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Blockchain-Based E-Voting System Abstract: Building a secure electronic voting system that offers the fairness and privacy of current voting schemes, while providing the transparency and flexibility offered by electronic systems has been a challenge for a long time The blockchain with the smart contracts, emerges as a good candidate to use in developments of safer, cheaper, more secure, more transparent, and easier-to-use e-voting systems.Due to its consistency, widespread use, and provision of smart contracts logic, Ethereum and its network is one of the most suitable ones. An e-voting system must be secure, as it should not allow duplicated votes and be fully transparent, while protecting the privacy of the attendees. In this project, we. based e-voting system, (ii) propose a blockchain-based e-voting system that uses permissioned blockchain to enable liquid democracy. The reminder of this paper is organized as follows: In sec-tion II, we discuss design considerations for election systems. In section III, we present our blockchain based e-voting system and evaluate some of the popular blockchain frameworks for realizing the system. In section IV, we discuss some of th

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Blockchain-based E-voting System Inspiration. Around the time of TSEC hackathon, the news was filled with articles and debates claiming that the voting... Features. Demo. File Structure. Voter_centralized : Contains a voter registration system which generated private and public keys for.... Blockchain-Based E-Voting Systems. From P2P Foundation. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Contents. 1 Discussion; 2 Examples. 2.1 V-Initiative; 2.2 Blockchain Technologies Corp; Discussion. B. Holmes: A voted ballot sent through the Internet is exposed to a number of security threats, including cyber-attacks such as modification in transit, denial of service, spoofing, automated vote buying. The voting system keeps the vote on the election board's blockchain. The vote is disassociated from the voter and proof is sent for verification. With the vote on-chain, the election board can provide real-time election results near-instantly, with decentralized proof for transparency and independent audits

Blockchain is the backbone of the electronic voting system. We have used multi-chain in demonstrating voting application. Once TTP authorizes voters to vote, the voter can choose whom he wants to vote for within his constituency. Each vote is conceptually equivalent to the asset in multi-chain and the transaction happens between voter and candidate. By restrictin Blockchains can benefit voting systems at all stages including electoral registration, vote storage, vote counting, and the publication of the results. At any of these stages, blockchain technology helps prevent fraud by requiring the prearranged consensus of the selected validation parties

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  1. Now let us see how a blockchain based voting system would help in addressing these concerns: In this system, each state election commission would be the consortium owner for the state. Each constituency will be nodes and the data entry point or the users would be the EVMs in each booths; All the political parties within the state will be also nodes but with limited read access only. Smaller.
  2. A new report from MIT, however, strongly argues against the idea of blockchain-based e-voting, largely on the basis that it will increase cybersecurity vulnerabilities that already exist, it fails..
  3. Advantages of the blockchain-based voting system: This system makes the voting process easier and faster, ensuring privacy as well. As the system is held on a decentralized network less chance of failure in the system
  4. Decentralized E-voting system based on Smart Contract by using Blockchain Technology A. M. Al-madani, A.T. Gaikwad, Vivek H. Mahale, Zeyad A.T. Ahmed 2020 International Conference on Smart Innovations in Design, Environment, Management, Planning and Computing (ICSIDEMPC) 202
  5. The blockchain IoT is a hybrid model that uses different chains in different layers and levels in blockchain-based e-voting system. Some other work is a one-time ring signature in order to ensure the anonymity of the voting citizen
  6. Blockchain based E- Voting system. By implementing blockchain in the distribution of databases on e-voting systems can moderate one of the duplicitous sources of database manipulation. This research deliberates the recording of voting results using blockchain algorithms from every place of election
  7. Blockchain itself has been used in the Bitcoin system known as the decentralized Bank system. By adopting blockchain in the distribution of databases on e-voting systems can reduce one of the cheating sources of database manipulation. This research discusses the recording of voting result using blockchain algorithm from every place of election
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Platform-independent Secure Blockchain-Based Voting System BinYu 1,JosephLiu ,AminSakzad ,SuryaNepal2,RonSteinfeld1,PaulRimba2,and ManHoAu3 1. Blockchain-based e-voting is the most secure way to get votes or take opinion polls, register people's choices and ensure their preservation intact. It might be of interest to the governing organs of legal entities irrespective of their forms of ownership A blockchain based e-voting system. We have developed a blockchain based e-voting system for public voting which is also presented at its initial stage in and illustrated in Fig. 1. In this paper, we present an overview of our model including interactions between different entities involved to provide context to the experimentation and analysis. We use our e-voting system as an example scenario to identify and analyse scalability considerations within a blockchain based system The portal then sends the information of the user's vote (encrypted) to backend (developed by me) where the data will be decrypted and the vote's transaction from the user to the candidate will take place using the Azure blockchain service. The candidate with the most votes is elected. During each election time the users are that are voted are logged which will make sure only one transaction can be made by the user during the whole election process

