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Indonesia - World Bank Group Country Survey 2021 (WBCS 2021) | Data Catalog Indonesia - World Bank Group Country Survey 2021 Published (Ver.2236831) The Country Opinion Survey in Indonesia assists the World Bank Group (WBG) in gaining a better understanding of how stakeholders in Indonesia perceive the WBG Education Statistics - All Indicators. Public. The World Bank EdStats Query holds around 2,500 internationally comparable education indicators for access, progression, completion, literacy, teachers, population, and expenditures. The indicators cover the education cycle from pre-primary to tertiary education

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Indonesia had a total export of 167,682,997.53 in thousands of US$ and total imports of 171,275,708.68 in thousands of US$ leading to a negative trade balance of -3,592,711.16 in thousands of US$ The Effectively Applied Tariff Weighted Average (customs duty) for Indonesia is 2% and the Most Favored Nation (MFN) Weighted Average tariff is 6.14%.The trade growth is -2.01% compared to a world growth of -1.13% The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) loans are public and publicly guaranteed debt extended by the World Bank Group. IBRD loans are made to, or guaranteed by, countries that are members of IBRD. IBRD may also make loans to IFC. IBRD lends at market rates. Data are in U.S. dollars calculated using historical rates The World Bank. The Indonesian school system is immense and diverse. With over 50 million students and 2.6 million teachers in more than 250,000 schools, it is the third largest education system in the Asia region and the fourth largest in the world (behind only China, India and the United States). Two ministries are responsible for managing the. Amid challenging global economic conditions, Indonesia's economic growth slowed slightly to 5.0 percent in the third quarter of 2019 from 5.1 percent in the previous quarter. An inclusive and efficient social protection system is needed to achieve sustained and equitable growth in Indonesia. World Bank Group Data collected using the 2021 Indonesia World Bank Group Country Survey questionnaire (FY21). - Overall context. - Overall Attitudes toward the World Bank Group. - World Bank Group's Work and Engagement on the Ground. - World Bank Group's Support in Development Areas. - World Bank Group's Knowledge Work and Activities

Borrowed from a financial institution in the past year, male (% age 15+) Borrowed from a financial institution or used a credit card (% age 60+) Borrowed from a financial institution or used a credit card (% ages 35-59) Branches per 100,000 adults. Debit cards per 1,000 adults The World Bank Group Country Opinion Survey Program systematically measures and tracks the perceptions of the World Bank Group's clients, partners, and other stakeholders across the globe in client countries. The Public Opinion Research Group surveyed 29 countries in FY2012 (July 2011-June 2012), 41 countries in FY2013 (July 2012-June 2013), 42 countries in FY2014 (July 2013-June 2014), 35. Indonesia - World Bank Group Country Survey 2021 Jun 01, 2021 Bosnia-Herzegovina - World Bank Group Country Survey 202 Household final consumption expenditure (formerly private consumption) is the market value of all goods and services, including durable products (such as cars, washing machines, and home computers), purchased by households. It excludes purchases of dwellings but includes imputed rent for owner-occupied dwellings

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World Development Indicators (WDI) is the primary World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized international sources. It presents the most current and accurate global See more +. External Debt and Financial Flows statistics, Heath statistics, Gender, Economy, Social Data The World Bank is a vital source of financial and technical assistance. We fund thousands of develoment projects, offer aid during emergencies, and invest in private sector. We cultivate leading experts who share insight, research, and data with the development community Nonsampling errors result from mistakes made in implementing data collection and data processing, such as failure to locate and interview the correct household, misunderstanding the questions on the part of either the interviewer or the respondent, and data entry errors. Although numerous efforts were made during the implementation of the 2017 Indonesia Demographic and Health Survey (2017 IDHS.

The World Bank in Indonesia : water sanitation. The World Bank in Indonesia : water sanitation Toggle navigation. Who We Are. Leadership, organization, and history. With 189 member countries, staff from more than 170 countries, and offices in over 130 locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership: five institutions working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and. This survey was conducted in Indonesia between April 2015 and November 2015, as part of the Enterprise Survey project, an initiative of the World Bank. The objective of the survey is to obtain feedback from enterprises on the state of the private sector as well as to help in building a panel of enterprise data that will make it possible to track changes in the business environment over time.

