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Der Elektroporator hat einen Platz für eine Küvette, in die man die Zellsuspension pipettiert. Die Küvette verfügt über zwei Elektroden . Die Erfolgsrate der Elektroporation hängt stark von der Reinheit der Plasmidlösung ab; insbesondere muss die Lösung von Salzen frei sein The MicroPulser Electroporator is a simple yet versatile instrument that enables safe and reproducible transformation of bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms. Transformation efficiencies much higher than those obtained with chemical methods can be achieved The Eppendorf Eporator is a compact instrument designed for fast and controlled electroporation of bacteria, yeasts and other microorganisms. The instrument features an intuitive operation and user-friendly programming of standard methods. Experimental data can easily be exported and documented using its USB port Electroporation, or electropermeabilization, is a microbiology technique in which an electrical field is applied to cells in order to increase the permeability of the cell membrane, allowing chemicals, drugs, or DNA to be introduced into the cell. In microbiology, the process of electroporation is often used to transform bacteria, yeast, or plant protoplasts by introducing new coding DNA. If bacteria and plasmids are mixed together, the plasmids can be transferred into the.

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Electroporation is a physical transfection method that uses an electrical pulse to create temporary pores in cell membranes through which substances like nucleic acids can pass into cells. It is a highly efficient strategy for the introduction of foreign nucleic acids into many cell types, including bacteria and mammalian cells Versatile Electroporator for In Vivo, In Vitro and Much More High efficiency and high viability without special buffers The most popular transfection Learn More; Eppendorf Multiporator, for eukaryotic cells, bacteria, yeasts and cell fusion, with 1 Helix fusion chamber and 1 Micro fusion chambe

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  1. See the performance of the NEPA21 electroporator with your cells. NEPA21 Novel 4-Step Multiple Electroporation Pulse The novel 4-step pulse with voltage decay results in higher transfection efficiency and higher viability WITHOUT special buffers
  2. Instruments, including the Gene Pulser ® series of electroporators, the MicroPulser ™ electroporator, and the Helios ® gene gun and PDS-1000/He ™ biolistic systems, have been used successfully to transfect prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, including plant and animal cells. These transfection instruments are cited extensively in the literature. Our chemically mediated methods include lipid-based transfection reagents — TransFecti
  3. Our solution is an improved electroporation technology, the Nucleofector TM Technology, originally introduced into the market by legacy Amaxa in 2001. It enables highly efficient, transfection of primary cells, stem cells, neurons, and cell lines that have traditionally been difficult to transfect via electroporation and other non-viral.
  4. Try our System Selection Guide. Featured Product. ECM 2001+ Systems — Hybridoma production and mammalian electroporation. LEARN MORE. Applications. Explore BTX systems designed for your specific application. LEARN MORE. Protocol Database. Search over 1,000 protocols by system, cell type or transfectant

Electroporation- A Modern Gene Transfer Technique. Under the influence of the electrical current, temporary pores created into the cell membrane enables the entry of nucleic acid in a cell, the process is referred to as electroporation.. Apart from the nucleic acid, the present method is powerful enough to transfer chemicals and drugs. One Unifying Technology from Concept to Clinic. MaxCyte. in one minute. We are a U.S.-based global company driving the acceleration of the discovery/development, manufacturing and commercialization of next-generation, cell-based medicines. We understand and scientifically solve partners' challenges by applying our expertise The ECM 830 is a square wave pulse generator designed for in vitro and in vivo applications. The versatility of the ECM 830 applications for gene, drug and protein delivery include; mammalian cells, in vivo, ex vivo tissue, zebra fish tissue and embryos, nuclear transfer, embryo manipulation, plant protoplast and basic bacteria and yeast.

