investing. Ebenso könnt ihr einen Blick auf das wikifolio World Wide Value by BavarianValue werfen und so unsere Investmententscheidungen nachvollziehen Interviews with value investors discussing their favorite stock ideas Yet Another PF Blog. Menu Home; Finances. Early Retirement; Monthly Updates; Lifestyle. Food; Fashion; Frugal Faves; Relationship; Career; Other. Object Lessons; Product Reviews; Contact ; Financial Update - May 2021. Background. Each month I will post an update on my finances to both give you, the reader, some insight into my situation and to give me markers of my progress on my financial.

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  1. The heap and the stack are growing towards each other. Swift value types are allocated on the stack. Reference types are allocated on the heap. Now that we've studied how memory segments work, let's see how things are stored in memory. Cost of Heap vs Stack Allocation. The stack memory segment works just like the stack data structure. You can push on top of the stack and pop off the end of.
  2. Yet Another Data Science Blog. about; archives; tags; RSS; Cautionary Tale About R's cor() Function. John Drake 2020-10-02. Comments. Cautionary Tale About R's cor() Function¶ Recently, I was correlating real expression against imputed expression and was interested in the accuracy of the imputation. Typically, the first thing I would do is correlate each subjects expression (real against.
  3. g Pattern in the last Century. tfestimators - Package: Embeddings for Categorical Variables Concatenate Embeddings for Categorical Variables with Keras Exploring Embeddings for Categorical Variables with Keras Wrapping Access to Web-Services in R-functions. Content Evaluation: What is the Value of Social.

Yet Another Blog on Data (YaBoD) Menu Why; Contact; Blog; Towards a Data Mesh (part 1) : Data Domains and Teams Topologies. François Nguyen Uncategorized March 7, 2021 March 20, 2021 10 Minutes. Just an illustration - not the truth and we will pivot if it does not work. I discovered Zhamak Dehghani's first article about Data Mesh in August 2020. Thanks to Youtube, you have the live. At its core, GDPR is designed to protect Sally Q Public's personal data from abuse. It is in place to ensure that your personal data is yours. This sounds simple - don't be evil. Yet, there are nuances and complications for the internet that have not yet been tested, so there is ambiguity in how to implement these nuances of protecting personal. During Let's Test 2012 some ideas clicked in my mind with the result of yet another testing model: Value - Information - Processes - Tools. For me this model really is a culmination of being part of the context-driven testing community. If you have been reading about context-driven testing, I'm sure you'll be able to spot plenty ideas I stole from others. ;-) So thank you so much to all of you. YADMT (Yet Another Data Migration Tool) is a command-line tool written in .NET. It essentially acts as a DMT wrapper and is intended for running DMT on more than one database file (although it will work fine if used with just one file). The tool has been mainly tested on Windows and minimally tested on macOS using Mono

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  1. Listen to this episode from The Science of Hitting Podcast on Spotify. Today's podcast is a discussion with Andrew Walker of Yet Another Value Blog. We spoke about the quarterly results from Comcast and Charter, the risk and opportunity of wireless, and diversified holdings companies. Follow Andrew on Twitter at @AndrewRangele
  2. Yet Another Value Investing Blog Thursday, April 19, 2007. Homebuilders, everyone hates them. We've heard all the horror stories about where they traded in the early 90s and why all of them are apparently going bankrupt. To hear the stories you'd think that no one will ever buy a new home again! While the income statements of every homebuilder has declined there is one homebuilder who has been.
  3. Yet Another Data Blog Menu Home; About; Setting up This Blog with AWS. Abstract. This post talks about how this blog was set up with Amazon AWS. Specifically, how S3 was sued to host the blog, Route 53 for the setting up the domain, and CloudFront for providing https. 1. S3 as Website Storage . Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is an Amazon Web Service that offers object storage through API.
  4. What marketing strategies does Yet-another-data-blog use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Yet-another-data-blog

