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  1. hashcat/dive.rule at master · hashcat/hashcat · GitHub. World's fastest and most advanced password recovery utility - hashcat/hashcat. World's fastest and most advanced password recovery utility - hashcat/hashcat. Skip to content. Sign up
  2. KoreLogicRulesPrependRockYou50000. v2.dive. All except d3adhob0, hob064, KoreLogicRulesPrependRockYou50000 and _NSAKEY.v2.dive are included with hashcat. A good mixture of rule files should allow us to identify which individual rules are the big hitters from which a custom rule can be created
  3. The debug option in hashcat works by logging a rule to a file every time it successfully cracks a password. To run our rule-based attack, we will use the following command: hashcat -m 0 bfield.hash /usr/share/wordlists/rockyou.txt -r rules --debug-mode=1 --debug-file=matched.rule
  4. I tried running this, but hashcat told me ERROR: Use of rules-file or rules-generate only allowed in attack-mode 0. .\hashcat64.exe -m 0 -a 6 -i -r .\rules\dive.rule hashes.txt dict.txt ?a?a I can run the hybrid attack with my main word list, but what I would like to do is use dive.rule to create some new wordlist and then run the hybrid attack with that new word list (old word list with rules applied)
  5. _NSAKEY.v1.dive.rule is the first version of my rule set which I used to compete against dive.rule. It has 123289 rules, just like the real dive.rule. _NSAKEY.v2.dive.rule is the improved version of my attempt to compete against dive.rule. You can use head -n X (With X being a number between 1 and 123289) and the output to another file if you want to create a smaller rule set
  6. imum to maximum range): --generate-rules-func-
פיצוח Hash ע"י HashCat והסבר על Rainbow Tables ו Salting

One Rule to Rule Them All - NotSoSecur

  1. The Hashcat rule based attack is probably the most efficient attack against passwords longer than 8 characters, but it can be a bit daunting to try and write your own rules. The reason for this is because it is highly configurable, and there is a lot to learn
  2. Our super rule came out on top in all our tests, as well as others we looked at after. We're sorry to disappoint any Lord of the Rings fans (One ring to rule them all!), but despite our rule name, there likely won't ever be one rule to rule them all as other rule based attacks wouldn't exist if there was. Password attacks should always be executed factoring in all variables, in particular the available time, hardware resources, dictionary size and algorithm
  3. The hashorg.v6 variants were created and validated (very slowly) on a single NVIDIA Tesla M4, a single 1070Ti, and hashcat v6.1.0. In order to note rule performance against very common passwords, 0-25M is broken out into its own column. The RPP column is the rules per percent on the 100M dataset
  4. Hashcat will keep a hashcat.potfile which is simply a text file of collected hashes and passwords combined that you have already cracked. When you try to crack a password, Hashcat will check the potfile first to see if you've already done it before, to see if it can skip the processing to recrack it
  5. These rules provide more granular adjustments to your wordlists then the more general rulelists of dive and others. These are useful if you're looking for a quick mutation in particular without having to generate them yourself. OneRuleToRuleThemAll. Probably the best competitor overall to dive.rule, actually defeats dive on certain real database dumps. It was created from an optimized version of HoboRules, KoreLogic rules, and the NSA rules mentioned above. It's much smaller.

How To Perform A Rule-Based Attack Using Hashcat 4ARME

hashcat -m 15700 --force -D1 HFK.txt PSW.txt -w3 -r rules\dive.rule HACK THE PLANET :) Share. Improve this answer. Follow edited Aug 31 '19 at 16:23. answered Aug 31 '19 at 16:05. 6egic 6egic. 1,167 4 4 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. Add a comment | Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged keystore private or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog Let's enhance. When selecting rule's I suggest first starting with Hashcat's included dive.rule. This will at least combine known password variations and mutations with PRINCEprocessor's randomly generated password candidates, and since the dive.rule is sorted in probability order you might get lucky early. Next I would move onto Hashcat's random rule generation option using a minimum of 50,000 random rules working your way up to as much as 1,000,000 rules. If you don't want to mess with. Code: .\hashcat.exe --force -m 15700 -d1 ethereum.txt PSN.txt -w3 -r rules/dive.rule. With ethereum.txt is my ethereum wallet info, and PSN.txt is some fragments of my password I maybe remember. The status is Hashcat rules are rules that are programmed to accommodate the rules engine in Hashcat. Hash rules are efficient as they can produce complex patterns of words from our target wordlists. By using rules we can attempt more complex passphrases allowing us to crack more passwords from our target hash table