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Electroporation is a basic yet powerful method for delivering small molecules (RNA, DNA, drugs) across cell membranes by application of an electrical field. It is used for many diverse applications, from genetically engineering cells to drug- and DNA-based vaccine delivery Electroporator: Pulse Form: Exponential Decay Wave, Square Wave: Relative Humidity: maximum of 80% humidity when operating at 25°C: Wattage: 35W idle and 350W pulsing: Weight (English) 16lb: Width (English) 11.25i In Vitro High Energy Electroporator ELEPO21 has been launched! The ELEPO21 can deliver up-to 3,000 Volt pulses at millisecond (not microsecond) range. Micro Pick and Place System has been launched! The MPP-300/200/100 can easily control ultrasmall volumes (picoliter range) and transfer micro targets such as single cells one by one from one place to another place observing the targets with a. The NEPA21 Electroporator is our latest and most sophisticated electroporation device to-date. It is the successor to our hugely successful CUY21EDIT and CUY21SC electroporator range. The NEPA21 Electroporator is based on the same platform and core technology that made the CUY21EDIT and CUY21SC devices leaders in their class

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Turn on electroporator and set to 1.7-2.5 kv (optimize for strain), 200 ohms and 25 µF. Place recovery SOC in 37°C water bath. Pre-warm LB-antibiotic plates at 37°C. Thaw cells on ice for 10 min or use freshly made cells. Place appropriate number of microcentrifuge tubes and 1 mm-electroporation cuvettes on ice The Eppendorf Eporator® is a compact instrument designed for fast and controlled electroporation of bacteria, yeasts and other microorganisms. The instrument offers intuitive operation and user-friendly programming of standard methods, as well as a USB port from where experimental data can be easily exported and documented NEB Turbo (), NEB 5-alpha and NEB 10-beta Competent E.coli Strains are available as electrocompetent cells.The following tips will help maximize transformation efficiencies when using electrocompetent cells from NEB. Electroporation cuvettes and microcentrifuge tubes should be pre-chilled on ice FAQ 10: Why do my electroporations pop (arc)? Answer 10: This is most often due to impurities or salts in the cells or the DNA but occasionally can be due to a cracked/defective cuvette or one that is too warm. We often store our cuvettes at -20° so they are ready to use. An arc will result in a low time constant and thus poor or no.

Electroporator synonyms, Electroporator pronunciation, Electroporator translation, English dictionary definition of Electroporator. n. A process of applying a high-voltage electrical pulse to a living cell, causing temporary permeability of the cell membrane, through which a foreign.. Operating instructions Eppendorf Eporator® English (EN) 5 1 Operating instructions 1.1 Using this manual Please read this operating manual completely before using the device for the first time. Please view this operating manual as part of the product and keep it somewhere easily accessible. When passing the device on to third parties, be sure to include this operating manual Next-Generation Electroporator CUY21EDITⅡ Next-Generation Electroporator CUY21EDIT II . NEW ・ The genuine successor for CUY21EDIT, which is the best in vivo electroporator ・ CUY21EDIT II generates the accurate squere pulse for in vivo and decaying pulse for in vitro ・ CUY21EDIT II is the true electroporator, which two power units suitable for in vivo and in vitro respectivel

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Envío gratis en libros desde $59 Electroporation designates the use of short high-voltage pulses to overcome the barrier of the cell membrane. By applying an external electric field, which just surpasses the capacitance of the cell membrane, transient and reversible breakdown of the membrane can be induced. This transient, permeabi This Community Page article describes an ultra-low-cost (23-cent) 3D-printed electroporator, inspired by a common barbecue lighter, designed to enable broader access to synthetic biology in high-school, community, and budget-conscious laboratories Here you see an electroporator being set to 1700 volts and yielding a field strength of 17kV/cm. Wipe the outside of the cuvette dry and place it into the electroporator. Pulse the cells until you hear a beep. Unsuccessful pulsing causes an electrical discharge, which is observable as a visible spark and audible pop. This discharge, referred to as arcing, can be the result of having too much. WesternBright Chemilumineszenz Substrat Sirius... ab 69,20 € *. %. Gen-X Nitril 240 Packung à 100 Stück. ab 20,60 € *. Aktion. MyFuge Mini Centrifuge 1 Stück. 189,00 € * 295,00 € *. Herzlich Willkommen in unserem neuen Webshop

