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Harvest fee: 0.03 ACS / 0.06 ACSI Farm harvest fees are distributed to ACS / ACSI holders via ACS /ACSI Vault. StableSwap Exchange fee: 0.01% (ACS4USD base-pool) / 0.06% (meta-pools) / 0.04% ACS3BTC 50% of the exchange fee is used to buy and distribute ACSI to ACSI holders via ACSI Vault Anyone can help harvest an ACryptoS Vault and earn the harvester's reward as a gas subsidy. This decentralises the automation of our vaults. You do not need to do this as a normal user, your holdings in the Vault will compound automatically

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This is a step by step tutorial for Depositing in the Vaults (auto-compounding) and Staking in the Farms (farming ACS) at ACryptoS.com using Advanced Crypto Strategies, which will allow us to: farm Cake, auto-trade it to our chosen LP token, and compound it in a chosen Vault; farm the native ACS token, and compound it in the ACS Vaul ACS is the native token of ACryptoS (connected with all the Vaults farming on PCS and Venus Protocol), while ACSI is the native token of the StableSwap. The core product of ACS is yield farming optimizers for multiple types of tokens. The core product of ACSI is the StableSwap, which is an automated market maker. 2

ACryptoS StableSwap helps users find the best available prices to easily swap stablecoins at low fees and with minimal slippage. Liquidity providers are incentivized with ACS and ACSI tokens to deposit their funds in ACryptoS Farms. Another unique feature of ACryptoS is that anyone can earn harvester rewards by harvesting an ACryptoS vault. This ensures that the automation of vaults remains decentralized. Visi ACryptoS StableSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) protocol based on Curve's specialized algorithm tailored for stable coins. ACryptoS is offering the first AMM for stable coins based on this algorithm on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Trading on the Binance Smart Chain is both faster and significantly cheaper than trading on the Ethereum chain. ERC-20 Tokens can be crossed over from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain via the Binance Bridge ACryptoS charges a 0.5% withdrawals and 0.3% performance fees on your harvests. The withdrawal fees are used to market-by the ACS token and distributed to ACS holders who have staked their token in the ACS vault. While the performance fee is paid to the harvest callers. Harvest callers are any user who decides to manually harvest a vault Current Cake and total value + WOW Change (Inclusive of deposit fees, deposit network fees, and the estimated withdraw/performance fees) 5. Price of Cake at Week 3: $10.537, Week 4: $16.377 (Change +55.42%) ACryptoS and JetFuel are the only vaults with withdrawal fees. 6

Acryptos stands out for being one of the few apps within the BSC that offers staking with Stablecoins. The APY is around very attractive amounts. With DAI, USDT and USDC we get more than 100%. Something that neither PancakeSwap nor Beefy has. With Stablecoins, of course. This has encouraged me to try a handful of DAIs and see if it is worth the investment. Acryptos only works through the. ACS and ACSI are distributed via ACryptoS Farms to incentivise liquidity providers and share a stake in the protocol with our users. Most Vaults and StableSwap pools will have a corresponding Farm where they can be staked to earn ACS or ACSI. Be sure to stake in the Farm after depositing into a Vault or StableSwap pool