One future application of the blockchain is in e-voting. The objective of such a scheme would be to provide a decentralized architecture to run and support a voting scheme that is open, fair, and independently verifiable. In this paper, we propose a potential new e-voting protocol that utilises the blockchain as a transparent ballot box aforementioned machine. Blockchain-based electronic voting system could decentralize controls, making voters take over certain tasks while retaining a copy of the electoral register. 1.1 What is Blockchain and how does it work? Blockchain is apublic electronic ledger built around P2P system that can beopenlysharedamongdisparateuser There are a few major points that are associated with the functioning of such a blockchain voting system. The blockchain-based e-voting scheme is public, distributed, and decentralized. It can record votes from voters across many mobile devices and computers. It should allow the voters to audit and verify the votes in an inexpensive manner Hreiðarsson Blockchain-based E-Voting System. 3. Existing System: Current voting systems like ballot box voting and electronic voting are affected and require large quantities of documentation, human resources and time to be used by different security threats like DDoS attacks, poll booth capturing, vote shift and handling, malware assaults, etc. Some of the inconveniences are: ⚫ Long. Blockchain is a technology that is rapidly gaining momentum in era of industry 4.0. With high security and transparency provisions, it is being widely used in supply chain management systems, healthcare, payments, business, IoT, voting systems, etc. Why do we need it

  1. The viability of blockchain-based voting systems has been highly contentious. At a technical level, blockchains and their associated technology — such as cryptography and distributed storage systems like IPFS — provide some unique advantages that legacy voting systems don't employ.. The current criticisms of blockchain-based voting systems largely stem from their functionality as online.
  2. Although, during the last 5 years, various blockchain-based e-voting systems were proposed, most of the papers only highlight the general and positive characteristics of these systems [42, 66, 67]. As examples, studies in [11, 13, 68] describe their design of a blockchain-based election system. However, most of these studies do not propose a complete design of a voting system. In addition, the.
  3. Current voting systems often take time to collate and process answers. Often when voting stations are in different areas and offices are not all together, it can be difficult to gather all the information quickly and efficiently. This then leads to time and cost issues. But blockchain can transform all of this. Instead of having to wait for a large number of people to communicate manually, all.
  4. blockchain-based protocol associated with the priorities of the ballot-privacy, veri ability, eligibility, completeness, uniqueness, robustness, and coercion- resistance. A BlockVotes software has also been made to verify the feasibility of this protocol, by implementing a real-life online voting website, which allows participants to vote and view the results easily. 1.2 E-voting 1.2.1 Related.
  5. Demo for CIS6930-Blockchain: Optimization and ApplicationsSorry for the background noise at the beginning of the video
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  7. Blockchain-Based Boothless E-Voting System. Authors; Authors and affiliations; Ngangbam Indrason; Wanbanker Khongbuh; Goutam Saha; Conference paper. First Online: 02 August 2020. 226 Downloads; Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1165) Abstract. A vote is considered as one of the most important legal rights a citizen can practice in a democratic.

desired blockchain-based e-voting application. Symmetrical and asymmetrical cryptography improvements play a key role in developing blockchain systems. We have extracted and reviewed multiple research papers from scientific databases that have advised the adoption of the blockchain framework to voting systems. These articles indicate that blockchain-supported voting systems may provide. The blockchain-based system used in the September 2019 city council elections of Moscow was shown to be gravely vulnerable. Also, during the online voting on the 2020 constitutional amendment in.