Yet-another-data-blog.blogspot.com's profile on CybrHome. Learn more about Yet Another Data Blog or see similar websites. Find out Yet Another Data Blog alternatives. Upvote and share yet-another-data-blog.blogspot.com, save it to a list or send it to a friend. Write a review about yet-another-data-blog.blogspot.com to share your experience Hello, I am Rachana Parmar. Welcome to my blog! Yes, in a way this is just another blog that talks about data :) Here, I explore data, learn from data, learn about data and get awed by data. Tools of the season are: Tableau and R YANUB: yet another (nearly) useless blog A blog from a scientist and former Debian developer (and occasional book writer)... Tricks for data handling, programming, debian administration and development, command-line and many other joyful things in the same spirit. Oh, and sometimes completely unrelated things ! Sunday, June 13, 2021. Solution for QSoas quiz #2: averaging several Y values for. Yet Another Oracle DBA Blog Monday, April 12, 2010. Converting time values in trace files into wall-clock time . There may be cases where you would like to know the exact wall-clock time when a particular wait-event occurred or the SQL was executed by looking at the trace file. Oracle captures the wall-clock time in the trace files and represents it in the following format: AIT #2: nam='SQL. June 2, 2021. by scuttleblurb. Below is a transcript of a podcast I recently recorded. It has been lightly edited for clarity. You can find the podcast by searching for scuttleblurb on Apple or Spotify. So Align technology is the company behind the Invisalign brand of clear liners

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Decoding high_value and low_value January 3, 2010 Posted by mwidlake in internals, performance. Tags: data dictionary, performance, SQL trackback. There is an update to this post here> . The table DBA_TAB_COLUMNS holds the LOW_VALUE and HIGH_VALUE for columns. This information is potentially very useful to us, especially as when the CBO looks at a WHERE clause on a column for a given value. Yet Another Mail Merge earns iKeepSafe COPPA and FERPA certifications. By getting independently certified, YAMM is providing validation that its products fit into K12 programs from a security standpoint. These certifications prove Talarian's products follow the requirements set forth by FERPA and COPPA. 3 min read Jun 15, 2021 yet another data blog Menu. Skip to content. Home; About; Category Archives: UN Data. March 25, 2014 Tableau, UN Data, Visualization, World Favorite, Fruit, Fruit Production, UN Data, World 2 Comments. Apples and Oranges by rachana2012. Fruits are good for health. No, that is not the reason I decided to explore status of fruit production. Just like that, I got wondering about the world's. yet another data blog Menu. Skip to content. Home; About; Tag Archives: Visualization. February 18, 2014 History, India, Tableau, Visualization History, India, Prime Minister, Tableau Public, Visualization 1 Comment. PMs Visualized by rachana2012. As I mentioned in the last post thanks to Tableau Blog Finder, I have discovered several data blogs and I am learning new tricks. After seeing this.

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Yet Another Test Suite. Yet Another Test Suite is a suite of tests for calibrating your 3D Printer. The goal of this specific suite of tests is that they are easy to read, quick to print, and cheap. This page is made to act as a directory for finding all of my tests in one place Martin Widlake's Yet Another Oracle Blog. Oracle performance, Oracle statistics and VLDBs. Home; About Martin; Appearances and Meetings; Quick Tips; Ora600.ltd; London Oracle Beers; jump to navigation. Using AWR data for OS information December 22, 2009 Posted by mwidlake in performance. Tags: performance, SQL trackback. This is a demo of using AWR data to get some OS performance information.