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Electroporator. Electroporation tube. Electroporation buffer. CONTACT US Celetrix LLC 9385 Discovery Blvd 137 Manassas, VA 20109 US Phone: 1-646-801-1881 Fax: 1-571-719-3516 Email: info@celetrix.com PRODUCTS & SERVICES. In classical ECT electric pulses were delivered with a commercially available BetaTech electroporator (Electro cell B10, Leroy Biotech, Saint-Orens-de-Gameville, France). Electric pulse parameters: 780 V, 1.3 kV/cm voltage to distance ratio, eight 100 μs long pulses were applied in two perpendicular directions (4 + 4) at 1 Hz pulse repetition rate. In HF-ECT pulses were delivered by the. Please select at least one, or any combination of filters below to refine your selection and click Search. Then click on the protocol link in the results to view the associated PDF file

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Electroporator; Electroporation Kit; Services; Order Information; CONTACT US Celetrix LLC 9385 Discovery Blvd 137 Manassas, VA 20109 US Phone: 1-646-801-1881 Fax: 1-571-719-3516 Email: info@celetrix.com PRODUCTS & SERVICES. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für electroporator im Online-Wörterbuch dict.cc (Deutschwörterbuch) Our electroporator uses batteries or a variable external power supply and a relay with a simple triggering circuit. The simple triggering circuit allows pulse lengths from 20 to 200 ms with an accuracy of approximately 10%; the foot switch can deliver repeated pulses. The current flow during each pulse shows a sharp rise and an exponential decay towards a plateau phase. This has been. To address this need, we describe a simple, inexpensive, and hand-held electroporator inspired by a common household piezoelectric gas lighter. The proposed ElectroPen device costs about 20 cents, is portable (13 g), is fabricated on-demand using 3D-printing, and delivers repeatable exponentially decaying pulses of about 2000 V in 5 ms. We provide a proof-of-concept demonstration by.

Finden Sie Hohe Qualität Gen Electroporator Gesichts Schönheit Hersteller Gen Electroporator Gesichts Schönheit Lieferanten und Gen Electroporator Gesichts Schönheit Produkte zum besten Preis auf Alibaba.co ELECTRICAL CONDITIONS REQUIRED FOR ELECTROPORATION. Electroporation of almost all mammalian cells is induced when the transmembrane voltage, ΔU(t), is increased to 0.5-1.0 V for durations of microseconds to milliseconds.This translates to an electric field strength of ∼7.5-15.0 kV/cm ATx - Maxcyte. ATx ali 2021-03-24T23:59:45+00:00. A research focused, high performance electroporation platform for small to medium scale transfection. High efficiency and viability at research scale. Rapidly transfect from 75 thousand to 700 million cells. Compatible with all MaxCyte static electroporation Processing Assemblies FEATURES. Application Range . The CUY21EDIT Electroporator is designed for In Vivo, In Ovo, In Utero and Ex Vivo Electroporation.. Impedance Measurement. Because in vivo impedance (electrical resistance) is generally less stable than in vitro impedance, an accurate measurement of the target sample resistance prior to the electroporation event is the most important critical success factor for. MICROPULSER ELECTROPORATOR (ELECTRO PHORESIS) (3 PCS) United States: Chennai Air Cargo: KGS: 11: 221,745: 21,022: Oct 07 2016: 90279090: GENE PULSER EXCELL TOTAL SYSTEM WITH ACCESSORIES (ELECTROPORATION UNIT FOR STEM CELL RESEARCH PURPOSE) United States: Chennai Air Cargo: SET: 1: 499,521: 499,521: Aug 20 2016: 90279090 : MICRO PULSER ELECTROPORATOR (3 PCS) (ELECTRO PHORESIS ) United States.