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  1. In this paper, we propose a design and implementation of a Blockchain-based voting system that can be used in national elections. In the paper, we argue that our Blockchain-based voting system is more secure, reliable and it has the ability to protect voter privacy which will help boost the number of voters and their trust in the electoral system as well as reducing considerably the cost of.
  2. blockchain-based protocol associated with the priorities of the ballot-privacy, veri ability, eligibility, completeness, uniqueness, robustness, and coercion- resistance. A BlockVotes software has also been made to verify the feasibility of this protocol, by implementing a real-life online voting website, which allows participants to vote and view the results easily. 1.2 E-voting 1.2.1 Related.
  3. Blockchain-based e-voting system for multiple candidates has been designed on Linux platforms. The implementation result shows that it is a practical and secure e-voting system, which solves the problem on forgery of votes during e-voting. Compared with other e-voting systems, blockchain-based e-voting system is more secure and anonymous
  4. E-voting can change the way of voting that we did for decades. It can help Indian citizens to use their power of vote effectively and efficiently to create the government of India, now there is no reason for standing in such a large row, and waiting for your turn in the voting booth you can now vote from anywhere. Through this system, the.
  5. While current election systems are far from perfect, Internet- and blockchain-based voting would greatly increase the risk of undetectable, nation-scale election failures.Online voting may seem appealing: voting from a computer or smartphone may seem convenient and accessible. However, studies have been inconclusive, showing that online voting may have little to no ef- fect on turnout in.

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A Survey of Blockchain Based on E-voting Systems. Pages 99-104. Previous Chapter Next Chapter. ABSTRACT. Blockchain technology as a decentralized and distributed public ledger in a P2P network has recently gained much attention. In this technology, a linked block structure is applied, and a trusted consensus mechanism is established to synchronize data modifications, making it possible to. A system that uses Blockchain concepts for the citizens of the country to caste their vote from their static location with the help of network connectivity.D..

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[2] Fridrik P. et al, Blockchain-Based E-Voting System, IEEE 11th International Conference on Cloud Computing, 2018. [3] A. Qureshi et al, SeVEP: Secure and VerifiableElectronic Polling System, IEEE Access, 2019. [4] B. Shahzad and J. Crowcroft, Trustworthy Electronic Voting Using Adjusted Blockchain Technology, IEEE Access, 2019 Each voter has a wallet containing their own user credentials. Apart from this, each voter receives a digital coin, which represents one opportunity to vote. As an example scenario, we selected the e‐voting system to identify and evaluate the security, scalability, and performance issues within blockchain‐based systems Why blockchain-based voting could threaten democracy As the desire to increase voter turnout remains strong and the number of online voting pilot projects rises in the U.S. and abroad, some. Blockchain-based e-voting will have a positive impact on elections across the globe in the following ways. Increased voter accessibility. Blockchain is immutable to cyber-attacks and will provide a secure system if the vote is properly inputted. Enhanced vendor security to maintain vote integrity and prevent user discrimination The paper proposes a novel electronic voting system based on blockchain that addresses some of the limitations in existing systems and evaluates some of the popular blockchain frameworks for the purpose of constructing a blockchain-based e-voting system. In particular, we evaluate the potential of distributed ledger technologies through the description of a case study; namely, the process of.

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Election is the basic building block for any democracy. Any threat to election process can be a threat to national security. It's been a great challenge to create to create a secured E-Voting system that satisfies all the essential requirements Developing a pure blockchain-based system for land records. It should allow to record production data; and general public (including end-users and any other interested individual and organization) to track and inspect the relevant part of the data In a blockchain based e-voting system, the following key roles would be identified: Election administrators: These manage the lifecycle of an election. Multiple trusted institutions and companies. Christian Killer, Bruno Rodrigues, Eder John Scheid, Muriel Franco, Moritz Eck, Nik Zaugg, Alex Scheitlin, Burkhard Stiller: Provotum: A Blockchain-Based and End-to-End Verifiable Remote Electronic Voting System; IEEE 45th Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), Sidney, Australia, November 2020, pp 1-12

Creating the first customizable blockchain-based e-voting system in Switzerland. Yahya Mohamed Mao. Follow. Jun 26, 2018 · 4 min read. Where else than in Zug could one imagine a better place to. OctoGrad2020 - Blockchain Based E-Voting System # octograd2020 Blockchain is a hot technology and it has also played important roles as a reliable system in many sectors around the world because it provides many features such as privacy protection, enhancing transparency and security, and interoperability. So, I decided to use blockchain technology build an E-Voting system for my. An electronic voting system can enable greater democracy by allowing virtual and remote voting and facilitating greater participation. However, the e-voting systems have experienced allegations due..

