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The limit on the number of columns per table that allow NULLs is approximately 8*(database-page-size - 30). Column_name size. 128 bytes. Number of events per database. 2^31 - 1 = 2 147 483 647. Number of files per database. Operating system limit that user can adjust; for example, using NOFILE. Typically, 2047 files per database. Number of indexe The SQLITE_MAX_FUNCTION_ARG parameter determines the maximum number of parameters that can be passed to an SQL function. The default value of this limit is 100. SQLite should work with functions that have thousands of parameters. However, we suspect that anybody who tries to invoke a function with more than a few parameters is really trying to find security exploits in systems that use SQLite. Operating parameter Limit; Maximum number of bookmarks: 16,380 (Style Definition) maximum number of styles: 4,079: Maximum number of lists: 2,047: Maximum number of comments: 16,380: Number of subdocuments in a master document: 255: Maximum number of fields: 2,147,483,647: Maximum number of moves: 32,752 (Range Permission) maximum number allowed: 32,752: Size of file Word can ope

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Maximum limit. Number precision. 15 digits. Smallest allowed negative number-2.2251E-308. Smallest allowed positive number. 2.2251E-308. Largest allowed positive number. 9.99999999999999E+307. Largest allowed negative number-9.99999999999999E+307. Largest allowed positive number via formula. 1.7976931348623158e+308. Largest allowed negative number via formul One exception where this signature is not included as the first topic is when emitting anonymous events. Since topics can only hold a maximum of 32 bytes of data, things like arrays or strings. When this limit is reached, the DC returns a timeLimitExceeded / ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER error. MaxResultSetSize. 262,144. The maximum number of bytes that a DC stores to optimize the individual searches that make up a paged search. The data that is stored is outside the state model and is implementation-specific. MaxTempTableSize. 10,00 Only one of X, Y or Z can use the link at a given time. The link has a capacity of 1 Megabit/s. There are two possible strategies for accessing the shared link: TDMA: equal slots of 0.1 seconds. Taking . turns: adds a latency of 0.05 seconds before taking the turn. The user can then use the link for as long as it has data to send. A user requests the link only when it has data to send

Maximum limit; Number of people in a meeting (can chat and call in) 1000, includes GCC but not yet for GCCH, DoD, or A1 (300). View-only allows for up to 20,000 listen-only participants to join a meeting in which the organizer has a license for E3/E5/A3/A5 SKU, as well as, Government (GCC, GCC High, DoD). Learn more about the View-only experience Whether or not to concentrate the scale (variance of the error term) out of the likelihood. This reduces the number of parameters by one. This is only applicable when considering estimation by numerical maximum likelihood. trend_offset int, optional. The offset at which to start time trend values

A note parameter is available for every parameters for qualifying the entry. Its name is always the same as the parameter you are amending, without units, and note attached to the end. For example |range miles=420 and |range note=with max wing fuel, VTOL, & 10% reserve * If row tracking is used for conflict detection (the default), the base table can include a maximum of 1,024 columns, but columns must be filtered from the article so that a maximum of 246 columns is published. If column tracking is used, the base table can include a maximum of 246 columns Maximum number of snapshots of any type that can be retained per volume: 256: This amount includes local snapshots and cloud snapshots. Maximum number of snapshots that can be present in any device: 10,000: Maximum number of volumes that can be processed in parallel for backup, restore, or clone: 1 1000 Index can be used as maximum number per table. 1 Clustered Index and 999 Non-clustered indexes per table can be used in SQL Server. 1 Clustered Index and 999 Non-clustered indexes per table can be used in SQL Server. 36