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  1. Acryptos.com Timelock. App | Stats | Timelock Monitor (Vault) | Timelock Monitor (Farm) | ACS Buyback Log | ACS Farm Harvest Log | ACS Vault Exit Fees Log | ACSI Buyback Log | ACSI Farm Harvest Log | ACSI Vault Exit Fees Log | Site Mirror | PCSv1 Swap Mirror
  2. ACryptoS Farms V2 brings an exciting new feature to the protocol, allowing ACS Vault holdings to be used to boost ACS rewards by up to 2.5X. It also addresses a long-standing user gripe and.
  3. ACryptoS offers 2 products on Binance Smart Chain, yield optimizer ACryptoS Vaults and stablecoin DEX ACryptoS StableSwap. Our tokenomics and fees are designed to encourage longer term staking.
  4. ACryptoS Vaults จะแจก reward เป็น ACS หรือ ACSI และมีระบบ ACS Rewards Boost เพิ่มผลตอบแทนสำหรับผู้ที่ stake เหรียญ ACS มีค่าธรรมเนียมการถอน 0.5% ของมูลค่าที่ฝาก Harvester.
  5. g aggregator) and Farms (where to farm native tokens of ACryptoS, ACS and ACSI tokens) ACryptoS StableSwap (Stablecoin DEX) ACryptoS Vaults grow your tokens via automated yield strategies. The Vaults achieve highest possible yields through
  6. imal slippage. Liquidity providers are incentivized with ACS and ACSI tokens to deposit their funds in ACryptoS Farms. Another unique feature of ACryptoS is that anyone can earn harvester rewards by harvesting an ACryptoS vault.
  7. ACryptoS Vaults. Their vaults help you yield farm and grow your assets through automated yield strategies, without you to harvest and reinvest the rewards. The smart contract does the hard work.
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ACryptoS Vaults grow your assets via automated yield Strategies. This saves users time and enables higher yields through more frequent compounding, more efficient gas utilisation, and other creative automations. When you deposit into a vault, your tokens will grow over time. You do not need to manually harvest the vaults. ACryptoS StableSwa Acryptos.com Protocol Statistics last updated: block 8275108 ACS Vault Revenue Source. ACS Buyback % 66530 ACS (via performance fees) ACS Buyback % 87656 ACS (via non ACS vault withdrawal) ACS Farm To Vault % 22654 ACS (via farm harvest fees) ACS Vault Withdrawal % 60250 ACS (via ACS Vault exit fees) ACS Vault Emission % 170149 ACS (via ACS per block mint) Total ACS Mint : 745659.67 ACS. ACSI. ACryptoS Performance. Here, ACS leaves the competition far behind. However, the high costs of the Vaults have to be taken into account. The ACS token, in which investors are remunerated in addition to the Vault fees, can also be seen. Since transactions are also paid in ACS, the individual actions can become expensive. On the other hand, ACS manages to keep long-term investors and tend to have. 333 members in the ACryptoS community. Advanced Crypto Strategies. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 4. Autocompounding Cake Vaults (ACV). Week: 2. Close. 4. Crossposted by 2 days ago. Autocompounding Cake Vaults (ACV). Week: 2 • Posted by 2 days ago. 2 3 2 2. Contribute to acryptos/docs.acryptos.com development by creating an account on GitHub

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  1. Harvest fees. To enable the harvest fees mechanism, changes are made to the deposit and withdrawal function (default 10 ACS withdrawal fees). deposit function . withdrawal function. Developer accessible variables. There are some additional hooks that the developer can use to tweak the farm fees and structures. These hooks allow the developer to change these variable through a timelock contract.
  2. ACryptoS offers 2 products on Binance Smart Chain, Vaults and StableSwap. Our tokenomics and fees are designed to encourag
  3. This is a Process Quality Review of ACryptoS completed on May 17th 2021. It was performed using the Process Review process (version 0.7) and is documented here. The review was performed by Nic of DeFiSafety. Check out our Telegram. The final score of the review is 38%, a fail. The breakdown of the scoring is in Scoring Appendix
  4. Read writing from Paçoca on Medium. Track your DeFi assets on Binance Smart Chain with a simple interface. #BSC. Every day, Paçoca and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium
  5. Filter. Assets Binance DAO Derivitives Dex Ethereum Index Insurance Lending Payments zkSwap. All Active Retired. Alpaca Finance - BSC 68% Inverse Finance 47% PantherSwap - BSC 45% Impermax Finance 65% Venus - BSC 63% yAxis 43% DeFi Saver 71% GrowthDefi 57% Uniswap V3 94% Wault Finance - BSC 37% Goose Finance — BSC 34% ACryptoS — BSC.
  6. TVL BSC. $-. Connect your wallet to start using Autofarm. Loading... Don't have a wallet setup? Get started with Binance Smart Chain. BSC HECO Polygon
  7. You can then Harvest AUTO from there and deposit it into the WBNB-AUTO LP vault to farm more AUTO. Don't forget to get the LP tokens by providing liquidity to the pool on Pancake Swap because it's an LP vault and not a single-asset vault to use. Hope you will now have a fair idea of depositing, staking, and harvesting on Autofarm. But, if you are still struggling to understand then don't.