Blockchain Based E-voting System: A Proposal. Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that allows digital assets to be transacted in a peer-to-peer decentralized network. Those transactions are verified and registered by every node of the network, thus creating a transparent and immutable sequence of registered events whose veracity is provided by a consensus protocol. By enabling smart. A Manipulation Prevention Model for Blockchain-Based E-Voting Systems Security and Communication Networks . 10.1155/2021/6673691 . 2021 . Vol 2021 . pp. 1-16. Author(s): Ruhi Taş . Ömer Özgür Tanrıöver. Keyword(s): Data Storage . Double Layer . Potential Problem . Electronic Voting . Central Authority . Voting Systems . Data Manipulation . Distributed Structure . Prevention Model. New Blockchain-based E-Voting System By PNG Engineer. TechInPacific - An Australia-based Papua New Guinean aerospace engineer Nicholas Wabiria has developed a new blockchain technology-based E-Voting System that protects democratic countries' election system against fraud and manipulation. The economical platform promises real-time results. India Explores Blockchain-Based E-Voting By 2024 General Elections. Harshit Rakheja. Inc42 Staff. 27 Mar'21 2 min read. Share story . Whatsapp Facebook Twitter Linkedin . facebook twitter linkedin. Russia has reportedly already experimented with a blockchain based voting system and has even posted a source code for the platform on Github. The world is changing and evolving all around the digital era, so systems have to upgrade and work to see that they follow the trend so they don't get left behind

Steve Kaaru. United Russia, the ruling party of Russia, has launched a blockchain-based electronic voting system. The system will allow citizens to participate in primary elections, otherwise known as preliminary voting. According to a report by local media outlet TASS, the new system aims at simplifying the electoral process DOI: 10.1109/CLOUD.2018.00151 Corpus ID: 52198232. Blockchain-Based E-Voting System @article{Hjalmarsson2018BlockchainBasedES, title={Blockchain-Based E-Voting System. RifaHanifatunnisa, Budi Rahardjo, Blockchain Based E-Voting Recording System Design,IEEE 2017. [3] KejiaoLi, HuiLi,HanxuHou,KedanLi,YongleChen, Proof of Vote:A High-Performance Consensus Protocol Based on Vote Mechanism & Consortium Blockchain, 2017 IEEE 19th International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications; IEEE 15th International Conference on Smart City.

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They showed that not only do these risks persist in blockchain-based voting systems, but blockchains may introduce additional problems for voting systems. The paper pointed out that prior studies had shown that online voting may have little to no effect on turnout in practice, and it may even increase disenfranchisement. More importantly: given the current state of computer security, any. Voters were also able to vote via a blockchain-based mobile app that asked voters to submit their photo ID. The identification documents used to verify party members and the voting tallies were both encrypted and stored on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a decentralized and distributed file system for storing large volumes of data. IPFS uses a peer-to-peer protocol where nodes store a. Blockchain Based E-Voting System. Proceedings of International Conference on Communication and Information Processing (ICCIP) 2019. 9 Pages Posted: 22 Jul 2019 Last revised: 7 Jul 2020. See all articles by Harshal Patil Harshal Patil. PCCOE, Pune(411044)-India. Prathmesh Ladkat. PCCOE, Pune(411044)-India . Abhishek Jituri. PCCOE, Pune(411044)-India. Rohit Desai. PCCOE, Pune(411044)-India. Dr. In a blockchain based e-voting system, the following key roles would be identified: Election administrators: Manage the lifecycle of an election. Multiple trusted institutions and companies are enrolled with this role. The election administrators specify the election type and create aforementioned election, configurate ballots, register voters, decide the lifetime of the election and assign.

Voting systems have been around for hundreds of years and despite different views on their integrity, have always been deemed secure with some fundamental security and anonymity principles. Numerous electronic systems have been proposed and implemented but some suspicion has been raised regarding the integrity of elections due to detected security vulnerabilities within these systems. PHP & MySQL Projects for $30 - $250. I need a blockchain based website for voting. Backend needs to use python for blockchain creation and verifying the voter's information. Front end can be based on html and css. Can use django for impl.. Blockchain-based e-voting systems have been tested in other countries, including the U.S., South Korea, and Japan. Among these was Overstock.com-owned blockchain voting company Voatz's groundbreaking West Virginia pilot program during the 2018 midterm elections. And Denver and Moscow have both announced they intend to trial the technology in municipal elections this year. Note: Updated at 6. Alaska would be first state to use blockchain-based voting system under proposed bill . By. Andrew Kitchenman, Alaska Public Media & KTOO - Juneau - April 15, 2021. Alaska would become the first. To overcome these difficulties, we apply authority management mechanism into blockchain-based voting systems. In this paper, we put forward AMVchain, a fully decentralized and efficient blockchain-based voting system. AMVchain has a three-layer access control architecture, and on each layer, smart contracts are responsible for validation and granting permissions. Linkable ring signature is.