Yet Another Data Science Blog. About Me Search Tags. Complex Data Types - Dictionaries and Sets. Example Implementations using Jupyter Notebooks. Jun 21, 2020 • Felix • 2 min read datatypes jupyter percipio. empty_dict = {} empty_dict {} bike_owners = {James: Ducati Monster. Organizations everywhere are amassing data at an unprecedented rate. And 90% of all the data that is created (according to Read more » News & Events. OpenText 3 weeks ago. OpenText wins three Telly Awards. We are thrilled to announce that our exceptionally talented, creative and resourceful Video team at OpenText™ has won three awards Read more » Industries Healthcare & Life Sciences. When writing a blog, sooner or later, one measures and consequently tries to improve some kind of success metric. In my case; I have been tracking user behavior (visitors, bounce rate, pageviews, ) for slightly over a year with Google Analytics. While some posts have been more successful than others, it is not my goal to change the topics and headlining in order to get more clicks Row Level Security Part 1 November 15, 2012. Posted by mwidlake in database design, security . Tags: security, SQL, system development. trackback. I've been working a little on Row Level Security (RLS) recently and wanted to mention a few things, so first some groundwork. If you want to limit the rows certain users can see, you might think to. 洛谷P3373 线段树处理相加相乘+ Yet Another Data Structure Problem ZOJ - 3998 线段树处理区间乘法 幂次 daydreamer23333的博客. 10-15 13 题目意思 要求对一个数组做以下操作 1 对区间l到r上每个位置乘v 2 对区间l到r上每个位置加v 3 求区间l到r的和 题目思路 组队的时候这种类型的题目就没做出来 开始以为只差一点就.

Yet Another Developer Blog by Tomasz Pęczek - a blog of a developer, open source author and speaker interested in Microsoft Web Stack, HTML5, JS etc PowerBI - Getting Data. Start PowerBI desktop from your computer. When introduction Window opens, click on the Get Data link. This will open the Get Data window. Click on Other and then select Blank Query from the bottom of the list and click Connect. This in turn will open the Power Query Editor where you can view the results of your query. Read about the latest market trends in IT Operations on the OpsRamp blog. Learn how the OpsRamp Spring 2021 Release delivers faster time-to-value for enterprise cloud migrations with rapid onboarding, data visualization, and real-time metrics observability. 4 MIN READ Read This Post . By Isaac Sacolick May 03, 2021 [Report] The 2021 State of Digital Operations Management. Read the 2021.

Yet Another Data Science Blog. About Me Search Tags. Welcome to my little blog. Posts. Plotly test Plotly test. Mar 11, 2021. Data Science Basics Intro Collected basics from IBM Data Science course. Mar 10, 2021. Creational Design Patterns Example Implementations using Jupyter Notebooks. Jun 28, 2020. Classes - Introduction Example Implementations using Jupyter Notebooks. Jun 23, 2020. Classes. yet another data blog Menu. Skip to content. Home; About; Tag Archives: IUCN Red List. February 4, 2014 Uncategorized Conservation, IUCN Red List, Migratory Birds, Tableau Leave a comment. Winged Visitors by rachana2012. Few weeks ago I watched a news report on migratory birds being hunted and being considered a culinary delicacy. After watching the news, I searched for a database that kept. Yet Another Data Science Blog. About Me Search Tags. Implementing Data Structures. Example Implementations using Jupyter Notebooks. Jun 22, 2020 • Felix • 3 min read datastructures jupyter percipio. def addition (num1, num2): total = num1 + num2 print. Yet Another Arduino Blog Arduino projects about LED animations and small robots. Pages. Home; Arduino Light Animation (ALA) WiFiEsp; Useful Links; About; February 1, 2015. Fast sampling from analog input The first part of the OScope project is to implement the Arduino sketch to read the input values from an analog pin. In this article will describe how to achieve a reliable sampling of analog. yet another data blog Menu. Skip to content. Home; About; Tag Archives: Tableau Public. February 18, 2014 History, India, Tableau, Visualization History, India, Prime Minister, Tableau Public, Visualization 1 Comment. PMs Visualized by rachana2012. As I mentioned in the last post thanks to Tableau Blog Finder, I have discovered several data blogs and I am learning new tricks. After seeing this.

