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6 Places where you can buy cars with Bitcoin 1. Tesla and Lamborghini in Orange Country. A Lamborghini dealership, located in Orange County (state of California),... 2. Ford in Dallas. Sam Pack's Five Star Ford dealership in Dallas is now accepting Bitcoin for new cars, but also Ford... 3. Different. The answer to the question Can you buy a car with Bitcoin? is yes. You can buy practically anything with Bitcoin. The real question here, however, is would you want to buy a car with Bitcoin? It probably depends on your reason for using Bitcoin in the first place. Many of those who use the crypto-currency do so because of the anonymity factor Can you buy a car with Bitcoin? This is the rationale why folks that can afford it choose ASIC as this provides them a greater opportunity to earn the coin in exchange for his or her investment The good news is that you can buy a car with Bitcoin in Europe and the UK. No car manufacturers in the UK are currently accepting Bitcoin payments. But some private dealerships are. Autocoincars is a digital marketplace that connects buyers who want to buy via Bitcoin with dealers Elon Musk shocked the world a few months ago by first announcing that Tesla had bought bitcoin worth $1.5 billion and then that Tesla buyers could pay for their new cars with bitcoin if that so..

If you have the funds, you can buy a Lambo (or, indeed, any other supercar) with Bitcoin right now. Bitcoin-friendly car dealerships like BitCars and AutoCoinCars stock practically every luxury brand, including Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, Bugatti, and Koenigsegg, and take payment in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Auto Coin Cars is a UK based company that allows you to buy and sell your cars online with bitcoin. Are you planning to buy a new car? Check out our cars collection for sale today Lampshades, puppies and luxury sports cars are just a few of the available goods and services people can purchase with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has increased in price to over 55,000 USD. Recognizing its growth potential, large companies like Walmart have begun implementing blockchain technology to improve their supply chain

6 Places where you can buy cars with Bitcoi

  1. For example, one can purchase goods from Amazon with Bitcoin, using a third party service called Purse
  2. Buying Cars with Bitcoin, From Lamborghini to Jeep and Everything in Between: Introducing Coinmotors. In Newport Beach, California you can now buy a Lamborghini with Bitcoins. In fact, they report that one individual already has used his electronic currency to buy an electric car
  3. Tesla now accepting bitcoin for vehicles. Posted by Jason Cartwright on March 24, 2021. Tesla has begun accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for vehicles. After Tesla famously converted US$1.5 Billion of their $19.5B cash in the bank to Bitcoin earlier this year, the company is now ready to accept it as a payment method in the United States
  4. Since Sept. 2017, when a Lamborghini dealer in Costa Mesa, Calif. started taking Bitcoin as a method of payment, other dealers of luxury sports car brands followed suit and now allow you to buy your car with the cryptocurrency. Examples of those are seen in Atlanta and Albany, N.Y., where dealers are now accepting Bitcoin
  5. Elon Musk revealed late Tuesday that Tesla will officially begin to accept bitcoin as payment for its vehicles in the U.S. The move, which Musk first announced a month and a half ago, is a major..
  6. LONDON — Tesla Inc expects to allow customers to pay for its electric vehicles with bitcoin soon, the automaker said on Monday, a move that could expand how the most popular cryptocurrency is used..
  7. Add used cars to the list of products you can now buy with a currency that didn't even exist a decade ago. Beepi, a two-month-old company that operates an online market for used-car sales, will..

You Can Buy a Dream Car With Bitcoin Cash at Autocoincars.com Buying a new car is always a thrill. Purchasing a luxury vehicle, a roadster or a classic even more so. But such an enjoyable acquisition is usually accompanied by time consuming formalities One of the hardest parts of buying luxury cars with bitcoin was finding a dealer who would accept cryptocurrency. Now, users can browse through many available marketplaces until they find the car they hope to purchase. After inquiring about the vehicle, the process's duration is smooth sailing and closely resembles any online purchase process Before you can buy anything with Bitcoin, you need to fill up your wallet. To do that, head over to NordikCoin and open an account. It only takes a couple of minutes, and then you'll be ready to spend your newly-acquired Bitcoins online to buy anything from new shoes to long holidays. NordikCoin is a European Bitcoin exchange based in Estonia. We take great pride in making it as easy for you.