hashcat除了进行hash破解外还支持基于规则生成密码字典,或者直接基于规则去破解hash。. hashcat的规则位于 /usr/share/hashcat/rules 目录下,默认存在的规则如下:. shell. . ├── best64.rule ├── combinator.rule ├── d3ad0ne.rule ├── dive.rule ├── generated2.rule ├── generated.rule ├── hybrid │ ├── append_d.rule │ ├── append_ds.rule │ ├── append_du.rule │ ├── append. Hashcat has a few built in rules, like the dive.rule which is huge. However, people have used statistics to try and generate rules that are more efficient at cracking. This article details a ruleset aptly named One Rule to Rule Them All and can be downloaded from their Github. I have had great success with this rule, and it's statistically proven to be very good. If you need quicker cracking.

So I recently made a benchmark SHA-512 vs bcrypt with hashcat CUDA. Here are the results : bcrypt : bruteforce : ~ 400 H/s Wordlist + dive.rule : ~ 550 H/s sha512 : bruteforce : ~ 870 MH/s -> 870000000 H/s Wordlist + dive.rule : ~ 640 MH/s -> 640000000 H/s Factor sha512 -> bcrypt : 1:158947 Hashcat is a bit different to use, but it does have far better and complete support for LUKS cracking than John The Ripper. In order to prepare the target for cracking, you have to dump the LUKS header and add a first sector of payload since hashcat has optimized the cracking, where it does not perform second PBKDF2 which LUKS performs, so cracking is significantly faster using hashcat. 使用Hashcat生成字典. rules目录下存放着生成字典的各种规则 . 我们在当前目录下将基础信息保存在 base.txt文件中. 输出成test.txt文件. hashcat64.exe --stdout base.txt -r C:\Users\17250\Desktop\hashcat-4.1.0\rules\dive.rule -o test.txt. 使用Hashcat破解NTLMv2 hashcat64.exe -m 5600 Net-NTLM-Hash password.txt. posted @ 2019-09-03 23:21 墨鱼菜鸡 阅读. I feed that into hashcat along with the what seemed to be the most comprehensive rule that comes with hashcat: dive.rule. That round took me a few hours to finish, it is a pretty big search space. Basically, Hashcat is a technique that uses the graphics card to brute force a password hash instead of using your CPU, it is fast and extremely flexible- to writer made it in such a way that allows distributed cracking. aircrack-ng can only work with a dictionary, which severely limits its functionality, while oclHashcat also has a rule-based engine

Pantagrule is a series of rules for the hashcat password cracker generated from large amounts of real-world password compromise data. While Pantagrule rule files can be large, the rules are both tunable and perform better than many existing rule sets Some people like to try leet speak or add numbers/symbols to the end of their p@ssw0rd!I show how to use Rules with Hashcat and write your own Rules using Ma..

Hybrid attack using rules on a dictionary - hashca

  1. Offline password cracking#. We might find passwords or other credentials in databases. These are often hashed, so we need to first identify which hash it is and then try to crack it
  2. Password Cracking with Hashcat. Hello Friends, Today I'm going to explain the Hashcat password Cracking Tool, As I learn from my cybersecurity classes and reading some blogs doing practices and the help of infosec boy's able to explain it, so obviously the credits goes to Armour Infosec.Password cracking and user account exploitation is one of the most issues in cybersecurity field
  3. I can only get this to work if I am using a file as the input to hashcat. If I want to feed hashcat with stdin, it doesn't work. This is an example that won't work../data_generator.sh | ./hashcat64.bin -r ./rules/dive.rule --stdout --outfile-autohex-disabl
  4. Hashcat doesn't support the target application I'm trying to crack, but I'm wondering whether the mask function can be 'fed' the list of passwords and parsed through the rockyou rule to generate a
  5. C:\Users\knick\Desktop\hashcat-5..0>hashcat64.exe -m 120 -a 0 example0.hash rockyou.txt -r rules\dive.rule -r rules\8tracks.rule hashcat (v5.0.0) starting... * Device #1: Intel's OpenCL runtime (GPU only) is currently broken. We are waiting for updated OpenCL drivers from Intel. You can use --force to override, but do not report related errors
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You should also specify cracking rules. A very sensible rule set for this purpose is OneRule in case you chose Hashcat. Specify the path to the rule file in the settings. For John, dive is a rather large rule set you can use. It comes with John Jumbo. Specify only the name, not the path to the rule file. Depending on your hardware, you may want to choose a smaller wordlist or a smaller rule. hashcat -m 2500 wpa.hccapx rockyou-short.txt -r rules/dive.rule JWT hashcat -a 0 -m 16500 eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyIzNDM2MzQyMCI6NTc2ODc1NDd9.f1nXZ3V_Hrr6ee-AFCTLaHRnrkiKmio2t3JqwL32guY example.dic Password cracking in the cloud. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets During a penetration test or a simple CTF, you might come across with different hashes. In the first section, I'd like to show you some tools that can help you identify them. After you hav