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Yet another blog explaining Vulkan synchronization. After playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses for an ungodly 160 hours over the past weeks, I guess it's time to put on my professor hat on the internet instead. One topic I've been meaning to write about for a long time is synchronization in Vulkan. It's a large hurdle to overcome when. Yet Another Blog on Data Science Process. Explore. Model. Predict. Menu Skip to content. Home; About This Blog; The Perceptron - Part I . Posted on November 27, 2018 December 13, 2018 by ashaytamhane. In my last post, I discussed a simple yet useful construct of Naive Bayes Classifier. In this post, we will cover the fundamental building block of an artificial neural network called as the.

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In HiPlot, parallel plots are interactive, which makes it easy to change the visualization for different use cases. For example, you can focus on experiments that take a range or value along one or several axes, set the color scheme according to yet another axis, reorder or remove axes, or extract a particular selection of data Large values for this counter are common but the thread count should remain less than the total # of threads supported by your DC. The ATQ Threads LDAP and other ATQ counters are captured by the built-in AD Diagnostic Data Collector Set documented in this blog entry . Follow these guides if applications are generating expensive queries Bitcoin dropped on Friday, disappointing the investors who had hoped that it was mounting a recovery. The price had continued to hover around $40,000, with some suggesting that it was readying for. Earnings: $1 billion. Number of shares: 1 billion shares. Price per share = $20 (mkt cap/share count) Earnings per share = $1 (earnings/share count) PE = 20. At the end of year 1, company A issues a 5% dividend ($1 billion total distributed = total earnings) while company b buys back 5% of the shares (again, totaling $1 billion). Market cap and.

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有三种操作,区间内每个数数乘一个数,区间内每个数成为他的K次方,求区间内数的乘积。 容易看出这是需要线段树来做的。 我们在这里放置两个lazy数组,用原线段树来维护区间内 What Intent means to BrightTALK. Three primary metrics comprise the BrightTALK intent score contributing an equal 25% base weighting. Each can receive a boost up to 1/3rd of the max score if there is a strong deviation from norm. contributing an equal 25% weighting. Based on activity compared to baseline, base metrics can be boosted to 1/3rd of. Yet Another Arduino Blog Arduino projects about LED animations and small robots. Pages. Home; Arduino Light Animation (ALA) WiFiEsp; Useful Links; About; December 30, 2015 . How to sprintf a float with Arduino Arduino has a small limitation in sprintf function that does not print correctly float numbers. The following test sketch demonstrates the problem void setup() { Serial.begin(115200. Yet Another Big Data Blog. Connecting AWS VPC with on-prem Network. August 23, 2020 August 23, 2020 Tarek Abouzeid. How to build a site-to-site connection between your AWS VPC and your on premises network . As part of the migrating to cloud journey, it might be needed to have some services still running in your data center while for new services for example you are going to build them directly. YANUB: yet another (nearly) useless blog A blog from a scientist and former Debian developer (and occasional book writer)... Tricks for data handling, programming, debian administration and development, command-line and many other joyful things in the same spirit

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Yet Another Kaggle Titanic Competition Tutorial 23 NOV 2020 • 27 mins read This post is a tutorial on solving the Kaggle Titanic Competition using Deep Neural Network with the TensorFlow API Keras. Kaggle is a competition site which provides problems to solve or questions to ask while providing the datasets for training your data science model and testing the model results against a test. On yet another application of the principles contained in the Schrems II case, on the 27th of April 2021, the Portuguese Data Protection Authority (CNPD) issued a decision ordering the suspension, within 12 hours, of any transfer of personal data resulting from the Census 2021 to the US, or to other third countries outside the Portuguese CNPD suspends transfers of Census 2021 data to. SAFe Blog. New advanced article illustrates how SAFe works for startups in the real world . Advanced Topics News. June 7, 2021; Leave a comment; By Dean Leffingwell; Hi Folks, SAFe was designed with the world's largest enterprises in mind, so the idea of applying SAFe in a startup environment might not be an obvious choice. Happily, that assumption has proven to be wrong. The Framework is.