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This number is fixed to be 839 in preamble format 1,2,3 and 139 in preamble format 4. There are 64 preambles available for each cell and UE has to be able to generate the 64 preambles for the cell it want to camp on. You can easily generate 64 different preambles just by cyclically shifting an existing sequence, but there is a condition for this. All the preamle sequences should be othogonal to each other. Otherwise, various preambles from multiple UEs within the same cell can interfere each. These are some of the Maximum Capacity Specifications for SQL Server 2008 R2. Database size: 524,272 terabytes; Databases per instance of SQL Server: 32,767; Filegroups per database: 32,767; Files per database: 32,767; File size (data): 16 terabytes; File size (log): 2 terabytes; Rows per table: Limited by available storag Transistor specification parameters There are a number of standard parameters with abbreviations that are used to define the performance of a transistor. The definitions of these parameters are outlined in the table below: Type number: The type number of the device is a unique identifier given to each type of transistor. This enables the full data on its specifications to be checked on the. list index() parameters. The list index() method can take a maximum of three arguments:. element - the element to be searched; start (optional) - start searching from this index; end (optional) - search the element up to this inde Sub-parameters are used in the form parameter=sub-parameter:value. Especially in the ATTR parameter, extensive use of the wildcard character '*' can be made. The TAG command also incorporates the EXTRACT functionality of iMacros, post Version 6.0. Giving an additional EXTRACT parameter to identify the type of extraction to perform

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Suppose that we try to find and return the maximum element from a sequence S, of n elements. Function prototype: Max(S, n) Base case: If S contains only one item, return it. (Obviously the only item in the sequence is the max one.) Recur: If not the base case, call Max each time for one less item, that is call Max(S, n-1) Antenna directivity is the ratio of maximum radiation intensity (power per unit surface) radiated by the antenna in the maximum direction divided by the intensity radiated by a hypothetical isotropic antenna radiating the same total power as that antenna. For example, a hypothetical antenna which had a radiated pattern of a hemisphere (1/2 sphere) would have a directivity of 2. Directivity is a dimensionless ratio and may be expressed numerically or i This effectively brings the maximum number of decreases in a day to 27 times (4 decreases in the first hour, and 1 decrease for each of the subsequent 1-hour windows in a day). Important. Table and global secondary index decrease limits are decoupled, so any global secondary indexes for a particular table have their own decrease limits. However, if a single request decreases the throughput for. An index is invalid when it's lower than the collection's lower bound or greater than or equal to the number of elements it contains. When It Is Thrown. Given an array declared as: byte[] array = new byte[4]; You can access this array from 0 to 3, values outside this range will cause IndexOutOfRangeException to be thrown. Remember this when you.

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  1. One obvious approach to solve this problem would be to sort the input string and then traverse through the sorted string to find the character which is occurring maximum number of times. Let us see if we can improve on this. So we will use a technique called 'Hashing'. In this, when we traverse through the string, we would hash each character into an array of ASCII characters
  2. Maximum number of bytes to read into the buffer. This value should match the length of the object referenced using the buf parameter. The absolute maximum number of bytes that can be read in one call is 32 (for dynamic payload lengths) or whatever number was previously passed to setPayloadSize() (for static payload lengths)
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  4. By default, <index name> is the concatenation of the field names and index type. You can explicitly specify the <index name> to the createIndex() method to ensure that the fully qualified index name does not exceed the limit. Number of Indexed Fields in a Compound Index¶ There can be no more than 32 fields in a compound index

Each node can only send OR receive one packet at a time. What is the utilization of the network? Assume each packet takes 1 time slot. Assume each node has 3 queues -- one for each other node -- and that each is backlogged. Utilization is the expected number of packets that get through in each slot divided by the maximum (2, i.e index.max_refresh_listeners Maximum number of refresh listeners available on each shard of the index. These listeners are used to implement refresh=wait_for. index.analyze.max_token_count The maximum number of tokens that can be produced using _analyze API. Defaults to 10000 The (p,d,q) order of the model for the number of AR parameters, differences, and MA parameters. d must be an integer indicating the integration order of the process, while p and q may either be an integers indicating the AR and MA orders (so that all lags up to those orders are included) or else iterables giving specific AR and / or MA lags to include

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Among others, the communication parameters indicate the CAN-Identifier that is used by this PDO, and the triggering event that prompts the transmission of the related PDO. The mapping parameters indicate which information of the local object dictionary is supposed to be transmitted and where the received information is to be stored specifies the maximum number of times any explanatory variable is added to or In each group, the difference between the largest and the smallest estimated event probabilities does not exceed the given value. The value for number must be between 0 and 1; the default value is the square root of the machine epsilon, which is about 1E-8 (in prior releases, the default was 1E-4). The.