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Block-chain Based E-Voting System Project Introduction E-Voting Literature Review Literature Review Problem Statement Problem Statement Objective Objective Objective Pain Points To Increase the turnout ratio of the election at the national level To provide a trustworthy E-voting Blockchain based E-Voting System Jerome Mizzi, Frankie Inguanez Institute of Information and Communication Technology Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology Paola PLA9032, Malta fjerome.mizzi.a100453 frankie.inguanezg@mcast.edu.mt ABSTRACT: In the rst part of our research we investigate the use of blockchain technology as a viable solution for a national e-voting system. To achieve this a. Blockchain-based Electronic Voting System with Special Ballot and Block Structures that Complies with Indonesian Principle of Voting Gottfried Christophorus Prasetyadi1 Graduate Program on Information System Gunadarma University, Depok 16424, Indonesia Achmad Benny Mutiara2, Rina Refianti3 Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology Gunadarma University, Depok 16424, Indonesia.

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  1. Blockchain based e-voting recording system design. Increasingly digital technology in the present helped many people lives. Unlike the electoral system, there are many conventional uses of paper in its implementation. The aspect of security and transparency is a threat from still widespread election with the conventional system (offline)
  2. g public, thus compromising the secret ballot principle. 2. Hacking. One of the foremost reasons people are skeptical of online voting is hacking.
  3. In reality, blockchain-based voting systems offer a ton of applications. It's a voting system that uses blockchain core principles. For example, it will be fully decentralized so that no centralized authority can tamper with the voting system. More so, every single voter will get their very own voter identity verified. This is actually a great way to establish who is eligible for voting and.

Blockchain based Decentralized Electronic Voting System:A Step towards Transparent Elections Shehzad Latif 1 Tayyaba Anees2 School of Systems & Technology(University of Management & Technology) School of Systems & Technology(University of Management & Technology) Abstract Public Elections are the best way to elect the government in democracy. Thus, it is the utmost responsibility of the state. Blockchain Technology and Online Voting. Another application for blockchain technology is voting. By casting votes as transactions, we can create a blockchain which keeps track of the tallies of the votes. This way, everyone can agree on the final count because they can count the votes themselves, and because of the blockchain audit trail, they. Blockchain based voting systems have recently been proposed . A blockchain-based e-voting system is illustrated in Figure 1. The electoral process requires very critical tasks before and during the election. As presented in figure election preparation services must prepare the current voter list, candidates, ballot design before the election as. The voter would then complete their ballot and securely submit their vote(s) to the blockchain-based ballot box. To obtain proof of casting their ballot, the voter would have the option to print out a receipt. If allowed by the organization hosting the election, the voter may vote early and could even re-enter the Follow My Vote voting booth to change their vote if they change their mind in. Voting has been a fundamental part of the democratic system as it allows individuals to voice their opinions. Over the past few years, voting turnout has diminished as concerns regarding security, privacy, accessibility and integrity have been escalated. In order to address these issues, e-voting was introduced; however, only a few countries managed to use the application due to cost and.

The debate over blockchain-based political voting re-emerged recently as Democratic US presidential hopeful Andrew Yang backs the technology to boost voter numbers and security, while a French researcher has hacked into the blockchain-based voting system which officials plan to use next month for the 2019 Moscow City Duma election. On his campaign website, Yang states that voting should be. Over the period of four months, we managed to develop a working prototype of the blockchain-based e-proxy voting system that has no analogs in the world. During the testing process, we reached a. Blockchain Based E-voting System: Agora and Proof of Vote Author: Shuang WU Supervisor: Dr. David Galindo Cyber Security School of Computer Science September 11, 2018. i Abstract Evaluation and Improvement of Two Blockchain Based E-voting System: Agora and Proof of Vote by Shuang WU In this thesis, we evaluated two existing e-voting systems based on blockchain tech- nology: Agora and Proof of. Blockchain based online voting system. Budget ₹1500-12500 INR. Freelancer. Jobs. PHP. Blockchain based online voting system. Blockchain based online voting system with implementation. Skills: PHP, Software Architecture, JavaScript, HTML, MySQL. See more: home based online english teacher, free browser based online soccer manager, home based online jobs india bangalore, asp based online.