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  1. Acryptos.com Protocol Timelock Transaction Timelock Contract: 0x3595d94a7aa78292b4283fd541ce3ea45afec1bc Farm Controller - 6 hours Telegram Timelock Monitor Bot.
  2. Das Defi Protokoll ACryptoS bietet teilweise 50% Rendite oder mehr auf Stable Coins? Wie ist das möglich? Als ich ACryptoS fand, war mir klar, dass ich über dieses Projekt schreiben will. In diesem Artikel möchte ich Dir am Beispiel von ACryptoS erklären, wie Yield Aggregatoren funktionieren und welche Risiken es gibt
  3. In addition to all the features that Swamp.Finance's smart contracts offer, Frankenstein.Finance offers more core features on its ecosystem like having its own Lottery, a Referral system, and a Workers panel, in where users can interact and harvest pending rewards for the entire farm or pool, earning some FRANK tokens in exchange, similar to what Acryptos has. All these features added are.
  4. Ranking and metrics for DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocols
  5. Cryptocurrency calendar. 627 events will happen in the future, 54 events were added in the last 24 hours, total added 27450 events for all time. From
  6. Binance (BNB) detailed transaction info for txhash 0xf38c6cd87694526ef23c11e652be938b90e3037e6b13a254fc118a8358de3974. The transaction status, block confirmation, gas.
  7. No, Harvest Finance (FARM) price will not be downward based on our estimated prediction. In 1 year from now what will 1 Harvest Finance be worth? The price of 1 Harvest Finance (FARM) can roughly be upto $90.96 USD in 1 years time a 2X nearly from the current Harvest Finance price. Where do I buy Harvest Finance

Binance (BNB) detailed transaction info for txhash 0x14d2dece691a07a5c1514ac7e734d96aa32a5dda4038d4005651790f848299fb. The transaction status, block confirmation, gas. Normally, the governance would be a DeFi vault such as harvest.finance / yearn.finance / autofarm.network / acryptos.com that is tightly integrated with this contract and manages all profits. owner - The deployer of the contract which is also the capital provider for the USDC pool waiting in the contract. Only this role can deposit USDC and.

Crypto Farmer is an economic online game using Blockchain technology. It will passionate those interested in earning money, wages and finance. CryptoFarmer allows each player to build a farm of his/her own online and earn cryptocurrency that can be easily withdrawn at any time Among all DeFi products, they particularly love vaults like yearn.finance, harvest.finance, autofarm.network and acryptos because those provide the best APY with the least amount of effort. Type B is the crowd you usually see roaming the CeFi world — corporations, institutions, family offices, classic hedge funds. They have access to large cash reserves, but often limit themselves to the. ALL TIME HIGH. $15 -99.96% * on Sep 16th 2017. ฿0.00382920 -99.96% * on Sep 16th 201 Harvest.Finance is an incredible illustration of a yield analyzer on Ethereum (and BSC now!), however BSC has an extraordinary number of vaults and yield streamlining agents including Beefy, Autofarm, ACryptoS, and others. They have various methodologies to auto compound your LPs or tokens with the additional advantage of saving you a LOT of gas. On BSC you can put your Bitcoin (BTCB on BSC.

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Celsius Network Erfahrungen Krypto Lending für BTC, ETH, DASH usw. bis zu 12% p.a. ⚡$10 Bonus ⚡Referal Code: 1947382b27 Jetzt bei CELsius anmelden This is a PancakeSwap Process Quality Review of PancakeSwap completed on 17 April 2021. It was performed using the Process Review process (version 0.7) and is documented here. The review was performed by Rex of DeFiSafety. Check out our Telegram. The final score of the review is 42%, a hard fail. The breakdown of the scoring is in Scoring Appendix Dfox is a chain-agnostic crypto portfolio tracker. It enables you to see all your crypto finances in one place, auto-track and manage cryptocurrencies, digital collectibles and DeFi assets. It is a must-have for cryptocurrency investors. - Manage multiple wallets and DeFi assets in one place, automatically sync wallet balance, token holdings. How much Harvest Masternode Coin is 3000 BNB? Check the latest Harvest Masternode Coin (HC) price in Binance Coin (BNB)! Exchange Rate by Walletinvestor.co A Dapp (pronounced Dee-App) is a decentralized application in which the application's backend code runs on a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) network