Calculate change in Indonesian Ruphia value using World Bank data. Enter your numbers to get started. Indonesia experienced an average inflation rate of 24.44% between 1961 and 2021 The World Bank's Climate Change Knowledge Portal is best viewed on desktop screens with a screen resolution of 900 pixels or larger. Please return to the site on a device that supports 900 pixels or larger screens. Dismis The Little Data Book on Financial Inclusion 2018 75 Country data East Asia & Pacific Lower middle income Indonesia Population, age 15+ (millions) 188.9 GNI per capita ($) 3,400 East Asia & Pacific Lower middle incom

Developed originally as a module of an urban planning tool (CollabData) with the support of the World Bank's Data Innovation Fund, SIAP offers an opportunity for gathering real-time information, which is key to unlocking regional development strategies and is effectively tailored to capture community needs. It also allows for effective targeting. In Indonesia, SIAP is being applied to. Indonesia. Country Indicators. Poverty headcount ratio at $1.90 a day (2011 PPP) (% of population) 4.5% 2017 3.6% 2018. Multidimensional poverty, Headcount ratio (% of population) 5% 2018 . Population, total (millions) 264.6 2017 267.7 2018. GNI per capita, Atlas method (current US$) $3,850 2018 $4,050 2019. GDP growth (annual %) 5.2% 2018 5% 2019 . Notes: International Poverty Line has a.

World Bank Group. Source: https://globalwindatlas.info. Publisher Name: Albertine Potter van Loon. Time Periods: January, 2018. Reference System: EPSG:4326. Other . Indonesia - Wind Speed and Wind Power Potential Maps - GIS. Resource Type: Download. Go to Resource. Other. Indonesia - Wind Speed and Wind Power Potential Maps - Posters. Resource Type: Download. Go to Resource. No Visualizations. The World Bank. Dataset downloaded from [URL] on [date]. 0 (0) 1327; Topic not specified. The aim of the study is to evaluate a community based early education and development program launched by the Department of Non-Formal Education Ministry of National Education. The program was developed in collaboration with the World Bank with a total budget of US$127,000,000 and targets an estimated. Indonesia transmigration program - data and statistics; Identity area. Reference code. WB IBRD/IDA DAVIS-07. Title. Indonesia transmigration program - data and statistics Date(s) 1978 - 1979, 1983 (Creation) Level of description. Series. Extent and medium. 1.70 linear feet of textual records. Context area. Name of creator. Davis, Gloria. Repository. World Bank Group Archives. Archival history. World Bank or the governments they represent, or the Australian government. The World Bank does not guarantee the accuracy of the data included in this work. The boundaries, colors, denominations, and other information shown on any map in this work do not imply any judgment on the part of the World Bank The World Bank FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Report No: PAD1579 INTERNATIONAL BANK FOR RECONSTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT PROJECT APPRAISAL DOCUMENT ON A PROPOSED LOAN IN THE AMOUNT OF US$100 MILLION TO THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA FOR THE REGIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT FUND PROJECT February 16, 2017 Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice East Asia and Pacific Region This document has a.

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  1. of Education Sector Data in Indonesia THE WORLD BANK SANTOSO, JAVIER LUQUE, NOVIANDRI NURLAILI KHAIRINA, AND WISNU HARTO ADI WIJOYO Public Disclosure Authorized Public Disclosure Authorized Public Disclosure Authorized Public Disclosure Authorized. i This report is a product of the staff of the World Bank, supported by funding from the Australian government. The findings, interpretations, and.
  2. Indonesia. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) loans are public and publicly guaranteed debt extended by the World Bank Group. IBRD loans are made to, or guaranteed by, countries that are members of IBRD. IBRD may also make loans to IFC. IBRD lends at market rates
  3. ations, and other information shown on any map in this work do not imply any judgment on the part of the World Bank concerning the legal statu
  4. Merchandise trade data for Indonesia (IDN) All Products export to all countries (trading partner) including Trade Value, Product Share, Country Growth, World Growth, Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA) for 201
  5. In Indonesia, there are not sufficient data to disaggregate HCI by socio-economicgroups. Table1. HCIbyGenderandSocio-economicGroup Component Boys Girls Overall HCI 0.52 0.56 0.54 Survival toAge5 0.97 0.98 0.98 ExpectedYearsofSchool 12.3 12.5 12.4 HarmonizedTestScores 388 402 395 Learning-adjustedYearsofSchool 7.6 8.0 7.8 AdultSurvivalRate 0.82 0.88 0.85 NotStuntedRate 0.72 0.73 0.72 HCIRatio.
  6. Data is critical to support countries in managing the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This site provides an array of real-time data, statistical indicators, and other types of data that are relevant to the coronavirus pandemic. These data are drawn from the World Bank's data catalog and other authoritative sources