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  1. Aside from cars, you can buy just about anything Bitcoin. Over the years, Bitcoin has gained notable popularity in many parts of the world, causing more businesses to recognize it as a form of currency. Although Walmart and Amazon doesn't accept crypto, there are other retailers out there with a wide selection of products that can be purchased using Bitcoin. For example, Bitplaza is a global.
  2. By directly matching up what you want with the participating dealer that has what you want, the price is better, the process is easier, and best of all, you get to spend the day showing off your new car instead of spending your day at the dealership! Shop our site to connect with any number of our forward thinking auto dealers and you can be sure to have a transparent and friendly experience
  3. Tesla customers can now buy their car with Bitcoin, company chief Elon Musk has said. Mr Musk, a well known Bitcoin enthusiast, made the unexpected announcement in a tweet. But Bitcoin's value..
  4. You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 24, 2021. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. View original tweet on Twitter. In the US, orders for.

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Buy a car with bitcoin? Some car dealers have been years ahead of Tesla originally appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 9 Feb 2021 17:52:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds 'You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin': Company's 'Technoking' The electric carmaker said last month it had bought $1.5bn of Bitcoin, sending the price of the cryptocurrency soaring If you're buying a car and send the wrong amount for the final payment due on your car, your delivery will be delayed until we receive the rest of it from you. And this is important: please do not overpay us. If you send more Bitcoin than the Bitcoin price, we might not be able to return the extra amount. Can I send more than one payment using multiple wallets? No. Please send us the right.

Can you buy a Tesla with Bitcoin? Parker

  1. You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin. Update: Tesla won't convert to fiat currency Tesla now accepting bitcoin for vehicles. Posted by Jason Cartwright on March 24, 2021 Tesla has begun accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for vehicles. After Tesla famously converted US$1.5 Billion of their $19.5B cash in the bank to Bitcoin earlier this year, the company is now ready to accept it as a.
  2. Auto Coin Cars is a UK based company that allows you to buy and sell your cars online with bitcoin. Are you planning to buy a new car? Check out our cars collection for sale today! Crypto transactions are currently not available, We are working hard to get these back online. Home (current) Home (current) Buy Cars.
  3. If you had bought that car three years ago in Bitcoin you would be looking at a $400k loss right now. See all replies Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted early Wednesday that you can now buy a Tesla with.

You Can Buy A Luxury Car With Bitcoin in Japan. Mar 30, 2018 | Peter Wind--:--Get Inspired By The Best Altcoin of 2021! Get Inspired By The Best Altcoin of 2021! Join now . When the cryptocurrency market is doing well, memes of crypto investors purchasing Lamborghinis start spreading like fire on social networks. It's all in good fun, but now Bitcoin holders can actually purchase a luxury. The company is currently offering luxury cars in exchange for Bitcoin — a Lamborghini Huracan LP-610-4 will run you 19.6 Bitcoins, for example. But before you run off to get that Lambo, buyer beware: Bitcoin.com's story includes a disclaimer that it doesn't endorse the service, and that it's not responsible for any losses incurred You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 24, 2021 In the tweet, Musk added that Tesla would be using its own internal software to accept the Bitcoin payments and. You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin, tweeted Musk, who was officially made the Technoking of Tesla this month.. A support page on Tesla's website explains how customers can pay for a Tesla.

Elon Musk says you can no longer buy a Tesla with bitcoi

  1. Bitcoin can't help you with popcorn and sodas, but you can use it to buy your tickets. MovieTickets.com is one of the largest merchants to embrace cryptocurrency as a payment method. You can buy tickets to about 900 U.S. movie theaters through the site, which lets you enter your zip code to see only the movies and theaters available in your area
  2. The tech billionaire announced the news this morning with a simple tweet which read You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin. Only weeks ago, the 18-year-old motor manufacturer moved $1.5.
  3. Can you buy a Tesla with bitcoin? The automaker recently said it expects to allow customers to pay for its electric vehicles with bitcoin soon. The news comes after the company bought US$1.5.
  4. You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 24, 2021. As mentioned earlier, Tesla and Elon Musk have taken huge steps to embrace bitcoin in the last few months. This all started when the EV carmaker purchased a massive $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. According to CNBC, the carmaker made this purchase so it could have.
  5. Bitcoin's ever-changing value means 1 BTC could have bought you a $4,000 holiday in March, but a $10,500 car in June. (To better understand the perils of purchasing with digital currency, read our interview with Bitcoin pizza guy, who spent 10,000 BTC on two pizzas.) ‍ Here, we're going to look at the top brands that allow Bitcoin as a.
  6. read. Mar 24, 2021 Mar 25, 2021 Bitcoin. Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Image: Shutterstock. In brief. Tesla has begun accepting Bitcoin as payment for its cars. The company will not convert.
  7. You can now buy a house with Bitcoin - and not just any house. Investors can afford expensive mansions and villas with Bitcoin alone. And that makes the Bitcoin even more interesting than it already is. The Rising Price of Bitcoin. The first thing that has ever been bought with Bitcoins were two pizzas, for the price of 10,000 Bitcoins - then worth about $40. The value of the Bitcoin has.