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  1. g typically has a relative low APY, but sometimes can reach 1,000% to 3,000% if one joins the project in an early stage. But where do we sell those tokens and why would people want to buy from us? Then it comes the liquidity.
  2. Some harvest and reinvest your returns 4 or 6 times daily. Which is why you will some crazy APYs on some of the yield optimizations platforms we will be talking about soon. Top 3 yield optimizers on BSC. You already know that I stopped using Ethereum chain for any purposes since late December 2020
  3. Harvest Finance (FARM) $ 57.58. Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token (PSG) $ 15.30. Zano (ZANO) $ 2.53. Peercoin (PPC) $ 1.18. Alpha Quark Token (AQT) $ 2.29. PoolTogether (POOL) $ 17.08. Mirrored Amazon (MAMZN) $ 3,411.68. Empty Set Dollar (ESD) $ 0.061167. BitMart Token (BMX) $ 0.202192. Robonomics Network (XRT) $ 18.19. IDEX (IDEX) $ 0.054414. CryptoTycoon (CTT) $ 41.45. Rai Reflex Index (RAI) $ 2.
  4. Harvest Finance (FARM) $ 57.37 5.08%. Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token (PSG) $ 15.30 0.71%. Peercoin (PPC) $ 1.19 2.77%. Alpha Quark Token (AQT) $ 2.30 1.56%. BitMart Token (BMX) $ 0.205762 6.86%. Mirrored Amazon (MAMZN) $ 3,404.98 0.25%. Empty Set Dollar (ESD) $ 0.061316 0.78%. PoolTogether (POOL) $ 17.02 6.43%. Robonomics Network (XRT) $ 18.24 3.66%. Cindicator (CND) $ 0.016272 3.87%. Rai.
  5. Blockchain Solutions and Cryptocurrency Investments. Our company specializes on Blockchain Technologies, Smart Contracts, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Digital Currencies Investments. Contact Us

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Harvest Finance (FARM) $ 56.36. PoolTogether (POOL) $ 16.61. Rai Reflex Index (RAI) $ 2.95. SparkPoint (SRK) $ 0.003812. Peercoin (PPC) $ 1.15. CryptoTycoon (CTT) $ 41.25. Ripio Credit Network (RCN) $ 0.060593. Mirrored Alibaba (MBABA) $ 215.49. Ultiledger (ULT) $ 0.016222. Minter (BIP) $ 0.007665. tBTC (TBTC) $ 35,229.00. Convergence (CONV) $ 0.042244. Bao Finance (BAO) $ 0.000420. #MetaHash. Wallets. Our digital exchange and online cryptocurrency wallet is great for people new to Bitcoin. It makes buying and selling very easy and safe. With all Cryptocurrency Values. Calculate Live Cryptocurrency. Compare cryptocurrencies against each other and start trading them with KingxBit. Bitcoin Ether US Dollar Euro British Pound Sterling. Your journey into cryptocurrency starts with exploring the fastest way to follow markets.The Cryptocontrole.com allow you to explore all real time digital currency market data along with all exchange in the world Our company specializes on Blockchain Technologies, Smart Contracts, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Bitcoin Mining and Digital Currencies Investment


DeFi vaults such as yearn.finance and harvest.finance, which act as decentralized hedge funds, provide some indication on potential returns: Binance Smart Chain is another EVM-compatible ecosystem we're focused on, having similar products like autofarm.network and acryptos.com which show comparable numbers for stablecoins: These avenues perform in an order of magnitude better than their. coinagecryptofarm is a registered company providing its investment services to the members all around the world. All data on financial operations as well as personal data are effectively protected with EV SSL certificates and additional services on encryption of data transfer. We understand how important having reliable support service is to you Whereas bitcoin costs have slid in worth and the excessive community issue, the main crypto asset continues to be fairly worthwhile to mine in keeping with present information. Regardless of the profitability, today there are only some producers producing application-specific built-in circuit (ASIC) machines. Microbt, Bitmain Promote the Most Worthwhile Bitcoin Miners on the Market

Cardano aktueller Preis ist €1.295 mit einer Marktkapitalisierung von €41,687,425,438.24 ★ Preischarts aller Kryptowährungen Bitcoin & Co. Chartübersich Harvest Finance (FARM) $ 64.53. Peercoin (PPC) $ 1.32. Bondly (BONDLY) $ 0.185606. Glitch Protocol (GLCH) $ 0.504827. Wing Finance (WING) $ 21.33. Dego Finance (DEGO) $ 6.56. Burst (BURST) $ 0.016647. Sport and Leisure (SNL) $ 0.142904. Morpheus Network (MRPH) $ 0.942664. ZB Token (ZB) $ 0.381271. Rootkit (ROOT) $ 3,565.63. SelfKey (KEY) $ 0.012277. Bridge Mutual (BMI) $ 0.661476. Radicle (RAD. Bitcoin (BTC) kaufen / verkaufen, Bitcoin Trading, Kurs, Chartanalysen BTC Broker & Börsen Vergleich, Investition in Bitcoi Yield Aggregator principales monnaies selon la capitalisation du marché. The global crypto market cap is $1,68 billion, a 8.5% increase over the last day. Read More. The total crypto market volume over the last 24 hours is $124 milliard, a -7.8% increase. Current top cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) Jetfuel Finance / Fortress AMA Recap Hosted by BSCGemz. Tuesday, May 4th, Miro from Jetfuel Finance (Jetfuel, Fortress, GFORCE, Jetswap) sat down with the guys at the BSCGemz Telegram group for a chat regarding the newly launched Fortress Protocol, Jetfuel Finance's other new updates and more