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  1. Fisher Scientific - BTX ECM™ 830 Square Wave Electroporator is ideal for transfection of mammalian cells and tissues Kaufen Sie BTX™ ECM™ 830 Squar
  2. electroporator translation in English - German Reverso dictionary, see also 'electroplated',electrotherapy',electorate',electron', examples, definition, conjugatio
  3. printed electroporator inspired by a common household piezoelectric lighter (Fig. 1a, c), and henceforth re-ferred to as the 'ElectroPen'. We demonstrate that the ElectroPen delivers repeatable, exponentially-decaying electrical pulses with an average of about 2000 V in 5 ms, through action of a high-speed hammer (8 ms-1, 30;000 ms-2) that is actuated by mechanical springs and latches, and.
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MicroPulser™ Electroporator (165-2100) by Bio-Rad. The MicroPulser Electroporator is a simple yet versatile instrument that enables safe and reproducible transformation of bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms.Transformation efficiencies much higher than those obtained with chemical methods can be achieved.Key Features: One-button pulse. Eppendorf Eporator® — Operating manual 5 1 Operating instructions 1 Operating instructions 1.1 Using this manual Please read this operating manual completely before using the device for the first time. Please view this operating manual as part of the product and keep it somewhere easily accessible. When passing the device on to third parties, be sure to include this operating manual Product Overview Large-Scale Transfection Using the 4D-Nucleofector TM LV Unit - Experience the new functional unit for the 4D-Nucleofector TM System which expands our proven system to larger-scale transfection. The LV Unit allows for closed, scalable transfection of larger cell numbers in the range of 1x10 7 to 1x10 9 cells. Transfection protocols can be established in smaller scale using the. In this work we present a flexible microsecond electroporator optimization using PSPICE model of the device, which can be used to estimate the influence of transient processes during pulse generation and allows design and implementation of the compensation circuit for parasitic load handling and damping

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Electroporator Industry studies a microbiological technique in which an electric field is applied to a cell to increase the permeability of the cell membrane, allowing the introduction of chemicals, drugs or DNA into the cell.In microbiology, electroporation processes typically transform bacteria, yeast or plant protoplasts by introducing new coding DNA Definition of electroporator in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of electroporator. What does electroporator mean? Information and translations of electroporator in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web

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  1. Electroporator . FLIPR Screening . High Content Analyzer . Image Cytometry . Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Infrared Spectrometer . Multi Mode Microplate Readers . Cold Storage Solutions . Automated Sample Storage. Controlled Rate Freeze/Thaw Chamber . Cryogenic Storage . Laboratory Refrigerators & Freezers . Pharmacy Refrigerators . Ultra Low.
  2. Electroporator (electric square pulse generator) The electroporator is a device capable of generating square pulses of electric current. Our electroporator was built according to the electric diagram shown in Figure 1.For convenience, our current switch was activated through a pedal connected to an external trigger plug
  3. Huntington Potter, Ph.D. and Richard Heller, Ph.D. Electroporation-the use of high-voltage electric shocks to introduce DNA into cells-can be used with most cell types, yields a high frequency of both stable transformation and transient gene expression and, because it requires fewer steps, can.
  4. The NEPA21 (Panel A) and a premium-brand electroporator (Panel B) performed identical pulsing parameters under varying levels of resistance. All other electroporation systems use capacitor-driven pulsing. This technology can work well under low ionic conditions, as represented by the high resistance (1000 ohm) at the top of panel B. But only the NEPA21's proprietary design can maintain true.
  5. Contribute to imalsogreg/Electroporator development by creating an account on GitHub. Dismiss Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together

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  1. The research study covers the current scenario and growth prospects of the Electroporator market (2020-2024) according to the analysis
  2. This system is designed to be used with the Ingenio® Electroporation Solution which is ideal for mammalian and insect cell transfection. Electroporation is the method of choice for many hard-to-transfect cell types, and the Ingenio® EZporator® Electroporation System is a cost-effective, straightforward, open system that is perfect for any lab seeking performance without breaking the bank
  3. Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Micro Electroporator Skin Tightening Face Lift Microcurrent Handheld I9Z9 bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel
  4. Traductions en contexte de electroporator en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : biochip electroporator and its use in multi-site, single-cell electroporatio
  5. electroporator Übersetzung, Portugiesisch - Englisch Wörterbuch, Siehe auch 'eletro',eléctrico',eletrodo',Eletrobrás', biespiele, konjugatio

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Stream Tracks and Playlists from ELECTROPORATOR on your desktop or mobile device. SoundCloud. CDI has published global Electroporator Market research report. This report presents an in-depth analysis of the Electroporator Market size, share, SWOT Analysis, future progress expansion, industry growth, key development strategies and Electroporator Market trend dynamics which includes drivers, restraints, opportunities prevailing in the industry by product type, application, key. The MicroPulser Electroporator is a simple yet versatile instrument that enables safe and reproducible transformation of bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms.Transformation efficiencies much higher than those obtained with chemical methods can be achieved.Key Features: One-button pulse delivery, attached cuvette chamber, and rapid charge time for fast sample handling Preset, optimize