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This blog post begins with an overview of MIR's design, demonstrating some of the ways that MIR is able to abstract away the full details of the Rust language. Next, we look at how MIR will help with implementing non-zeroing drops, a long-desired optimization. If after this post you find you are hungry for more, have a look at the RFC that introduced MIR, or jump right into the code. (Compiler. YANUB: yet another (nearly) useless blog A blog from a scientist and former Debian developer (and occasional book writer)... Tricks for data handling, programming, debian administration and development, command-line and many other joyful things in the same spirit. Oh, and sometimes completely unrelated things ! Sunday, May 30, 2021. QSoas quiz #2: averaging several Y values for the same X. Toggle navigation Yet another blog . Russian; PostgreSQL; Contacts RSS; Archives; One more time about collation in PostgreSQL. It's been a long time since my last post. It's time to write something useful :) When people start working with PostgreSQL they sometimes make mistakes which are really difficult to fix later. For example during initdb of your first DB you don't really understand. For developers, this database has the ultimate innovation: simplicity. The latest release of Oracle Database brings wide-ranging capabilities to the converged database engine. And it opens up the Oracle APEX low-code platform to even more use cases. Camera, voice recorder, expense manager, even brain trainer—smartphones are ubiquitous because. Pnyetya: Yet Another Ransomware Outbreak. Hiding the small movement inside the big movement . thaddeus t. grugq. Jun 27, 2017 · 4 min read. Today saw a massive outbreak of not-really ransomware.

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This week we invited two special guests to the Stock Trading Pit Show; Tanner from Charting Options and King Blehme from King Street Trading Discord. In the opening segment, Talking With Traders with TrendSpider's CEO (Dan Ushman), King Blehme who [] Continue Reading. June 5, 2021. by Anthony Brathwaite DataJoint Blog. News, updates, thoughts. Yet another ORM? Dimitri Uncategorized July 7, 2017 July 7, 2017 1 Minute. When coming across DataJoint, Python programmers often ask, What is the difference between DataJoint and other ORMs such as SQLAlchemy or Django ORM? ORMs (object-relational mappers) are libraries that allow defining and manipulating data in relational databases using. The value entered into this property will be used as name for the CPI Value Mapping artifact that is created by the IFlow. Thus the name should be unique and shouldn't be used for any other artifact on your CPI. CPI_PACKAGE_ID (More) Enter the package id (id != name) of the CPI package, you want the value mapping artifact to be created in. Note: You can find out the id of a package easily.

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Sitting on Covid data: Yet another confirmation of how China hurt the world. June 3, 2020, 3:06 PM IST Quick Edit in TOI Editorials, World, TOI . Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email. Quick Edit. TOI. Yet another IT-blog. DWH best practices. Menu. Home; Who am I? Feedback; Solving Data Science tasks with Greenplum DB . Posted on 06.05.2018 14.05.2018 by Dmitriy Pavlov. Until 2016, the terms data science and data mining usually meant the use of the Hadoop ecosystem. But the game changed about two years ago. Many enterprises have faced the fact that the Hadoop stack is too heavy.

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Other than abusing the Steam platform for hosting the malicious file, there is nothing worth noting about the implanted malware itself. It should also be pointed out that so far, this method appears to be under developmentand has not yet seen active use on a broader scale A sign of what Nelly would call its getting hot in here would be borrowing spreading into other types of finance. Data from the Association of Short-Term Lenders (ASTL) shows the demand from consumers and businesses to get a bridging loan in the UK has increased at the start of 2021. Applications have exceeded pre pandemic levels by just over a quarter and the value of these was up 18%. Object Moved This document may be found her Yet Another Blog on Data (YaBoD) Menu Why; Contact; Blog; The devops part of Dataops. François Nguyen Uncategorized January 2, 2021 January 2, 2021 2 Minutes. Where to start ? Dataops is not just devops for data but there is a specific flavor when we are are talking about the devops part. Data as a platform Data is not a project or a list of projects. At the end, what you are.

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