World Bank Group Finances. By clicking I agree, I acknowledge that I understand and agree that all data provided on this website is unaudited, provided as is, and that any use or reliance upon this data is at my sole discretion, risk, and responsibility, and I may not publicly represent or imply that the World Bank is participating in, or has. A global risk analysis conducted by the World Bank ranks Indonesia as 12th out of 35 countries facing a relatively high mortality risk from multiple hazards. According to a recent vulnerability mapping exercise conducted for South East Asia, western and eastern parts of the island of Java are considered hotspots for the impacts of multiple hazards. These hazards are either geological or hydro.

World Bank in 1980 to explore ways of improving the type and quality of house-hold data collected by statistical offices in developing countries. Its goal is to foster increased use of household data as a basis for policy decisionmaldng. SpecificaUy, the LSMS is working to develop new methods to monitor progress in raising level The World Bank does not guarantee the g accuracy of the data included in this work. The data cut-off date for this report was 2019. June 17,The boundaries, colors, denominations, and other information shown on any map in this work do not imply any judgment on the part of the World Bank

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  1. World Bank- Green Bond Projects not only follow the same stages as other World Bank financed projects, including the due diligence and monitoring process throughout the project cycle, but in addition undergo three more steps as shown in the outer circle of the graph below. From the outset of the Green Bond Project cycle, environmental specialists get involved in order to identify projects that.
  2. For the current 2021 fiscal year, low-income economies are defined as those with a GNI per capita, calculated using the World Bank Atlas method, of $1,035 or less in 2019; lower middle-income economies are those with a GNI per capita between $1,036 and $4,045; upper middle-income economies are those with a GNI per capita between $4,046 and $12,535; high-income economies are those with a GNI.
  3. g Indonesia education service delivery indicator survey to simulate and contextualize the potential impact of COVID-19 school closures on learning outcomes.

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Indonesia GDP (Gross Domestic Product) was INT$3,130.51billion for 2020 in PPP terms. World Economics makes available of world's most comprehensive GDP database covering over 130 countries with historical GDP PPP data from 1870-2020, building on the lifetimes work of Angus Maddison. - World Economic Source: World Bank using SUSENAS/EAPPOV/GMD Source: World Bank using SUSENAS/EAPPOV/GMD The poverty line in Indonesia is defined by Indonesia's national statistics office (Badan Pusat Stasitik, BPS) as the amount of money required to obtain 2,100 calories per day, along with a small amount for other basic non-food items. There are 67 poverty. Today, Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous nation, the world's 10th largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity, and a member of the G-20. Despite gains in poverty reduction over the past few decades, high population density and rapid industrialization, coupled with strong dependence on the country's resource base, make Indonesia vulnerable to projected changes in. Big data is drastically improving our ability to understand the world around us. This event will showcase how big data and new technologies allow cities and local communities to seize new opportunities for jobs and manufacturing; deliver effective and inclusive transport and energy services; prepare for disasters; and target assistance to those who need it most

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  1. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Indonesia was worth 1119.19 billion US dollars in 2019, according to official data from the World Bank and projections from Trading Economics. The GDP value of Indonesia represents 0.93 percent of the world economy. GDP in Indonesia averaged 286.67 USD Billion from 1967 until 2019, reaching an all time high of 1119.19 USD Billion in 2019 and a record low of.
  2. The World Bank has approved a $400 million loan for Indonesia to help the Southeast Asian country deepen its financial market, the Washington-based lender said on Friday
  3. from the Australian government under the Australia-Indonesia World Bank (ABIP) program. The findings, interpretations, and conclusions expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect the views of the Executive Directors of the World Bank or the governments they represent, or the Australian government. The World Bank does not guarantee the accuracy of the data included in this work. The.
  4. Welcome to the World Bank's Data Help Desk. The Help Desk is here to answer your questions about data from the World Bank and encourage a dialogue about how we can improve them. Give feedback Feedback forums General Suggestions. 0 ideas New Data. 0 ideas.
  5. World Bank (IBRD) Bonds (1947-Present) 15 jun. 2021; Tanzania - Solar Radiation Measurement Data 14 jun. 2021; IDA Statement of Credits and Grants - Latest Available Snapshot 14 jun. 2021; Más índices de datos Más recursos. Índice de dato
  6. 3 A version of this article was published as part of the World Bank's Indonesia Economic Quarterly, December 2015. 1. Chronic Man-Made Fires Lead to an Economic and Environmental Disaster According to the government, 2.6 million hectares of Indonesian land burned between June and October 2015,1 an area four and half times the size of Bali. Man-made fires - more than 100,000 of them2.
  7. The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loans and grants to the governments of low- and middle-income countries for the purpose of pursuing capital projects. It comprises two institutions: the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), and the International Development Association (IDA). The World Bank is a component of the World Bank Group