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  1. imum longterm 21 million total supply sooner than later, upon which at such a time all YEET coin burns will cease permanently and will be migrated fully into a bridged BEP8 YEET
  2. Top 100 DeFi Coins by Market Capitalization. DeFi or Decentralized Finance refers to financial services that are built on top of distributed networks with no central intermediaries. DeFi crypto market cap for today is $80,701,931,321.84 with a total trading volume of $6,438,039,168.52 in the last 24 hours. DeFi Coins. Decentralized Exchange (DEX
  3. Full Cryptocurrency List. Below you will find our complete cryptocurrency list. This is a full list, uncut and intact, that includes all active cryptocurrencies. The list is presented in alphabetical order. Please be aware that anyone can create a cryptocurrency using automated software. As such, it is always a good idea to visit the official.

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Favorite coins Show selected. Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin BTC Ethereum ETH Tether USDT Binance Coin BNB Cardano ADA Dogecoin DOGE XRP XRP USD Coin USDC Polkadot DOT JasmyCoin JASMY Uniswap UNI Bitcoin Cash BCH Litecoin LTC Solana SOL Chainlink LINK Matic Network MATIC Binance USD BUSD Theta Network THETA Internet Computer ICP Stellar XLM Wrapped. Here's how pros safely trade Bitcoin while it range trades nea Since 2017, DigitalCoin has become one of the trusted brands within the crypto community. This success award goes to the combination of people, accurate crypto market analysis and data, the latest news, latest blogs, advertisement placements, and many more

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Cryptocurrency Icons. The official cryptocurrency icon pack for all your favourite cryptocurrencies. This repository contains all the cryptocurrency icons available on coinmarketcap.com. Donation As Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (the underlying technology used by Cryptocurrencies) edge closer and closer to mainstream adoption, there are questions everyone needs answered. No matter how experienced you are, our knowledge base and crypto glossary will provide answers to your most pressing Cryptocurrency questions. Cryptocurrency. Blockchain We do support more than 120 cryptocurrency pairs with USD, below you can find a list of these currencies. It's easy to use it, just add 'CC' postfix to any cryptocurrency pair Ethereum price bounce to $2.6K fails to excite neutral-to-bearish pro traders. Ethereum derivatives data highlights the lack of short-term strength as ETH price lags Bitcoin's recovery to the $40,000 range. While speaking at the Virtual Fintech Forum in Hong Kong on May 27, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin commented on obstacles related to.

Tiện ích theo dõi tiền ảo. Chiều rộng Nhập chiều rộng của tiện ích, ví dụ 400. Khi bỏ qua chiều rộng hoặc chiều rộng bằng 0, tiện ích sẽ chiếm toàn bộ chiều rộng của vùng chứa (đáp ứng). Chiều rộng tối thiểu là 300, bất kể đầu vào. Sao chép và dán đoạn mã. Let's checkout our latest BTT INR price prediction for 2021, 2025, 2030, 2050. Also, check BitTorrent Technical analysis for buying selling

Detailliertes Charts zur Kursentwicklung und umfangreiche Daten zum Handelsvolumen. Der aktuelle Bitcoin-Kurs im Live-Chart in EUR, USD & GBP im Überblick Quotazione Ripple (XRP): prezzo ripple, grafico e valore sulla criptovaluta più importante per marketcap. Segui le variazioni della moneta digitale da 1 e 7 giorni oppure mensile e la sua capitalizzazione di mercato. Ripple (XRP) prezz Upcoming Events. Meetups and Webinars for people who are getting started with their cryptocurrency investments. Cryptocurrency Conference Law & Regulation Summit conference House 2021-06-10 13:00 Thursday, 1PM to 3PM. Beginner's Seminar on Bitcoin NYC Seminar and Conference Center 2021-06-15 11:00 Tuesday, 11AM to 1PM

376 Defi cryptocurrencies. - The symbol marked with * is token. Coin is a cryptocurrency with an independent blockchain platform while the token is also a cryptocurrency but is issued on the blockchain platform of a coin

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