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The maximum relative stress each card will attempt to achieve. max_pcie_replays: Float: 160.0: 1.0 - 1000000.0: Maximum number of PCIe replays to allow per GPU for the duration of this plugin. This is based on an expected replay rate <8 per minute for PCIe Gen 3.0, assuming this plugin will run for 2 minutes (configurable) and allowing 10x as. adjust_prior (index, prior) Optional parameters can be entered that are relevant to the particular mode of inference chosen. Returns: pf.Results instance with information for the estimated latent variables. plot_fit (**kwargs) ¶ Plots the fit of the model against the data. Optional arguments include figsize, the dimensions of the figure to plot. Returns: void - shows a matplotlib plot.

Maximum number of retries when binding to a port before giving up. When a port is given a specific value (non 0), each subsequent retry will increment the port used in the previous attempt by 1 before retrying. This essentially allows it to try a range of ports from the start port specified to port + maxRetries To find the maximum value in a range with specific criteria, you can use a basic array formula based on the IF function and MAX function. In the example shown, the formula in cell H8 is: { = MAX(IF( B5:B9391 = H7, E5:E9391 ))} which returns the maximum temperature on the date in H7. Note: this is an array formula and must be entered with. You can control the number of simultaneous jobs that Cortex executes in parallel using the analyzer.fork-join-executor configuration item. The value depends on the number of CPU cores (parallelism-factor * nbCores), with a minimum (parallelism-min) and a maximum (parallelism-max). Similar settings can also be applied to responders It's hard to give a generic answer to this. It really depends on number of factors: what size your row is ; what kind of data you store (strings, blobs, numbers) what do you do with your data (just keep it as archive, query it regularly) do you have indexes on your table - how many; what's your server specs; etc. As answered elsewhere here, 100,000 a day and thus per table is overkill - I'd.

Set the maximum number of operations during a single constexpr evaluation. Even when number of iterations of a single loop is limited with the above limit, if there are several nested loops and each of them has many iterations but still smaller than the above limit, or if in a body of some loop or even outside of a loop too many expressions need to be evaluated, the resulting constexpr. Note that in Max for Live, we often deal with changing values. Using $1 means that the slider value, which is an arbitrary number (known as a replaceable argument), is passed through.. $1 means the first input to the message ($2 would be the second input, etc).. If the slider outputs a value of 25, this message will become set value 25.. We can see that controlling Live from Max for Live is. The 1-D, 2-D, and n-D Lookup Table blocks evaluate a sampled representation of a function in N variables. where the function F can be empirical. The block maps inputs to an output value by looking up or interpolating a table of values you define with block parameters. The block supports flat (constant), linear (linear point-slope), Lagrange. You can read another number of records giving it as a parameter to the program. Command line: ReadPhonebook P <pincode> <nbRecord> The parameters are optional. P <pincode>: PIN code to present to the card. If you don't give this parameter, no PIN code will be presented to the card. <nbRecord>: Number of records to read. By default, the program. If the total number of mismatches between target and at least one primer (for a given primer pair) is equal to or more than the specified number (regardless of the mismatch locations), then any such targets will be ignored for primer specificity check. For examaple, if you are only interested in targets that perfectly match the primers, you can set the value to 1. You can also lower the E.

Given a sorted array, an RMI is a function that maps a key to an approximate index. This approximate index can be used as a starting point for a linear, exponential, or binary search. The SOSD benchmark demonstrates that RMIs can outperform binary search and many other standard approaches as well. Unlike a binary search tree, an RMI uses machine learning techniques to build this approximation. We can calculate the raw data throughput and see that this modification yields greater than a 2x improvement on the maximum raw data throughput which can be achieved! 251 bytes / 2500μs = 100.4 kBytes/sec = ~0.803 Mbps. LE 2M PHY (BT v5.0) As part of the 5.0 Bluetooth Core Specification revision, a new feature known as LE 2M PHY 5 was added HTTP content negotiation (section 12) uses short floating point numbers to indicate the relative importance (weight) of various negotiable parameters. A weight is normalized to a real number in the range 0 through 1, where 0 is the minimum and 1 the maximum value. If a parameter has a quality value of 0, then content with this parameter is `not acceptable' for the client. HTTP/1.1. models.ldamodel - Latent Dirichlet Allocation¶. Optimized Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) in Python.. For a faster implementation of LDA (parallelized for multicore machines), see also gensim.models.ldamulticore.. This module allows both LDA model estimation from a training corpus and inference of topic distribution on new, unseen documents