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Finden Sie eine große Auswahl an BTX™ ECM™ 830 Square Wave Electroporator -Produkten und erfahren Sie mehr über BTX™ ECM™ 830 Square Wav Tratamiento de glúteos con electroporador. 7,882 Followers · Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Car electroporator Übersetzung, Spanisch - Deutsch Wörterbuch, Siehe auch 'electrodo',electrocutar',electo',electro-', biespiele, konjugatio

Miniaturized Electroporator Array as a Versatile Molecular Delivery System. µTAS 2015. Choi Chris H., Ouyang Mengxing, Hur SC (2015). Multimolecule Electroporation Mediated Delivery Integrated on Chip (MEDiC) towards Personalized Medicine. BMES 2015. Ouyang Mengxing, Lee Jung Hyun, Hill Winfield, Hur SC (2015). A Versatile Microfluidic Molecular Delivery System based on Electroporator Array. Electroporator 2510 Operating Manual eppendorf ® Printed in Germany is a registered trademark Titel_de_en.fm Seite 2 Montag, 17. Dezember 2007 6:04 18. AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND Eppendorf South Pacific Pty. Ltd. Tel. +61 2 98 89 50 00 Fax +61 2 98 89 51 11 E-mail: Info@eppendorf.com.au Internet: www.eppendorf.com.au AUSTRIA Eppendorf Austria Tel. +43 1 2901756-0 Fax +43 1 2901756-20 E-Mail. Electroporation systems rapidly complete common microbiology preparations for multiple samples at once. Providing the uniform pulses to cells suspended in buffers, the equipment causes membranes to weaken in order for new substances to be introduced and studied Electroporation 1. What is Electroporation!? • A method used to apply an electric current across a cell membrane resulting in temporary pore formation enabling the uptake of exogenous molecules found in the medium to either the cytoplasm or into the nucleus, thereby transfecting or transforming the cell

Electroporation Protocol (C2986) Protocols.io also provides an interactive version of this protocol where you can discover and share optimizations with the research community.. Protocol. Prepare 17 mm x 100 mm round-bottom culture tubes (e.g. VWR #60818-667) at room temperature Electroporator for bacteria (e.g., Gen Pulser Xcell Electroporation System, Bio-Rad) Refrigerated centrifuge. Refrigerated microcentrifuge. Shaking incubator (37 °C) Incubator (37 °C) 15-ml sterile polypropylene snap-cap tubes. Electroporation cuvette, 0.1 cm gap. 15-ml glass centrifuge tub Set the electroporator to a voltage setting of 1700 V (17 kV/cm field strength). If using a Bio-Rad electroporator, set the resistance at 200 Ω and the capacitance at 25 µF. For best results, chill the electroporator or perform the electroporation in a cold room. 3. Thaw the electroporation-competent cells on ice. After mixing the cells gently, aliquot 40 µl of cells into each of the two. Pflanzenzüchtung ist eine Schlüsseltechnologie. Sie steht am Anfang der landwirtschaftlichen Wertschöpfung mit einer großen Verantwortung für eine erfolgreiche Landwirtschaft und Gartenbau. Pflanzenzüchtung in Deutschland ist mittelständisch geprägt Test for arcing: Transfer 40 ul of the suspension to an ice-cold electroporation cuvette (0.1-0.2 cm gap, on middle shelf next to electroporator) and test whether arcing occurs when an electrical discharge is applied. Place the cuvette in the green holder attached to the machine. Go to option 4, Pre-set protocols; choose bacterial; choose the correct choice for your size cuvette, probably the.

Unpacking instructions . Follow the instructions below to unpack the Neon ® Transfection System. The weight of the Neon ® device is 13.2 pounds (6 kg) Electroporator Eporator ® The Eppendorf Eporator ® is a compact device for the fast and controlled electroporation of bacteria, yeasts and other microorganisms. Mainly for the insertion of plasmid DNA, but also RNA, proteins and all other small molecules neon electroporation, biorad electroporation, electroporation transfection, lonza electroporation, btx electroporator, maxcyte electroporation, biorad micropulser, in. Global Electroporator Market by Type (Electroporators, Consumable, Reagent), By Application (Academic and Research Institutes, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies, Others, ) And By Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa), Forecast To 2028. Report ID: 155988 3300 Machinery & Equipment 377 237 Pages. Report Details. Table of Content. Free.