Financial support from the Knowledge for Change Program of the World Bank is gratefully acknowledged. The Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) are a research dataset summarizing the views on the quality of governance provided by a large number of enterprise, citizen and expert survey respondents in industrial and developing countries. These data are gathered from a number of survey institutes. See all the data for 190 economies: rankings for topics, indicator values, and detailed information like the steps required to start a business. Multi-city data available for 11 economies (Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Russian Federation and the United States) with populations over 100 million as of 2013. Subnational Snapshots. See all the.

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Gloria Davis - Indonesia transmigration program review - Data and statistics - Survey Data - Batarja - Matapura - 1979: 1978-01-01 - 1983-12-31; ELIGIBLE FOR DISCLOSURE : Add: 30086719 : Gloria Davis - Indonesia Transmigration Program Review - Data and statistics - Units 1, 6 -10 - 1978: 1978-09-2 The Global Findex database is the world's most comprehensive data set on how adults save, borrow, make payments, and manage risk. Launched with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the database has been published every three years since 2011. The data are collected in partnership with Gallup, Inc., through nationally representative surveys of more than 150,000 adults in over 140.

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  1. The data for these 11 economies are a population-weighted average for the 2 largest business cities. The project has benefited from feedback from governments, academics, practitioners and reviewers. The initial goal remains: to provide an objective basis for understanding and improving the regulatory environment for business around the world. Doing Business Doing Business To learn more about.
  2. The data are released as soon as they become available. Additionally, the combined panel data for the ECA region (last three rounds of ES) are also now available. All datasets are available on the data portal. The status of several Enterprise Surveys can be found on the current projects page. What's Holding Back the Private Sector in MENA? Lessons from the Enterprise Survey. This report.
  3. Quelle: The World Bank. Data Indonesien zeigt seit Jahren ein stabiles Wirtschaftswachstum von 5% und mehr, wenn auch das BIP nur gut 23% von dem Deutschlands beträgt. Indonesien ist die größte Volkswirtschaft innerhalb ASEANS und G20-Mitglied und strebt als ökonomisch-politisches Ziel einen Platz unter den G7 an. Mit der ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) seit Ende 2015 wurde eine relativ.
  4. Indonesia China Pakistan Rest of world Nigeria 54 13 11 6 6 4 3 3 Source: Global Findex database. thE uNbANkED | 37 FIGURE 2.2 Worldwide, most unbanked adults are women Adults without an account by gender (%), 2017 44 56 Women Men Source: Global Findex database. FIGURE 2.3 Women are overrepresented among the unbanked in most economies Adults without an account (%), 2017 Pakistan Nigeria.
  5. World Development Indicators: Show Metadata Links. Travel and touris
  6. Data have been released for maternal mortality indicators as published in Trends in Maternal Mortality: 1990 to 2015 in joint coordination with WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, World Bank Group and the United Nations Population Division. Updates have also been made for Doing Business indicators, poverty and shared prosperity, employment by sector, and women in parliament

Indonesia from The World Bank: Data. La base de datos del Índice de Capital Humano (HCI) proporciona datos a nivel de país para cada uno de los componentes del Índice de Capital Humano, así como para el índice general, desagregado por género Search World Bank Group Archives. Advanced search » Browse. Browse; Archival descriptions; Authority records; Archival institutions; Digital objects; Clipboard ; Clear all selections; Go to clipboard; Load clipboard; Save clipboard; Folder - Government of Indonesia data and statistics - 9. Personal papers of Gloria Davis; Indonesia transmigration sector review files ; Government of Indonesia. Better Data, Better Results : Remote Sensing as a Tool for Monitoring Water Quality in Lake Toba, Indonesia . Better Data, Better Results : Remote Sensing as a Tool for Monitoring Water Quality in Lake Toba, Indonesia. Toggle navigation. Who We Are. Leadership, organization, and history. With 189 member countries, staff from more than 170 countries, and offices in over 130 locations, the World.