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Dialog parameter configures the block to use the Maximum output size parameter setting as the maximum permitted output sequence length. When you make this selection, the oSiz input port specifies the current size of the output signal and the block output inherits sample time from the input signal. The input value of oSiz must be less than or equal to the Maximum output size parameter Writing a Java Card Applet. Source: Wallet.java. This article introduces smart cards, gives a brief overview of Java Card technology, and by stepping you through the code of a sample applet distributed with a Java Card toolkit, shows you how to code a Java Card applet. This is the first in a series of articles on Java Card applets Event handler attributes (on*) and the style attribute cannot be generated with data-sly-attribute due to the fact that none of the available display contexts can fully protect against XSS attacks given the range of values that these attributes can contain. Detailed Example Maximum number of seconds spent waiting for a complete HTTP message to be received. This attribute helps guard against denial of service attacks in which a caller indicates that they will be sending a message of a certain size which they never finish sending. This setting only applies to connections that are initiated using one of the default ports (ServerMBean setListenPort and.

You can have up to 25 such requests running at a time; however, if the table or index specifications are complex, DynamoDB might temporarily reduce the number of concurrent operations. There is a soft account quota of 256 tables Parameter Types. You can use any data type for a parameter of a method or a constructor. This includes primitive data types, such as doubles, floats, and integers, as you saw in the computePayment method, and reference data types, such as objects and arrays.. Here's an example of a method that accepts an array as an argument The filename parameter can be used to suggest a name for the file into which the resource is downloaded by the browser. which this script does offer. Only wanted to give the lazy a working simple code for PHP. - Gustav May 22 '16 at 15:20. I think this got downvoted because the question isn't language specific but about the what RFCs to stick to when implementing the header encoding.

The number of calls to the function divided by the number of calls to all functions must be above the threshold. For example, a threshold of 0.005 means that functions that made up more than 0.5% of all calls will be JIT compiled. opcache.jit_max_root_traces int. Maximum number of root traces. opcache.jit_max_side_traces in The maximum byte length is the multiple of the maximum character length and the maximum number of bytes in each character. NCHAR. The maximum length of an NCHAR column is 2000 bytes. It can hold up to 2000 characters. The actual data is subject to the maximum byte limit of 2000. The two size constraints must be satisfied simultaneously at run time. NVARCHAR2. The maximum length of an NVARCHAR2. Connection Interval & max packets per connection event. The connection interval effectively determines how many packets can be sent during one connection event. The higher the value, the more packets can be sent in one connection event (up to a certain limit for some devices). Learn more about connection intervals: BLE connection intervals and events. However, the number of packets per. If no acknowledgment has been received for the data in a given segment before the timer expires, the segment is retransmitted, up to the TcpMaxDataRetransmissions value. The default value for this parameter is 5. The retransmission timer is initialized to three seconds when a TCP connection is established. However, it is adjusted on the fly to match the characteristics of the connection by.

The article shows a few different ways to get the max value in Excel based on one or several conditions that you specify. In our previous tutorial, we looked at the common uses of the MAX function which is designed to return the largest number in a dataset. In some situations, however, you may need to drill down into your data further to find the max value based on certain criteria You can pass collection variables as parameters, to move data between client-side applications and stored subprograms. To look up data that is more complex than single values, you can store PL/SQL records or SQL object types in collections. Nested tables and varrays can also be attributes of object types. Understanding Nested Tables. Within the database, nested tables can be considered one. String precision pitfalls. While you may use the printf() functions to format UTF-8 strings, notice that the precision of a %Ns parameter is interpreted as the number of bytes, not characters to print. On top of that, the GNU libc implementation of the printf() functions has the feature that it checks that the string given for the %Ns parameter consists of a whole number of characters in the. This sets the maximum number of items per page in lists displayed in various pages of the Joomla administrative interface, although this value may be overridden temporarily within the list pages themselves. By default, this parameter is set to 20 but may be changed to any of a number of values ranging from 5 to 100 The V number can be interpreted as a kind of normalized optical frequency. (It is proportional to the optical frequency, but rescaled depending on waveguide properties.)It is relevant for various essential properties of a fiber: For V values below ≈ 2.405, a fiber supports only one mode per polarization direction (→ single-mode fibers).; Multimode fibers can have much higher V numbers