For whatever you need. And I do mean whatever, check out Purse.io-- they help you buy anything you fancy when you want to spend bitcoin on Amazon -- for crypto! SpendaBit. Hands down the easiest, breeziest way to buy whatever you're looking for with Bitcoin. Spendabit is like the Google of spending with crypto. Just type in anything. One bitcoin was worth nearly $43,700 in trading Monday, or slightly more than the starting price of Tesla's least expensive car, the Model 3. The base version of the Model 3 can be purchased for. 8 Great Homes on the Market You Can Buy Right Now With Bitcoin By Claudine Zap. Jun 4, 2019. Share . Although bitcoin isn't quite as hot as it was in late 2017, it's still accepted by savvy. Analysis: Can you buy a Tesla with bitcoin? How the payments might work. By Anna Irrera. 4 Min Read . LONDON (R) - Tesla Inc expects to allow customers to pay for its electric vehicles with. Buy VISA gift card with bitcoins or 50 altcoins. Buy now a VISA gift card with Bitcoin, Litecoin or one of 50 other crypto currencies offered. After you have paid, you will instantly receive the voucher code by email. Select region: out of stock. out of stock

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You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 24, 2021. According to the company's bitcoin payment terms and conditions, cars will still be priced in U.S. dollars, and. Proving once again that Bitcoin is not just for illicit purchases (you can go to space with it too!), a man bought a Tesla Model S car with bitcoins. The purchase is reportedly the first Tesla.

If you're wondering what products and services you can buy with Dogecoin, there's an app for that. There are also merchants, web sites and venues around the world where you can spend the Shiba Inu, or Shiba Dog-inspired crypto-currency. One of the best ways to spend Dogecoin is with an app from SnapCard. You'll be able to buy anything on the Internet that accepts credit cards for payment. You can buy bitcoin and crypto instantly and access all the tools you need to understand the crypto market and start investing, all through one clear, attractive interface. Gemini Crypto Platform. Can you buy a Tesla with bitcoin? How the payments might work; An unleashed Jeff Bezos will seek to shift space venture Blue Origin into hyperdrive ; Samsung Galaxy M12 is #MonsterReloaded: Here. Should You Buy Your Tesla With Bitcoin? Crypto prices pulled back this week, led by a decent-sized decline in bitcoin. From Friday-to-Friday, prices dropped about $6,000, or a little over 10%. You can also buy Reddit Gold with bitcoin, and give it out as gratitude for the user who posts your favorite cat pictures! Receive Set up charitable donations through our API. Common Household Items. With over a million products for sale, all available in bitcoin, Overstock.com has you covered. Gift Cards While we wait for stores like Amazon and BestBuy to accept bitcoin directly, some.

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What Can You Buy With Bitcoin in 2021? BTCMANAGE

What Can You Buy with Bitcoin? Bitcoin's volatility created a nightmare for most merchants. A 10% rise or drop in price in a single day was and is still common. For a merchant, this could lead to a $100 loss on a $1,000 sale. BitPay, Coinbase, and other Bitcoin payment processors have helped merchants by taking on the volatility risk in accepting Bitcoin payments. Merchants can integrate. San Francisco, CA (realtor.com) ——— 400 W. Gorrie Dr, St. George Island, FL. Price: $1,488,000 or 31.36 bitcoin Property perks: The property brought in a whopping $160,000 worth of rental. You can now buy a Tesla car with Bitcoin. By Peter Phelps. 25th March 2021. News; As Elon Musk's enthusiasm for cryptocurrency continues unabated, it will now be accepted as payment for a Tesla. How To Buy Your First Bitcoin. Step 1. Set up a wallet. Before you can purchase Bitcoin, ensure that you have set up a wallet in order to store, receive and send bitcoin. Here are some bitcoin wallets to get you started. Step 2

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You can buy as many bitcoin as you want. Or you can buy as little bitcoin as you want. The great thing about the cryptocurrency market is that no one is stopping you from buying the amount you desire. From a few pennies to a few thousand dollars - it is whatever you decide to invest. Which is the beauty of this market. You control your own investment and do not have to ask anyone else. You can buy real estate with Bitcoin. However, that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be worth it. Real estate is a great investment because it's physical and it can appreciate in value immensely over the years. But the same can be said for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - even DogeCoin. Looking at listings may be appealing, but watching your Bitcoin increase is more satisfying. That.