Delivery is a quick and fun easy box where we have to create a MatterMost account and validate it by using automatic email accounts created by the OsTicket application. The admins on this platform have very poor security practices and put plaintext credentials in MatterMost. Once we get the initial shell with the creds from MatterMost we'll poke around MySQL and get a root password bcrypt hash 第一步生成社工库属性密码. 其中,dive.rule 含有需要的规则。. 把haha视为基础信息存入 base.txt 中作为输入,让 dive.rule 模仿学习生成类似的密码字典,保存至 se_passwds.txt:. hashcat64 --stdout base.txt -r D:\NB\渗透\hashcat\rules\dive.rule -o tmp1.txt Kerberoasting - Part 3. Published: 22 May 2016 - 07:35 -0500. Previous works: There has been a number of different blog posts, presentations and projects that have happened before this post and I will reference a number of them during the post and at the end have a link to all that I know about. If you know of any works on this subject that I.

Rule based attack $./hashcat -a 0 -m 0 -O bfield.hash rockyou.txt -r rules/dive.rule. Setting secure passwords. Password security All your passwords are bad and you should feel bad (probably) But how should we set secure ones? xkcd. Passphrase generation Should move away from the concept of passwords topassphrases There are many passphrase generation techniques (DiceWare, PAO method, Schneier. Hashcat and John both come supplied with a bunch of rules that work quite well and I could probably make a whole blog post simply on creating rules. There's also a tool called RuleGen that makes this process much simpler. Looking at the supplied rulesets can also help you learn more about what each rule does. You can get very creative with rules 10:20 Hashcat Rules / Password Transform Explanation 11:20 iloveyou Password Transforms (_NSAKEY.v2.dive.rule) 14:20 Cracking My Password First 17:30 Potfile Explanation 18:00 Seeing My Password 19:11 Password Stuff Explanation 21:13 Cracking All LinkedIn Passwords Configuration 22:50 Cracking All LinkedIn Execute 26:55 Implicating Yourself with Hate 29:20 How many Passwords We could crack.

All hashcat .rule files can not be used unchanged within bleeding jumbo. They simply need to be 'included' in a section within your john-local.conf file (which you may have to create). The syntax within your john-local.conf file to get this working properly is: [List.Rules:hc_dive] !! hashcat logic ON .include 'dive.rule' !! hashcat logic OFF The !! hashcat logic ON/OFF syntax is needed. Passwörter sind die Schlüssel zu den Sperren, die unsere Konten sichern: Ihre E-Mail-, Bank- und Anlagekonten, sozialen Medien, Unternehmensportale und viele mehr verwenden die passwortbasierte Authentifizierung. Sie alle fordern Sie auf, ein sicheres Passwort zu erstellen und geben Ihnen manchmal Regeln wie die folgende: Die Angreiferperspektive Sie können diesen (technischeren) Abschnitt. The syntax could be: [List.Rules:hc_dive] .include_hashcat_rules dive.rule We could also have a command-line option or a variation of the --rules option syntax for loading hashcat ruleset files, which I think is an ever closer match to usage of hashcat itself: no config file edits necessary to reuse a hashcat ruleset file, then. Alexande