Nasdaq eVoting is the blockchain-based voting and proxy assignment application that enables companies, their investors, financial market infrastructures and custodians to greatly reduce the cost. In a blockchain based e-voting system, the following key roles would be identified: Election administrators: Manage the lifecycle of an election. Multiple trusted institutions and companies are enrolled with this role. The election administrators specify the election type and create aforementioned election, configurate ballots, register voters, decide the lifetime of the election and assign. E-Voting Technology • E-Voting technology is a web based application in which voter can use hisher voting right online without any difficulty. • HeShe has to fill a registration form to register himselfherself. All the entries is checked by the DATABASE which has already all information about the voter. • If all the entries are correct then a USER ID and PASSWORD is given to the voter. A blockchain-based e-voting system can ensure full transparency and easy management of voting records. The system is tamper-proof and thus can help end the allegations related to voting frauds, similar to the ones that we have seen from Donald Trump in the recently concluded US elections. About Layer X Labs . Layer X Labs is an R&D organization that works on technology development and. Russia has been interested in a blockchain-based voting system for several years now and has created several state-funded systems that have gone through multiple iterations. Not all of them have been successful, but they have been deployed in elections, with each election ending in accusations of mismanagement, data leakage, and ballot-stuffing. This past summer, Russia voted on a.

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Secure and transparent online voting system. Easy to set up and vote on-the-go. Blockchain based for top-level safety and voting process decentralization Bringing voting systems into the digital age . Secure and transparent digital voting. We leverage the unique attributes of blockchain technology to design the next generation of voting systems for governments and organizations. Announcements. Join our community . as well as Bihu We are building for you. A protocol made for the purpose of voting, built from scratch, with a number of.

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DOI link for Blockchain-Based Regenerative E-Voting System. Blockchain-Based Regenerative E-Voting System book. By S. Vishnuvardhan, R. Aswath Srimari, S. Sridevi, B. Vinoth Kumar, G. R. Karpagam. Book Security and Trust Issues in Internet of Things. Click here to navigate to parent product. Edition 1st Edition. First Published 2020. Imprint CRC Press. Pages 18. eBook ISBN 9781003121664. A new blockchain-based voting system was used in Russia on Sept. 13 for national parliament elections in the regions of Kursk Oblast and Yaroslavl Oblast, according to Coindesk Blockchain-based smart contracts are proposed contracts that can be partially or fully executed or enforced without human interaction. decentralized voting.: 94; Proof of Existence is an online service that verifies the existence of computer files as of a specific time. Types. Currently, there are at least four types of blockchain networks — public blockchains, private blockchains. Nate Williams, a full-stack developer at Vocdoni, discusses major myths surrounding blockchain-based voting. Fear of blockchain voting systems is at an all-time high. Just like paper-ballot voting systems, blockchain voting must evolve and improve over the course of its use. promo. Free Cloud Mining Providers to Mine Bitcoin in 2021 . The Trust Project is an international consortium of news.

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Further, the blockchain-based voting application does not rely on the security of its internet connection, since hackers won't be able to malign nodes, even when they have access to the main terminal. Blockchain purists believe that such a voting system could make it more convenient for people to vote, thereby boosting voter turnout. Early Adopters. Leveraging the DLT powered Blockchain. Using blockchain-based solutions for voting is gradually becoming a worldwide trend. Some recent examples include municipal voting in Zug, Switzerland in summer 2018 and social initiatives voting. Italy Delves into E-Voting Using Blockchain Tech. A lot of society's resources have been spent to enable the voting process of civil rights. Italy alone spent over €389 million to conduct the 2013 parliamentary elections. It is now investing heavily to enable efficient blockchain-based e-voting in the future

After recent local pilots of blockchain-based e-voting used for Russian constitutional referendum - used in the Moscow and Nizhegorodskaya area - a new blockchain voting system will be introduced on the Russian federal level. The system is being developed and will be operated by Rostelecom - Russia's largest integrated provider of digital services and solutions news Australia Post has aired plans to take voting into the digital era in a submission to the Victorian Parliament's Electoral Matters Committee that would see it build a blockchain-based e-voting system for the state.. Digital voting promises convenience, rapid counting of votes, increased efficiency and transparency, and reduced costs Where else than in Zug could one imagine a better place to create the first customizable blockchain-based e-voting system? Zug has become known worldwide as Crypto Valley — the Silicon Valley for cryptocurrencies where leading technology experts and innovative companies from across the globe come together to start new exciting projects and introduce new companies in this area

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