Did you know you can buy gift cards using Bitcoin and live on Cryptocurrencies? In this guide, you will find some of the best places which you can use today to buy gift cards, quickly, safely, and privately with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. And to get started with buying gift cards using Bitcoin won't be hard either as there are already over 700+ businesses with gift cards you can. People can buy goods, clothes and pay for holidays using bitcoin. In South Africa the price of one Bitcoin is R134 741.45. You may be surprised to know that you can use bitcoin in South Africa. In this guide, we will explore all the things you can buy with Bitcoin you've been hodling for so long! With the growing popularity, bitcoin has gained acceptance in a lot more sectors and the general outlook of cryptocurrencies has been very positive. In May 2018, a programmer was able to purchase a pizza worth something around $30 with 10,000 BTC If you're interested in how you can buy Bitcoin in Canada, here's a quick guide that gives you all the basics. Purchasing Bitcoin in Canada. There are a few different ways Canadians can purchase Bitcoin or get exposure to Bitcoin. 1. Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges allow investors to exchange fiat currency for cryptocurrency as well as exchange one type of cryptocurrency.

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You can buy a car from an authorized dealer if you're used to dealing with businesses. Dealerships have plenty of advantages over private sellers, like extended warranties and freebies. There. Can you buy a Tesla with bitcoin? How the payments might work How the payments might work FILE PHOTO: A Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle is shown in this picture illustration taken in Moscow, Russia. It was inevitable. Elon Musk said today that now you can buy a Tesla with Bitcoin. There aren't many details on the logistics of this, but like a lot of company announc You can now purchase a brand new BMW in England with Bitcoin. The world of cryptocurrency now comes to the automotive segment. Stephen James BMW, a BMW and MINI car dealership based in London and. One bitcoin will buy you some serious mileage: you can fly Delta from LaGuardia to Shanghai and back for a little over $1,100. (See also, 8 Ways to Score a Cheap Flight.) 6. 3 to 6 Ounces of Weed.

Buying Cars with Bitcoin, From Lamborghini to Jeep and

You'd likely be reluctant to buy a car without taking it for a test drive first. And you probably don't buy a pair of shoes without trying them on. Similarly, before you buy Bitcoin, make sure you. Note: You can also use Spendabit to find places to buy most items with Bitcoin. Major Retailers Microsoft. Microsoft has been accepting Bitcoin for use in its online Xbox Store since 2014. They temporarily took a pause from accepting it due to the volatility and now again are accepting it strictly for the Xbox store credits

You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin

You can use your debit card on exchanges that accept fiat currency to buy another cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin or litecoin. You can then trade that cryptocurrency for dogecoin in another exchange You can now buy a Tesla with bitcoin in the US. The bitcoin payment option appears underneath the typical Order With Card button. Tesla now accepts bitcoin as payment for its cars in the US.

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Buyers beware. Bitcoin Tesla. Tesla has officially started to accept Bitcoin as payment for its vehicles in the US. You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin, CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter. If you're looking to spend instead of selling or trading your bitcoins, here are some of the things you can buy. How to Use Bitcoin Online. Bitcoin, being a digital currency accessed online, is. You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin, CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet on Wednesday. Bitcoin paid to Tesla ( TSLA ) will not be converted by the electric car company into regular currency, he added. You buy goods, which then arrive anonymously by mail (yes, mail can be sent anonymously and receiving something illegal is not illegal, although you are obliged to report it if you did not order it), pay for the entire transaction in Bitcoins, and finally leave a review to help other customers. It worked incredibly well. So much so that Silk.

No, there is literally nothing you can't buy with bitcoins on Overstock.com. Compact uprights stand as further testament to the retail giant's commitment to cryptocurrencies. 21 of 29. Bitcoin. As Tesla CEO Elon Musk previously hinted, following a request for this as well as a $1.5 billion Tesla investment in bitcoin, you can now buy a Tesla using bitcoin — in the US a But to pull you out of such problems, we believe it is best to tackle the problem one method at a time, that is, we take our time and take a good look at each of these payment methods individually, while also listing the best services that can be used for the purpose. And that is exactly what this article aims to do. We hope our guide for you on buying Bitcoins and will help you make an.

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How to get a bitcoin loan on BlockFi. Step 1: Create your account here. Step 2: Select which type of account you want to set up (a strictly interest-bearing account, or a crypto loan). Step 3. His tweet said: You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin. In a second tweet wrote: Pay by Bitcoin capability available outside US later this year. CNBC reported that Tesla revealed last month that it had bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin and that it would soon start accepting the world's most popular cryptocurrency as a form of payment. According to CNBC, Tesla's electric. And that's the danger. If the price of bitcoin has plunged by 50%, there's a good chance Tesla will refund your lemon with $25,000 worth of bitcoins, not a $50,000 check. Congrats, you're. You can now buy a Tesla with Bitcoin— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 24, 2021. In the tweet, Musk added that Tesla would be using its own internal software to accept the Bitcoin payments and.