I then put each group into its own file and started running Hashcat on an RTX 2060 and an RX 580 using brute force on the default charset, no wordlist or rules. This got me the NTLM's and 4 of the md5's in about a day. I then downloaded the rockyou.txt wordlist of common passwords and used it with the hashcat default best64.rule rules file which got me another md5 and one of the sha512's. 在渗透测试中,爆破在我看来都算是实在很无奈的行为了,一般都是实在找不到其他漏洞了才来开始爆破。下面来聊聊比较常见的爆破场景数字ID比较常见的就是网站手机4位或者6位的验证码的爆破。这类爆破都不用专门生成字典,burp直接怼就可以了。将下面的参数根据验证码的实际情况来设置就可以2. Pantagrule gargantuan hashcat rulesets generated from over 840 million passwords. Pantagrule is a series of rules for the hashcat password cracker generated from large amounts of real-world password compromise data. While Pantagrule rule files can be large, the rules are both tunable and perform better than many existing rule sets the HashCat rules will work fine without the HashCat Logic On being set, but there are some differences, and some rules would not work (where we share a rule letter with different logic between john and HC) Much of the HashCat rules will work fine without the HashCat Logic On being set, but there are some differences, and some rules would not work (where we share a rule letter with different logic between john and HC). Of note: + single vs +N, p vs pN, - reject vs -N, R vs RN, L vs LN. There are also some edge condition logic for i and x commands that are different. Some of these differences in.

Sure, a bruteforce mask attack, or using a large ruleset like the dive rule might get you more results, but when you're cracking a bunch of Kerberos TGS-REP hashes you got from Kerberoasting, it's likely going to take quite a while. Similarly, it will take a long time with large masks or rulesets if you have limited hardware, say for instance a single GPU. For this blog, we're going to. hashcat64.exe -a 0 -r ./rules/dive.rule GoovHash.hash ./rockyou.txt Rainbow Tables . היא טבלה המכילה קובץ סיסמאות + ה Hash של כל סיסמא, לדוגמה Hashcat כמו שהסברתי למעלה HashCat שהוא כלי הלוקח את קובץ הסיסמאות Rockyou ויוצר טבלה שבה ליד כל סיסמא יש את ה Hash Value של כל SHA שכול Whilst Hashcat is often provable faster than John the Ripper, John is still my favourite. I find it simple to use, fast and the jumbo community patch (which I recommend highly) comes packed with hash types making it a versatile tool. One of the features of these tools, which is often unknown or at least under appreciated is the ability to create custom rules for teaching the tool how to.

hashcat 暴力破解. hashcat 既是一个hash爆破神器,也可以根据相应的规则来构造大字典,根据搜集到的信息用户名Jason,等信息综合放在一个文件里(base.txt) 在shell里输入如下命令,构造字典(使用dive.rule Hashcat is the self-proclaimed world's fastest password recovery tool. It had a proprietary code base until 2015, but is now released as free software. Versions are available for Linux, OS X, and Windows and can come in CPU-based or GPU-based variants. To break down Hashcat into a more understandable concept more or less Hashcat will take what is known as a wordlist or a character string and. # hashcat -a 0 -m 0 -w 4 hash.txt custom_list.txt -r dive.rule --loopback 9 - Комбо Используя собственный словарь, выполните комбинированную атаку, индивидуально сопоставляя кандидатов и словарь вместе, чтобы сформировать новых кандидатов The hashcat attack used a little over 700 million guesses which I annotated its final results on the graph. Side note, (and this merits another blog post), but Hashcat performs its cracking sessions using word order, vs JtR's rule order. I suspect this is to make hashcat faster when cracking passwords using GPUs The point of those is that some rules are way more complex than others. For example, getting all 2-word combinations out of a 100k dictionary gives (100k)² = 10,000,000,000 possibilities.

rule_based_attack [hashcat wiki

~ sudo hashcat -I --force hashcat (v4..1-55-gea795ef5) starting... OpenCL Info: Platform ID #1 Vendor : Mesa Name : Clover Version : OpenCL 1.1 Mesa 17.2.4 Device ID #1 Type : GPU Vendor ID : 1 Vendor : AMD Name : AMD Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics (AMD POLARIS10 / DRM 3.18.0 / 4.11.-kfd-compute-rocm-rel-1.6-180, Version : OpenCL 1.1 Mesa 17.2.4 Processor(s) : 36 Clock : 1303 Memory : 7353. Information Room# Name: Madeye's Castle Profile: tryhackme.com Difficulty: Medium Description: A boot2root box that is modified from a box used in CuCTF by the team at Runcode.ninja Write-up Overv Because Hashcat allows us to use customized attacks with predefined rules and Masks. Now this doesn't explain much and reading HASHCAT Wiki will take forever to explain on how to do it. I'll just give some examples to clear it up. Hashcat allows you to use the following built-in charsets to attack a WPA2 WPA handshake file. Built-in charset