28 economic data series with tags: Indonesia, Banks, World Bank. FRED: Download, graph, and track economic data Indonesia - GINI index (World Bank estimate) The value for GINI index (World Bank estimate) in Indonesia was 38.10 as of 2017. As the graph below shows, over the past 33 years this indicator reached a maximum value of 39.90 in 2013 and a minimum value of 28.50 in 2000. Definition: Gini index measures the extent to which the distribution of income (or, in some cases, consumption expenditure. VI Toward a World-Class Labor Market Information System for Indonesia World Bank Group's Social Protection & Jobs Global Practice VII Tables ES.1 Summary of Gaps between AyoKitaKerja and Work-net 1.1 LMIS Classification 2.1 AyoKitaKerja Job Vacancies and Job Seekers, 2016-19 2.2 Indonesia's LMIS Initiatives, by Function 2.3 Subsidiary LMIS Systems in Australia 2.4 Subsidiary LMIS Systems. Welcome to the updated interactive data access tool for the Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI). You can use the tabs below to select different views of the data, as follows: Graph View Tab: Click on this tab to view the six aggregate WGI measures graphically for a single country. Then use the selection menus on the right of your screen to choose the country, indicators, and years to view.

770 economic data series with tag: Indonesia - excluding tag: World Bank. FRED: Download, graph, and track economic data World Bank Group President David Malpass stated that the immediate priority is for countries that have sufficient supply to quickly release doses to countries that have vaccination deployment programs. He said that by the end of June, the World Bank will have approved vaccination operations in over 50 countries. It is vital to speed up the. Portal Satu Data Indonesia merupakan portal resmi data terbuka Indonesia yang dikelola oleh Sekretariat Satu Data Indonesia tingkat Pusat, Kementerian Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional/Bappenas. Seluruh kumpulan data yang tersedia dalam Portal Satu Data Indonesia dapat diakses secara terbuka dan dikategorikan sebagai data publik, sehingga tidak mengandung informasi yang memuat rahasia negara.

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This database is searchable by signatory States, particular treaty and year of signature. It also indicates when the treaties entered into force, and whether they refer to the ICSID Convention or Additional Facility arbitration and conciliation. The data is non-exhaustive and is based on information provided by governments or found on governmental websites 122 Indonesia 4,050 122 Namibia 9,780 123 Sri Lanka 4,020 123 Bolivia 8,930 124 Algeria 4,010 124 Guatemala 8,870 l World Development Indicators database, World Bank, 12 February 2021 2. Gross national income per capita 2019, Atlas method and PPP Purchasing Atlas power parity methodology (international Ranking Economy (US dollars) Ranking Economy dollars) 125 El Salvador 4,000 125 El Salvador. This map is for illustrative purposes and does not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the World Bank, concerning the legal status of any country or territory or concerning the delimitation of frontiers or boundaries. Global Rankings 2018. 2018 2016 2014 2012 2010 2007. LPI Global Rankings 2018 Data Table (Toggle Rank and Score for Subindicators) Country Year LPI Rank LPI Score.

<img height=1 width=1 src=https://www.facebook.com/tr?id=1458892451075570&ev=PageView&noscript=1/> A joint World Bank-IMF database that presents public sector debt statistics (general government plus public corporations) with quarterly frequency. Breakdowns by level of government, type of instrument, currency, and maturity are provided, using standard definitions to support cross-country comparisons. More. Quarterly External Debt Statistics (QEDS) External debt data reported by SDDS. The World Bank Group launches first operations for COVID-19 emergency health support to strengthen developing country responses. The Bank Group expects to deploy up to $160 billion over the next 15 months to protect the poor and vulnerable and bolster economic recovery. More Information