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About parameter estimates (also called sample statistics) Parameters are descriptive measures of an entire population. However, their values are usually unknown because it is infeasible to measure an entire population. Because of this, you can take a random sample from the population to obtain parameter estimates Course Index Explore Programiz parameters. arg1 - an object; can be numbers, strings, etc. arg2 - an object; can be numbers , strings, etc. *args (optional) - any number of objects; key (optional) - key function where each argument is passed, and comparison is performed based on its return value; Basically, the max() function finds the largest item between two or more objects. Example 4. These parameters can be overridden at the operation level, but cannot be removed there. The list MUST NOT include duplicated parameters. A unique parameter is defined by a combination of a name and location. The list can use the Reference Object to link to parameters that are defined at the OpenAPI Object's components/parameters. This object MAY be extended with Specification Extensions. Path. By incorporating prior information about the parameter(s), a posterior distribution for the parameter(s) can be obtained and inferences on the model parameters and their functions can be made. This section is intended to give a quick and elementary overview of Bayesian methods, focused primarily on the material necessary for understanding the Bayesian analysis methods available in Weibull++. How do we estimate the parameters and ? We first try the maximum likelihood estimate (MLE; probtheory), which is simply the relative frequency and corresponds to the most likely value of each parameter given the training data. For the priors this estimate is: (116) where is the number of documents in class and is the total number of documents. We estimate the conditional probability as the.

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maxima and inflection points. It can integrate all types of chromatograms using just a few simple parameters. Values for these parameters are set quickly and easily using an intelligent wizard and the Cobra algorithm then instantly integrates every chromatogram in the sequence. A fundamental requirement of Cobra is having an optimal number of data points of the order of 10 to 40 per peak to. The rate parameter, λ, is the only number we need to define the Poisson distribution. However, since it is a product of two parts (events/interval * interval length) there are two ways to change it: we can increase or decrease the events/interval and we can increase or decrease the interval length

When polling servers, a similar algorithm as described in Q: is used. Basically the jitter (white phase noise) should not exceed the wander (random walk frequency noise). The polling interval tries to be close to the point where the total noise is minimal, known as Allan intercept, and the interval is always a power of two.The minimum and maximum allowable exponents can be specified. Different values for these parameters will give different lines (see figure below). Three linear models with different parameter values. So parameters define a blueprint for the model. It is only when specific values are chosen for the parameters that we get an instantiation for the model that describes a given phenomenon. Intuitive explanation of maximum likelihood estimation. Maximum. While the Average latency number 0.43s from the above output may seem normal, you can see it doesn't give you the complete truth and is probably lying to your face because with percentile value. A parameter can be thought of in two ways when it comes to CATIA V5. Parameters are built the moment you start a new part - as you can see in the image below, we already have parameters for the Part Number, Nomenclature, Revision, Product Description, and Definition created automatically

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These parameters can be overridden at the operation level, but cannot be removed there. The list MUST NOT include duplicated parameters. A unique parameter is defined by a combination of a name and location. The list can use the Reference Object to link to parameters that are defined at the Swagger Object's parameters. There can be one body parameter at most. Patterned Fields. Field Pattern. Compatibility Note. When connected to Elasticsearch 7.x, modern versions of this plugin don't use the document-type when inserting documents, unless the user explicitly sets document_type.. If you are using an earlier version of Logstash and wish to connect to Elasticsearch 7.x, first upgrade Logstash to version 6.8 to ensure it picks up changes to the Elasticsearch index template