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hashcat needs a steady supply of candidates to work on max performance. This problem usually happens with fast hashes. Brute force methods with large enough keyspace, max out resources instantly, but adding rules can speed up hash cracking if you are working with a wordlist. 3.2 Coolin But before we dive into that technique, let's first focus on a simpler idea: cracking password hashes. There Be Hashes. On a Windows system, plaintext passwords are never stored. That would be a very bad thing to do. Instead, in Windows the hash of the password — more explicitly the NLTM hash — is kept. You know from reading our posts (and our amazingly informative ebook) that the hash.

GitHub - NotSoSecure/password_cracking_rules: One rule to

GitHub - rarecoil/pantagrule: large hashcat rulesets

对滴,hashcat 不仅是哈希暴破神器,也支持基于规则生成密码字典,规则库位于 hashcat/rules: 其中,dive.rule 含有我需要的规则,选之。我把 victim@2014、victim、victim2015、sf0618@sf0618、xtepxscm 视为基础信息存入 base.txt 中作为输入,让 dive.rule 模仿学习生成类似的密码字典,保存至 passwds.txt: 生成的字典有. Play by your own rules! tatiana November 28, 2017 Research 0 180. Play by your own rules! tatiana. November 28, 2017 Tweet Share Other Decks in Research. See All in Research . ailaboocu 0 110. ecoopnet 0 180. ztg.rule * 2 +35.29% 55.73% 9m44s D3adhob0.rule +6.79% 62.52% 26m15s T0XlCv1.rule + ztg.rule +15.3% 77.83% 20.6h Brute all 1-7 chars +0.25% 78.08% 16m59s PACK mask attack >= 8 +6.85% 84.93% 11 hours (stopped) Machine Learning +0.0% 84.93% <1m Markov 8chr +0.05% 84.98% 1 hour rules/d3ad0ne.rule +0.48% 85.46% 33m2s Misc rules + Markov masks +0.36.

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Like dictionaries, there are also big lists of rules. A rule-based attack is therefore basically like a dictionary attack, but with a lot of modifications on the words. This naturally increases the amount of hashes we are able to crack. Hashcat has a few built in rules, like the dive.rule which is huge. However, people have used statistics to We also added support for SHA1SHA512x01 to Hashcat [3]. Taking a deeper dive into the found plaintexts, we realized there were hashes-within-hashes, hashes of seemingly garbage data, what appears to be seeded hashes, and more. Here is a list of the hash types we found: There are other hashes we have not completely resolved yet - some of which may be seeded hashes. For example, we. Hacking Active Directory Cheatsheet. Active Directory, we hebben het er al vaker over gehad. Vrijwel alle bedrijven maken gebruik van Active Directory en in vrijwel alle gevallen blijkt de beveiliging van Active Directory zeer onder de maat. En dat is te verklaren As you can see working form the top to the bottom Burp is triggering the Test CSRF session handling rule we have created. Once that rule triggers, Burp knows to run Macro #5 (It is #5 because I messed up 4 Macros before that). Highlighted in yellow is the Macro request which shows that on the next line will process the item with the full URL. $ hashcat -m 1000 ntlm-extract.ntds rockyoucustom.txt -potfile-path testdomainhashcatpot.pot -force -a 0. If you want to run hashcat with rules, create a new file with the defined rulesets. Here is my example, again, the comments explain what the rule definition does

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Personally, I would use these after I've gone through some dictionaries and rules. Since this is a brute force attack (on a limited key-space) this is not always as efficient as the dictionary and rule-based attacks. However, I have found that this works well for passwords that are not using dictionary words. For example, a dictionary and rule would catch Spring15, but it would be less. In this walkthrough I will show how to own the Hades Endgame from Hack The Box. For me it was the most mesmerizing experience I have got at HTB so far. Hades simulates a small Active Directory environment full of vulnerabilities & misconfigurations which can be exploited to compromise the whole domain. This lab offers you an opportunity to play around with AS-REP Roasting, exploiting Printer. Introduction to Hashcat An introduction to Hashcat, a cross-platform CPU and GPU password 'recovery' tool. We will start with a basic overview of the minimum required arguments necessary to use Hashcat, and then walk through a series of exercises to recover (crack) NT hashes, starting with a dictionary/wordlist attack, a rule-based variation of that attack, a brute-force attack, and lastly, a.