Indonesia is an archipelago between the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. The land has a total area of 1,913,580 km² (738,837 mi²) and a total coastline of 54,716 km (33,998.9 mi). This land area is approximately 275% of the area of Texas. Indonesia is thus one of the largest countries in Asia and the 15th biggest in the world. It is comparatively low at an average elevation of 367 meters above. World Development Indicators includes data spanning up to 56 years—from 1960 to 2016.World view frames global trends with indicators on population, population density, urbanization, GNI, and GDP. As in previous years, the World view online tables present indicators measuring the world's economy and progress toward improving lives, achieving sustainable development, providing support for. The total damage and economic loss from forest fires in Indonesia this year amounted to at least $5.2 billion, equal to 0.5% of gross domestic product, the World Bank said in a report on Wednesday Indonesia Unbanked.The latest Global Financial Inclusion Index (Findex) database released today by the World Bank finds that Indonesia has made the most progress, across East Asia and the Pacific, in bringing its citizens into the formal financial system in the past three years, particularly women Popular statistical tables, country (area) and regional profiles . Population. Population, surface area and density; PDF | CSV Updated: 11-May-2021; International migrants and refugee

The World Bank said Indonesia should keep its monetary policy accommodative and make the rupiah exchange rate flexible amid external pressure, according to a report issued on Thursday, ahead of a. Summary lending data comprising total approved, disbursed and undisbursed amounts together with borrower obligation (outstanding & overdue amounts) of all current developmental IDA credits as of the date indicated. Borrower obligation does not include grants as they are not repayable. Amounts are rounded to billions of US$ equivalent converted as of the date indicated Note: If new commercial connections to the electricity grid were not issued in a given year, or if electricity is not provided during that period, the economy receives a no practice mark on the procedures, time and cost indicators.A no practice economy receives a score of 0 on the reliability of supply and transparency of tariff index regardless of the regulatory practices that are.

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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia - Pertemuan tahunan Dana Moneter Internasional (International Monetary Fund/IMF) dan Bank Dunia (World Bank/WB) dimulai sejak Senin (12/10/20220).Pertemuan yang berlangsung secara virtual ini menekankan perlunya lebih banyak kerja sama internasional guna menanggulangi pandemi penyakit virus corona (Covid-19) dan memulihkan kembali perekonomian yang merosot ke jurang resesi Review of Data Irregularities: Report prepared by Management of the Development Economics (DEC) Vice-Presidency, the World Bank Group. Management Review of Data Irregularities in the Doing Business Reports from 2016 to 2020: Verification Report. Data Integrity in Production Process of the Doing Business Report: Assurance Review HIGHLIGHTS . Main findings for Doing Business 2020. Doing Business. The World Bank's Climate Change Knowledge Portal is best viewed on desktop screens with a screen resolution of 900 pixels or larger. Please return to the site on a device that supports 900 pixels or larger screens Indonesia Three Month Interbank Rate was at 3.75 percent on Wednesday June 16. Interbank Rate in Indonesia averaged 11.33 percent from 1996 until 2021, reaching an all time high of 57.79 percent in September of 1998 and a record low of 3.75 percent in May of 2021. This page provides - Indonesia Interbank Call Rate - actual values, historical data, forecast, chart, statistics, economic calendar.

Indonesia berdasarkan data dari World Bank termasuk satu dari 35 negara yang memiliki risiko ancaman bencana tertinggi, kata Doni dalam konferensi pers secara virtual usai rapat terbatas bersama presiden, Kamis, (15/10/2020). Indonesia menurut Doni memiliki 500 gunung api yang 127 diantaranya berstatus aktif. Indonesia juga memiliki sekitar 300 patahan lempeng yang berada di hampir semua. Data The getting electricity indicators measure the procedures, time and cost required for a business to obtain a permanent electricity connection for a newly constructed warehouse. Additionally, the reliability of supply and transparency of tariffs index measures supply reliability, transparency of tariffs and the price of electricity Data, technology, and partnerships are the three keys to sustainable transport . May 21, 2021. Latest on World Bank Blogs. The Water Blog. Innovative governance for flood and drought risk management. June 17, 2021 | Juergen Voegele, Kitty van der Heijden. Let's Talk Development. Learning from previous research: Parenting tips for overcoming family challenges during the current pandemic . June.