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A permutation, also called an arrangement number or order, is a rearrangement of the elements of an ordered list S into a one-to-one correspondence with S itself. A string of length n has n! permutation. If is often measured as the maximum stress the material can sustain under specified loading and boundary conditions. Since an understanding of the behaviour in tension of a material such as steel is of great importance, the tensile strength of that material is normally measured and is used to compare one steel with another. In the case of soil, attention has been directed more towards the. The maximum number of simultaneous database connections varies by the DB engine type and the memory allocation for the DB instance class. The maximum number of connections is set in the parameter group associated with the DB instance, except for Microsoft SQL Server, where it is set in the server properties for the DB instance in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). DBInstanceClassMemory is in. Maximum number of splits. For boosting ensemble methods, specify the maximum number of splits or branch points to control the depth of your tree learners. Many branches tend to overfit, and simpler trees can be more robust and easy to interpret. Experiment to choose the best tree depth for the trees in the ensemble

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Tuning the Input / Output operations of PostgreSQL is essential, especially in a high-transactional environment like OLTP or in a Data warehousing environment with complex data analysis on huge size data sets. Most of the times, database performance problems are caused mainly due to high I/O. This means, database processes are spending more. The max_allowed_packet parameter is a custom parameter that you can set in a DB parameter group. The max_allowed_packet parameter is used to specify the maximum size of data manipulation language (DML) that can be run on the database max_active_runs -- maximum number of active DAG runs, beyond this number of DAG runs in a running state, the scheduler won't create new active DAG runs. dagrun_timeout (datetime.timedelta) -- specify how long a DagRun should be up before timing out / failing, so that new DagRuns can be created. The timeout is only enforced for scheduled DagRuns. sla_miss_callback (types.FunctionType. The user can specify both the fundamental frequency of the impulse train and the number of harmonics contained in the resulting signal. The signal is normalized so that the peak value is +/-1.0. If nHarmonics is 0, then the signal will contain all harmonics up to half the sample rate Formsets can also be indexed into, which returns the corresponding form. If you override __iter__, you will need to also override __getitem__ to have matching behavior. Using initial data with a formset¶ Initial data is what drives the main usability of a formset. As shown above you can define the number of extra forms. What this means is that you are telling the formset how many additional.

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Vulkan. 1.1.180 - A Specification (with all registered Vulkan extensions) 14. Resource Descriptors. A descriptor is an opaque data structure representing a shader resource such as a buffer, buffer view, image view, sampler, or combined image sampler. Descriptors are organised into descriptor sets, which are bound during command recording for. You can have a maximum of 200 parameters in an AWS CloudFormation template. Each parameter must be given a logical name (also called logical ID), which must be alphanumeric and unique among all logical names within the template. Each parameter must be assigned a parameter type that is supported by AWS CloudFormation. For more information, see Type. Each parameter must be assigned a value at. number. integer. boolean. array. object. These types exist in most programming languages, though they may go by different names. Using these types, you can describe any data structures. Note that there is no null type; instead, the nullable attribute is used as a modifier of the base type This page shall give you some ideas of how you can configure the test execution in a way best suitable for your environment. Parallel Test Execution . Basically, there are two ways in maven-surefire-plugin to achieve parallel test execution. The most obvious one is by using the parallel parameter. The possible values depend on the test provider used. For JUnit 4.7 and onwards, this may be.

max_devices (python:int, optional) - The maximum number of devices to be returned of that kind. Returns. The list of device strings. torch_xla.core.xla_model.xla_device_hw (device) [source] ¶ Returns the hardware type of the given device. Parameters. device (string or torch.device) - The xla device that will be mapped to the real device. If parameter is an indexed array name subscripted by a negative number, that number is interpreted as relative to one greater than the maximum index of parameter, so negative indices count back from the end of the array, and an index of -1 references the last element. ${parameter#word} ${parameter##word The number of bytes in a frame: for uncompressed audio, an uncompressed frame; for compressed audio, a compressed frame. This can be calculated by multiplying the bytes per packet field by the number of channels. Bytes per sample The size of an uncompressed sample in bytes. This is set to 1 for 8-bit audio, 2 for all other cases, even if the.

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