Конфигурация компьютера для перебора паролей:

암호는 귀하의 이메일, 은행 및 투자 계정, 소셜 미디어, 회사 포털 등 많은 사람들이 암호 기반 인증을 사용하는 등 당사 계정을 보호하는 잠금 장치의 열쇠입니다. 그들은 모두 보안 암호를 생성하도록 요청하고 때로는 다음과 같은 규칙을 제공합니다 Our new rule will now show at the top of the inbound rule list above all of the default rules. We can identify it by it's name and see briefly what it's doing, it's allowing the remote address range 192.168../24 into the local port 9000 with the protocol TCP on all profiles and is enabled. By creating custom firewall rules such as this we can successfully configure windows firewall. Hashcat. PRINCEprocessor Hashcat 工具. 字典列表. Purple Rain攻擊命令: shuf dict.txt | pp64.bin --pw-min = 8 | hashcat -a 0 -m #type -w 4 -O hashes.txt -g 300000. 隨機生成. Purple Rain攻擊的靈感來源於PRINCE(可傳性無限鏈式元素)攻擊和隨機規則生成,網上有兩篇很好的文章,我建議大家可以. A tool for automating cracking methodologies through Hashcat from the TrustedSec team Below is an example command line I've used inclusing a rules file. The CLI (hashcat. Remove any beignet drivers (if there is): sudo apt remove --purge beignet* Install lsb-compat: sudo apt install lsb-compat Download latest OpenCL Drivers from Intel: wget https hashcat not a native intel opencl runtime, hashcat ntlm crack, hashcat not running, hashcat on Hashcat is a password recovery tool.

FreeBSD Bugzilla - Attachment #164119: security/hashcat 2.00 for bug #205160. Home | New | Browse | Search | Reports Reports | New Account | Log I Thread Prev][Thread Next][Thread Index] Changes 3.30: - Files: Use $HEX[...] in case the password includes the separater character, increases potfile reading. 0xPOLAND — Adventure Awaits. Peter Kacherginsky. Dec 22, 2020 · 7 min read. Last month, ETHworks put together a really fun smart contract contest where players competed to solve all the clues and unlock a 7 ETH reward. While I did not win, I had an absolute blast participating in it and wanted to share my notes in case you want to learn. Tumi Learns To Code. 50 likes. This page is for storing all good programming / software development articles that I read for your reference Download hashcat-doc-5.1.-4.el7.noarch.rpm for CentOS 7 from EPEL repository

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I also enabled the dive rule for some of the cracks although I can't remember if that yielded any results (yet). I'm trying to get as many of the simpler ones out as I can before I let the larger ones run for a couple days. Methodology has been using my gaming rig with hashcat and john for both brute force masking and wordlists, then leaving it running for hours / days to do everything. Ryzen. Download hashcat-3.00-bp153.1.11.x86_64.rpm for 15.3 from openSUSE Oss repository Unless otherwise noted, the password for all example hashes is hashcat The Hashcat rule based attack is probably the most efficient attack against passwords longer than 8 characters, but it can be a bit daunting to try and write your own rules. The reason for this is because it is highly configurable, and there is a lot to learn hashcat is the world's fastest and most advanced password. Hashcat farm - crff.grandecuoco.it Hashcat far This rule extracts the username and performs a bunch of mutations. As it is really common to reuse parts of the username in a password, this usually works well. To summarize, manual strategies can be highly efficient but can take a variable runtime (based on hashformat), take time to be well built and they require technical expertise/experience

In this blog post, we are going to dive into John the Ripper, show you how it works, and explain why it's important. Notes about hacking: Hacking is a pursuit of knowledge about systems, design, and humans. In this case, we are talking about software and operating systems. Get the Free Pen Testing Active Directory Environments EBook This really opened my eyes to AD security in a way.

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