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Only few institutions provide inequality estimates and those who do so (e.g. the the OECD or the World Bank data portals) rely for the most part on household surveys. One key problem with surveys, however, is that they are based upon self-reporting and are well known to underestimate top incomes and top wealth shares. In addition, surveys only cover a limited time span and make it impossible. Connect with experts and peers around the world to share knowledge and work together to find new development solutions. Join this dynamic online space and exchange ideas through communities of practice. View All Ways To Connect » Connect with OLC Twitter Youtube ITunes Facebook Instagram Linkedin Worldbank Live . IBRD; IDA; IFC; MIGA; ICSID; Legal; Access to Information; Jobs; Site Map. The World Bank provides low-interest loans, zero to low-interest credits, and grants to developing countries. These support a wide array of investments in such areas as education, health, public administration, infrastructure, financial and private sector development, agriculture, and environmental and natural resource management. Some of our projects are cofinanced with governments, other. Indonesia's economy will fully reopen in August (this year), Kahkonen remarked at the virtual event of the World Bank's Indonesia Economic Prospects (IEP) July 2020 edition. It is one of the three assumptions that Kahkonen noted regarding World Bank's projection for Indonesia's economic growth this year, with forecasted zero-percent growth. The World Bank also delivered its assumption of the. This review of the World Bank Group (WBG) Completion and Learning Review (CLR) covers th e period of the Country Partnership Framework (CPF) FY16 -20, as updated in the Performance and Learning Review (PLR). The review covers WBG activities since July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2020 and not since July 1, 2016 as stated in the CLR. ii. Indonesia is the world's fourth most populous nation, with.

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World TVET Database Indonesia July, 2013 Compiled by UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training UN Campus Platz der Vereinten Nationen 1 53113 Bonn Germany Tel: +49 228 815 0100 Fax: +49 228 815 0199 www.unevoc.unesco.org unevoc@unesco.org Country profiles are compiled from a variety of national and international sources and have been informed and. Poverty Data: Indonesia In Indonesia, 9.8% of the population lived below the national poverty line in 2020. From 10.4% in 2013, the proportion of employed population below $1.90 purchasing power parity a day is 3.5% in 2019 in Indonesia. For every 1,000 babies born in Indonesia in 2019, 24 die before their 5th birthday. Download data: Basic Statistics, Asia and the Pacific. Sustainable. The World Bank has approved $500 million of funding for Indonesia to help the country enhance its financial response to natural disasters, climate risks, and health-related shocks, with the use of. The latest Tweets from World Bank (@WorldBank). The official World Bank Twitter feed. The World Bank's mission is to end extreme poverty and promote shared prosperity. Washington, D The GIS database has been developed by under the Small Hydropower Mapping and Improved Geospatial Electrification Planning in Indonesia Project [Project ID: P145273]. The scope of the project was to facilitate and improve the planning and investment process for small hydro development both grid and isolated systems through: building up a central database on smal hydro at national scale and.

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WID.world overcomes this limitation by combining different data sources: national accounts, survey data, fiscal data, and wealth rankings. By doing so, it becomes possible to track very precisely the evolution of all income or wealth levels, from the bottom to the top. The key novelty of the WID.world project is to use such data in a systematic manner, allowing comparisons between countries. Data retrieval functionalities include data selection, display and export, including available metadata. Please proceed to indicator selection. Maps and other graphical representations of selected data are available here. For analytical reports on official tariff and import data of WTO members, go to Tariff Analysis Online ( required). News Last updated on: 2021/05/26 26 May 2021. Indonesia, with its 17,506 islands - only around 6,000 of which are inhabited - is the world's largest archipelago. 270 million people live in the island state, making it the fourth most populous country in the world. Exports amount to 20% of the gross domestic product (GDP), meaning that Indonesia is less dependent on exports than other countries in the region. Thanks to the start of. Central Bank: 1.00 % (+ 0.25) Iceland | 7-d Deposit Rate (May 19, 2021) Central Bank: 4.00 % (- 0.40) India | Policy Repo Rate (May 22, 2020) Central Bank: 3.50 % (- 0.25) Indonesia | Repo Rate (Feb 18, 2021) Central Bank: 0.10 % ( - 0.15) Israel | Benchmark Rate (Apr 06, 2020) Central Bank-0.10 % (- 0.10 Join Plastic Bank to stop ocean bound plastic and build ethical recycling systems that transform lives and the environment around the world

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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia - World Bank atau Bank Dunia memperkirakan pertumbuhan ekonomi Indonesia tahun ini 4,4% dan 5% di 2022. Ini tidak lepas dari banyaknya risiko ketidakpastian yang mengancam perekonomian dalam negeri. Salah satunya adalah lonjakan kasus covid-19 dan masuknya varian baru yang dinilai lebih agresif dari sebelumnya Gross domestic product (GDP) is the market value of all final goods and services from a nation in a given year. Countries are sorted by nominal GDP estimates from financial and statistical institutions, which are calculated at market or government official exchange rates.Nominal GDP does not take into account differences in the cost of living in different countries, and the results can vary.

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