BioEra Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. - Offering BioEra Gene Electroporation Assembly (Electroporator) in Pune, Maharashtra. Get best price and read about company. Get contact details and address | ID: 1766105853

- NEPA21 Electroporator - ELEPO21 Electroporator - NEPA Porator - ECFG Porator - Transgenic Mouse Zygote Electroporation: NEPA21 - Organoid Electroporation: NEPA21 - Neuroscience & Genome Editing Publications - Hybridoma Production for Monoclonal Antibodies - Bacteria / Yeast Electroporation - SP100: Sonoporator - NEPA21: Illustrated Application Eppendorf® Electroporator 2510; find null-Z618969 MSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich Microscale Symmetrical Electroporator Array as a Versatile Molecular Delivery System. Sci. Rep. 7, 44757; doi: 10.1038/srep44757 (2017). Publisher's note: Springer Nature remains neutral with. Urszula Tylewicz, in Pulsed Electric Fields to Obtain Healthier and Sustainable Food for Tomorrow, 2020. 1.6 Conclusions. Electroporation of biological cells occurs when the externally applied electric field is above the electroporation threshold value. In reversible electroporation, transient pores of small dimensions are formed and reseal when the supply of electric field is terminated Portable Muscle Stimulator Electroporator Ems Body Sculpting Ems Fat Burning Body Sculpt Ems Body Sculpt Slim Beauty Machine , Find Complete Details about Portable Muscle Stimulator Electroporator Ems Body Sculpting Ems Fat Burning Body Sculpt Ems Body Sculpt Slim Beauty Machine,Muscle Stimulator Electroporator,Ems Fat Burning Body Sculpt,Ems Bodysculpt Slim Beauty from Other Beauty Equipment.

dict.cc | Übersetzungen für 'electroporator' im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch, mit echten Sprachaufnahmen, Illustrationen, Beugungsformen,. Bio Gene INVIVO Cell Electroporator.Establishes Conclusive insight in Special Site Cells When Direct Cells DNA delivery is AIMED in Plants and Animal. Bio Gene Cell Porator can be used in multiple application of INVIVO DNA transfer to the cells Gene Therapy and Correction, Cell fusion, Cell Hybridization presently the most sort after know how among the Researches and Scientist community to. Vertalingen in context van electroporator in Nederlands-Engels van Reverso Context: Het is duidelijk... dat deze slechte mensen lief zijn op zo'n electroporator ding

Elektroporation – Wikipedia¿Qué son las endorfinas? - BatangaCloning Gun ® Electroporators: Electroporation equipment

The new space is completely operational and will be used for cell culture labs, capacity for adherent cell scale-up of 10 billion cells, controlled rate freezer capable of cryopreserving 600 vials of cells, capability for membrane preparations of up to two gram of protein, large-scale electroporator capable of generating three billion transfected cells, flow sorter, dedicated molecular biology. Electroporator Market: Key Players:Thermo Fisher Scientific Lonza Bio-Rad Eppendorf AngioDynamics MaxCyte Harvard Bioscience, Inc Mirus Nepa Gene Co., Ltd BEX CO.LTD Merck Gel Company Biotron.

Single Cell Electroporation System – ALA ScientificNEPA21 Electroporator - TransfectionElectroporator Onkodisruptor - Isolated limb perfusion

Contribute to RiltonF/Electroporator_FPGA development by creating an account on GitHub The design and development of a compact square-wave pulse generator for the electroporation of biological cells is presented. This electroporator can generate square-wave pulses with durations from 3 μs up to 10 ms, voltage amplitudes up to 3500 V, and currents up to 250 A. The quantity of the accumulated energy is optimized by means of a variable capacitor bank Select by cell line: Lipid Protocol electroporator has to be built and operate in a way that the safety requirements defined by IEC standards are met. Safety requirements are intended to protect both the patient and the personnel from an accidental electric shock. In addition, these safety requirements have to define who can use the electroporator, a device which is similar to a defibrillator with respect to its high voltage.

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