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You can now buy a Tesla with bitcoin

Bitcoin has gone from an obscure digital asset to a highly valued method of payment and store of value. Here are our favorite options if you're looking for the best place to buy Bitcoin This made Overstock the largest online retailer where you can buy things with bitcoin. In the year when they accepted this payment method, Bitcoin purchases accounted for close to 1% of their revenue. To pay using bitcoins, customers need to select the Pay with Bitcoin under the Payment Information section of the checkout page. They can complete the transaction using their Coinbase account or. Things You Can Buy Using Bitcoins in India 1. Shop on Amazon.in via Purse. Sounds too good to be true, but it really isn't. You can actually shop on Amazon.in with your Bitcoins, albeit in a slightly roundabout way. While Amazon doesn't accept Bitcoins directly, you can use a service called Purse to convert your e-monies to Amazon gift cards that can then be used to buy products on the e. How to Buy a House with Bitcoin. There's two ways you can buy a house with Bitcoin. First, if a seller is not willing to accept cryptocurrency as payment, then you can exchange or sell your Bitcoins for cash with a third party website. Second, if the seller is willing to accept entirely Bitcoin, you'll just need to make an agreement on the final price and figure out how to pay any fees and. You can buy Bitcoin in Australia in two simple steps: Step 1. Choose a cryptocurrency exchange. The first step, if you've decided that buying Bitcoin is right for you, is to decide how and where.

So can you buy a Tesla with bitcoin? Should you? And how

But you'll also enjoy huge benefits when you buy Bitcoin for your retirement account and sell it later while keeping the funds within the IRA. In this case, you can reinvest your money into an. You can buy your Bitcoins directly from other people on marketplaces, trading them for anything you want. But watch out for scammers: On sites like Paxful and others, it's possible to sell Bitcoin for Xbox Live gift cards, although sellers frequently receive worthless cards in exchange. Since some systems are not totally secure, use good judgement before handing over a dollar. Over the. You can now buy a Tesla car with Bitcoin: Elon Musk For now, only US customers will be able to buy Tesla vehicles with bitcoin. DH Web Desk, Mar 24 2021, 13:28 ist; updated: Mar 24 2021, 15:47 ist. Gold bullion should represent 15-20% of your entire portfolio, and that could be gold bars, coins, or jewelry. With only a few Bitcoins, you can be the owner of rare gold coins from across the world. If you are wisely deciding to buy gold coins online, it has never been easier than through SilverGoldBull.ca. Buy Gold Bars with Bitcoin Investors can now invest in the first-ever bitcoin ETF in North America. However, if you're not keen on cryptos, the Goeasy stock is a better alternative. The financial services company has.

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Buy now a Steam gift card with Bitcoin, Litecoin or one of 50 other crypto currencies offered. After you have paid, you will instantly receive the voucher code by email. Steam gift cards work like vouchers and can be redeemed instantly after purchase to buy video games with bitcoin or altcoins and even software, hardware, and other items are. Car News. According to a recent Twitter announcement from Elon Musk, buyers in the United States can now purchase a Tesla vehicle using bitcoin. In February, Tesla revealed its purchase of $1.5.

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Credit cards will not permit you to buy Bitcoin because Bitcoin cannot be refunded. Once the new owner has the encrypted numbers the new coins are theirs forever. Say you pick someone's pocket and take their credit card. The usual next step is to. The world's first physical Bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF), the Purpose Bitcoin ETF (TSX:BTCC), has officially launched on Canada's Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). This means you can now buy units in the ETF through a global stock broker or online share trading platform.. How to buy the BTCC ETF. Compare online brokers.To invest in exchange traded funds (ETFs), you'll need to sign.

These can easily be redeemed on Steam to purchase games, software, wallet credit, and any other item you can buy on Steam. The cool thing is that you can buy Steam Gift Card with Bitcoin anonymously. This means you can also give it to a friend for a present. This is why they are called gift cards . Price packages Steam gift card Euro. 5 euro Steam gift card; 10 euro Steam gift card; 100. If you do decide to use Bitcoin to buy that Tesla, Doug Oosterhart, founder of LifePoint Planning in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, has an important warning: send it to the right place. If the. When you get the Litecoin Tea Box, you get 30% off your purchase and a portion of the sales will be donated to the Litecoin Development Project. Plus, you'll receive a free Litecoin keychain in your box along with your tea. Coffee - For those not into tea. Coffee lovers, no need to feel left out. You too can buy your favorite drink with Litecoin

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